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The GED test includes four independent modules (or subtests) that you can take separately.

The four modules cover the subject areas of Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

The GED exam must be taken on a computer. Paper-based testing is a thing of the past.

The GED diploma is equivalent to a standard high school diploma and accepted as such by practically all institutions of higher educations and employers.

Online GED testing is not offered. Testing must be done at state-designated testing centers.

Using online resources to get all set for the GED exam, however, is an increasingly popular option and a great solution for GED hopefuls that live in more remote areas.

Be aware, though, that online learning requires well-rounded self-discipline and is not for everyone.

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When preparing for the GED test it’s very, very important that you know your possibilities. It will help to stay calm and focused during the real test.

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