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Last Updated on July 3, 2024.

One of the most important tips on how to study best for the GED exam and be successful on the four subtests test is to become optimally prepared.

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You should take several practice tests and find out what you need to focus on to fill your knowledge gaps.

Make sure you’ve got the right study materials, and don’t procrastinate! Last-minute stress is one of the serious hurdles to success on any test, and this also applies to the GED test.

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On test day, be sure to wear comfortable clothes. There’s no need to get distracted by your wardrobe during the GED test. That’s the last thing you want.

When preparing for your GED exam, do away with all distractions from your study area, and this includes shutting off the television.

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Furthermore, clear your desk or research area of every little thing except for what you are learning.

You can simply have a textbook and your notes or focus on your online GED prep course.

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Prepare Regularly

Lots of students don’t wish to hear this, but you have to prepare for the GED on a regular basis, daily or weekly. Begin your prep work at least one or two months prior to the scheduled exam.

If you are serious about getting your GED diploma, you should motivate yourself to study regularly, even when perhaps you wish to do some other things like hanging out with friends, watching TV, or playing video games. GED schools are found all across America, and there are also some pretty good online prep courses.

Here is a useful guide on how to study smart.

Please understand that getting your GED diploma is crucial for the rest of your life. To earn your GED diploma, you need to get serious and take the bull by the horns.

The GED test is now available online and at GED test centers. To qualify for online testing, however, you need to score in the “green” zone on the official GED Ready practice test. You can learn more about online GED testing on this page.

Important Prep Tips

The GED program offers a lot more than merely a set of four individual tests. If you check out the official GED website,, you will be pleasantly surprised about what they offer nowadays.

If you sign up with MyGED, you will have access to a great portal that offers you real insight into the world of colleges and universities and the employment market, and you’ll learn so much about GED testing, the best preparation tools, and so on.

Acquiring a GED credential will help you move further to the next level. You surely will find a better job, college and technical training will be available for you, and career improvement (or change) will become a real option.

Successfully taking the GED exam demonstrates that you’re “cut out of the right wood” and ready to take on all challenges to the vast majority of employers, colleges and universities, and all branches of the military, though here, restrictions apply.

But, as with everything, it won’t come easy. Proper preparation is absolutely required, so check out the following tips to achieve success on each of the four GED subject tests:

Read, Read, And Read More

It is a fact that excellent writers are frequently perfect readers. Reading usually will enhance your vocabulary, strengthen your use of grammatical rules, and in general, help you to understand what quality writing is.

Furthermore, reading will help you in finding good ways to formulate your ideas and help you structure your information in the right order. So you can also learn for your GED playfully with Amazon’s Alexa, another great tool to get all set fast!

Reading novels can be a great help to boost your writing skills, and reading articles is helpful for learning how to structure different sorts of information more effectively and clearly.

You can find many types of articles and resources that will be great for you to discover different ways to feature your information. You need to compose a GED essay (extended response), so reading and writing a lot will prove to be very beneficial!

Write, Write, And Write More

It will be very helpful if you take some time every day to write a little bit. Not only will you improve your writing skills by practicing every day, but you also will discover how to write faster and more naturally.

Be proud of your work and make it readable, and don’t get lazy just because nobody will be grading or judging your work; just try to pay attention to good grammar, correct spelling, and punctuation.

Of course, you can use spelling and grammar checkers, but remember that we may have become a little spoiled and lazy by using these clever devices.

They not only identify a mistake, they even fix it for us! You can perfectly well use these tools to check if you made a mistake somewhere, but try to discover by yourself how to fix it by taking a number of GED practice tests.

These devices will not be available on your test day, so you need to learn to create content with correct spelling and grammar by yourself.

Find Your Own Essay Subjects

You can find your own essay subjects or ask people around you to help you with that. Just go through a few magazines to find articles that you can write short essays about, arguing against or supporting the authors’ points of view.

You can ask your family members or friends to come up with topic suggestions as well.

The best way to learn how to write an essay is by dealing with all sorts of issues, not only those you feel comfortable with.

There is not something like the easy route, also not for GED students. Ask somebody close to you to look through the work you made and come up with suggestions to improve it, but make sure that the person also tells you what you did well.

Focus On Time-Management

Understanding how to manage your time well can be the difference between a stressful nightmare and success. This applies to GED testing, success or failure in college, and to your career.

The GED exam includes four timed tests, and many GED test-takers are not successful as they run out of time to answer all of the questions. So it is important to focus on your time-management skills.

If you want to get hold of your GED diploma, you must prepare well, manage your time well, and pass the four independent GED subtests (modules).

The four modules cover the academic subject fields of Language Arts (reading and writing combined), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

The minimum score required to pass the GED exam is 145 on EACH subtest, so your total score needs to be at least 580.

Keep in mind that 580 is the minimum overall score, and a 145 score is required on EACH of the four subtests. So even if your total score is (far) above 580, but on one subtest, you scored below 145, you have NOT passed the GED exam.

The GED passing criteria are actually set in a way that around 40 percent of all high-school graduates would not be able to pass the exam on the first try. Check out this post with 27 GED online study habits as well to get ahead fast!

Your Future

Not having a high school or GED diploma is often the biggest hurdle to attaining a (better) job or going to college. But you are not the only one.

Earning your GED diploma is a great alternative to help you land a better job and get you ready for a college education. The GED program is in line with the Common Core Standards and ensures graduates will be perfectly prepared for the work floor and higher education.