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Everything about GED Online Testing

Online GED testing is now also available. So testing can be done at a state-designated testing center or online for qualifying students in participating states.

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When preparing for the GED test, it is very, very important that you know your possibilities. It will help to stay calm and focused during the real test. To discover your stronger and weaker points, and to identify knowledge gaps, taking multiple practice tests is very beneficial.

Focusing on those areas that require your attention most allows you to use your study time more efficiently. This will definitely lead to better scores on the four GED subtests.

Bear in mind that the GED exam is modular. You may take one (or more) of the four subtests at a time. So get ready for one or more subtests, pass the section(s), and move ahead to the next subtest.

The GED credential (certificate or diploma, depending on your state) is your ticket to postsecondary education in university or college.

High school and GED diploma holders may expect to earn some $9500 more annually than individuals that do not hold the degree. So get in gear and start working toward your GED diploma today!


Last Updated on October 19, 2020.