GED Test At Home – How To Use A Whiteboard

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

During your online GED test, you can access the whiteboard function if you click on the whiteboard icon that’s located on your screen. The on-screen whiteboard assists you in solving problems and is especially helpful during the GED Math and Science tests.

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When you qualify to take the online proctored GED exam from the comfort of your home, you are not allowed to use a dry-erase board or physical scratch paper. So, it’s important to get familiar with using the digital whiteboard. And we have it here for you.

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Try Using the Whiteboard

How to use this whiteboard. Type or paste the text or a math problem. if you want to try drawing with a pencil, click on a small arrow at the button on this whiteboard. It will open a drawing area, and you can use a pencil or eraser to undo and redo functions.


An online scratchpad tool is still available during your testing session for calculations and notetaking, but it doesn’t provide the pen functionality that the online whiteboard offers. So you may still open and close the online pop-up scratchpad when you sit for the online GED® exam.

You are not allowed to use a dry-erase board or physical scratch paper during your test sessions, but these online scratchpad and whiteboard tools are also perfect for notetaking and jotting down your math work.

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Using a Scratchpad and an Online Whiteboard

You can only use the online whiteboard with your trackpad or mouse. If you happen to have a touchscreen computer or laptop, please note that you are not allowed to use your fingers, a stylus, or any other writing apparatus for writing on the online whiteboard. You can also not use the online whiteboard with another device or dual monitors.

The online whiteboard allows you to copy/paste test questions onto your online whiteboard text box, so you’ll be able to see the questions while you’re working. You can draw different lines and shapes as needed, zoom in and out, and use different whiteboard areas for your work.

Your online whiteboard allows you to clear or erase to start on new things, and you can access your work all through your test-taking session. You also can move or resize the whiteboard around the computer screen.

During your testing session, you may open or close the online whiteboard as often as you want to, and all your entered work stays available, also when you close the whiteboard. When you reopen it, you can start right from where you left it.

Copy & Paste Function

The online whiteboard allows you to copy and paste to and from your actual test. But please note that, for security reasons, clipboards are cleared at the end and beginning of every testing session.

If, for some reason, your online connectivity will be lost during your testing session, your online whiteboard will be cleaned, and your writing will be lost.

You may use the online whiteboard for scratch work while using tools like zoom, text, colors, and shapes, and there are also a number of formatting features. The whiteboard allows for sheer endless possibilities to jot your work down, so you won’t have to erase anything while you progress through your GED exam.

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Practice with the Whiteboard Function

During your GED test, you can access the whiteboard function if you click on the whiteboard icon that’s located on your screen. You should practice as much as you can with this function to get used to it so you can use it efficiently while sitting for your online test. Log in to your account to access the whiteboard practicing option.

If you have a score in the green zone on the GED Ready® practice test, you will see the online proctored test-taking option in your account, though, again, this option is not yet available in all U.S. states and jurisdictions.

Some states have a specific approval process for Online Proctored (O.P.) testing. D.C., Connecticut, and South Carolina, for example, have specific registration regulations, so get well informed, and in Pennsylvania, students need to provide proof of residency to qualify for O.P. testing.

All students who achieved “Green Zone” scores on the GED Ready practice test will get O.P. (Online Proctored) registration information the moment they will log in to their accounts.

In Texas, though, they will receive O.P. information before achieving the “Green Zone” status. In auto-eligible states, students will get O.P. information when they login to their GED accounts.

Please be advised that in Wyoming, New York, Florida, Hawaii, West Virginia, and Massachusetts, online GED testing is NOT available.