GED Live Course Review

Last Updated on April 13, 2024.

GED Live is the online course provided by Kaplan. For several decades, Kaplan has been offering books to help students pass the GED test.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Kaplan’s GED Live course. The lessons help students sharpen their weak academic fields through videos that explain GED concepts.

The Kaplan course includes numerous practice questions that will help you identify your weak spots so you can center fully on those fields that require your attention most.

The course also comes with a diagnostic GED® test to assess your baseline performance, as well as a full-length sample exam that will tell you if you are ready for taking the four independent GED subtests (modules).

The Kaplan GED course will cost you $129 per 3 months, and you will have access to every GED topic.

As opposed to many other online GED prep courses that include many videos related to one GED topic, the Kaplan course has only four to five video lessons per GED subject test.

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Video Lessons

The Kaplan videos are some thirty minutes in length and cover many GED concepts that are put together in the videos.

Kaplan uses Smart Reports technology that monitors and analyzes your learning performance and instructs you on how to best improve your study results.

You have the option to print out the text of the videos, but it’s kind of hard to find as the link with the information “download lecture notes” is somewhat hidden at the bottom of the page.

If you click on this link, a pdf document opens that includes many pages. Bear this in mind if you think about printing these notes.

The Kaplan lectures are rather long, which makes them a bit boring. Some students report that, after a while, they experienced some difficulties in keeping concentrating on the covered topics.


Kaplan offers Email support from their instructors, and they say that’s available at any time and at any day with their Self-Paced GED course access.

Kaplan says instructors will answer all of your GED-related questions within a 24-hour window. Cheek out also our review of the many Goodwill GED Programs across the country.

When it relates to guarantees, however, Kaplan’s GED course doesn’t offer any sort of score guarantee, which is a bit strange as this guarantee practice is quite common and popular in ACT or SAT prep courses.

The Princeton Review, for instance, offers courses that guarantee a 31 ACT score and a 1400 score on the SAT. In case students don’t attain these scores, they can either take the prep course again or get their money back.

Another interesting feature of the Princeton Review courses is that students have the opportunity to take a Proctored Online Test. This way, students can benefit from a ‘real-life testing’ experience, a highly effective tool.

Wouldn’t it be great to have this option as well on the Kaplan GED course? This is a very interesting option, and Kaplan could easily ‘borrow’ this idea from the Princeton course, wouldn’t you agree?

GED Live

Kaplan also offers the “GED Live” program to prepare online for the GED exam. This Kaplan concept offers an interactive, live-streaming learning experience.

You can attend recorded and live class sessions from your laptop, home computer, tablet, or phone. These 60 to 90-minute sessions will address all concepts and topics found in the GED test.

With GED Live, you’ll have ongoing access to Kaplan’s video library that includes recordings of all classes so you can learn anywhere and anytime you want.

A disadvantage is, however, that the lessons are all between one and one and a half-hour-long! I think that many GED students will find it pretty hard to focus on studying and learning GED concepts for such long time frames.

On the other hand, though, for students who can deal with this sort of challenge, the lessons are very instructive and provide a great learning opportunity.

GED Kaplan Alternatives

We think the GED Kaplan courses are worth trying. However, if you are looking for alternatives, here is our list:

  • Onsego GED Prep
  • GED Academy
  • GED Flash

The GED Test

The GED exam includes four independent subtests that cover the academic fields of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.

The GED credential is equivalent to a regular high school diploma and is accepted as such by (practically) all North American government agencies, employers, and educational institutions for post-secondary education.

Test results are available right away for your essay part. GED testing is possible at many testing centers across America, but recently, online GED testing has also become possible for qualifying students.

The four GED subject tests are scored on a 100-200 scale, and on each of the four tests, the passing score is 145. So your overall minimally required score is 580, and averaging is no option.

The GED exam is for adult learners who never completed their high school curriculum. To qualify for GED testing, you cannot already have a high school credential or be registered for another educational program.

Many community colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools, community centers, churches, and so on offer (often free) preparatory programs.

The GED diploma will certainly lead to far better job opportunities and allow for a college education. So prepare well for the four subtests and earn your GED diploma.