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In this free GED Science prep course, professional tutors show you how to handle questions in the Science sections of the GED exam.

Topics include Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Science Experiments.

Along the way, a tutor provides practice challenges and step-by-step solutions so students can check their knowledge.

All video lessons contain transcripts and quizzes. The GED Science test is 90 minutes long and has about 34-40 questions.

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Life Science

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Science Practice Tests

Now check your knowledge by taking a few Science Practice Tests. We have practice tests with 10, 15, 25 and 50 questions, including practice tests with a timer.

GED Science GED Practice Tests

The latest edition of the GED Science test (2014 series) covers three major content areas: Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth & Space Science. To pass the GED Science test, you must reach a score of no less than 145 points on a 100-200 scale.

All four GED subtests (Science, Social Studies, Math, Literacy) must have this minimum score if you want to earn your High School Equivalency Diploma. To succeed in this test you will need to be able to read complex texts, identify precise details, determine cause and effect, understand science content, and identify evidence to support inferences and draw conclusions.

To succeed on the GED Science test, you will need to be able to read complex texts, identify precise details, determine cause and effect, understand science content, and identify evidence to support inferences and draw conclusions.  The GED is a very rigorous exam that must be taken entirely on a computer. The passing standards in set in such a way that some forty percent of all high school graduates would not pass the test on their first try! So you’ll understand that preparation is crucial.

To complete all GED Science questions, you will have 90 minutes, and the types of questions include multiple choice questions, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and hotspot questions.

The  GED Science test does NOT include Short Answer items, anymore. Click here to read more about it.GED Prep Science classes

The Science test may, for some learners, be quite difficult, and that’s why we have created our free GED Science video lessons and practice tests. Video learning is a proven method to get ready for the test fast and effective!

Life Science, or Biology, includes the fields of Human Body & Health; the Relationship between Energy Intake and Life Functions; the Organization, Functions, and Structure of Life; Genetics & Heredity; Evolution.

Physical Science includes Chemistry and Physics. The covered fields are Conservation, Flow, and Transformation of Energy; Work, Force, and Motion; Chemical Properties and Chemical and Nuclear Reactions in relation to Living Organisms and Systems.

Earth & Space Science includes the fields of Earth, its System Components & Interactions; Earth’s Systems and Interactions with Living Things; Organization and Structures of the Cosmos.

You must understand the big picture concepts and have a basic knowledge of how systems work. You don’t need to know all sorts of details because all the detailed information needed to answer the questions is provided in the stimulus that comes with the questions.

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