Free GED Social Studies Practice Test

Social Studies Practice Tests are developed to resemble the real GED® Test and get you familiar with the real exam.

During the GED test, your problem-solving skills will be measured.

The Social Studies GED Test must be completed in about 70 minutes.

So check what you know by taking one of the Social Studies practice tests.

Click on one of the links and follow the instructions on the screen.

Following the quiz, you can review your incorrect answers and are given guidance as to where you can find an explanation of the correct answer.

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GED Social Studies Practice Test Structure

Civics and Government 50%
United States History 20%
Economics 15%
Geography and the World 15%

There are 36 questions and you need 65% correct answers to pass the GED Social Studies exam. The GED Social Studies Test Passing Score is 145 points.

The questions come in various forms such as drag and drop, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and hot spot. The test does NOT include “extended response” question anymore.

GED Social Studies Test includes questions that check students ability to analyze and understand the provided text and charts and tables.

Also, students’ inference and problem-solving skills are tested through an interpretation of the social studies content.

How to prepare for the Social Studies test

This page offers you numerous sample practice tests related to the Social Science section of the GED exam. Make sure you take as many practice tests as possible if some items seem to be challenging, check our Social Studies online classes. We publish video lessons that are a great help to get you all geared up to take all sections of the GED Social Studies effectively.

Our video lessons are completely free, so take advantage of this great help to get all set for this section of the GED Social Studies test.

GED Test Essential Facts

The other three GED tests are in Math, Literacy, and Science. You can take one of theGED Social Studies Practice test four tests whenever you are ready to do so within a two-year period, that’s how long your individual testing results are valid.

The most recent version of the GED exam is completely computer-formatted. The four GED tests measure the fundamental knowledge and skills required to have a successful career or be ready for a college education. The GED credential is nationally recognized as equivalent to a standard high school diploma.

The GED exam includes four separate tests (modules) that may be taken independently within a two-year period. The four tests are in the basic academic fields of Science, Math (mathematical reasoning), Literacy (RLA-reasoning through language arts), and Social Studies.

Holders of the GED diploma have demonstrated that they master the skills and knowledge at a level that may be expected of graduating high school seniors. About one out of seven US adults that hold a secondary education credential has earned their diploma through the GED Program.

The GED Social Studies Practice Tests published on this website are provided by Covcel GED Prep. Read more about Covcel here.

The practice tests that we provide are in no way related to the GED Official Practice Test™ provided and distributed by ACE (the American Council on Education) and GED Testing Service. GED Testing Service LLC and ACE have not approved, endorsed, authorized, been involved in the development of, or licensed these practice tests.

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