High School Diploma For Adults over 21

Many high schools offer High School Adult Diploma Programs for adults over 21 with highly flexible methods. You can either get an official high school diploma or be well prepared to take on the GED® exam.

In the U.S. you are only allowed into high school until you are 21, and once you’re over that age, you will have to go to an adult high school.

Many adults are unaware that the GED test is not their only possibility of obtaining a high school diploma.

Quite a few community high schools offer evening or weekend classes for adults that are designed for adults whose academic skills are at a 9th-grade level or above and have not completed high school.

Adult high school diploma or GED diploma?

Some schools offer both a High School Diploma for Adults as well as GED Preparation and Testing. So which is the best option for you?

That depends on a few factors. One of the most important points of consideration is your available time. Very often, the GED test is a faster way to achieve your goal but taking the High School diploma route has its advantages as well.

The Adult High School (AHS) diploma is accepted by colleges and universities all through the country and is regarded as the same as any public or private high school diploma.

Contact your local community college and talk with a counselor or teacher-adviser to determine which option fits your lifestyle and your short-term and long-term goals. See also this post about how to become a law enforcement officer with a high school or GED diploma.

Whether you just missed out on graduation last year or 50 years ago, it is never too late or too early to get your high school diploma or equivalency.

How to choose an adult high school

So, yes, you may feel nervous or anxious about making the final decision. Relax and enjoy the experience. You should feel excited about your options and the amazing four years that lie ahead.

Follow the tips below when thinking about each school. It may help to compare your acceptances side by side and rank each school or make a list of pros and cons for each.

  • Visit the schools you are considering. If you have already visited once, consider going back. Visiting the school with the perspective of an admitted student may cause you to look at it in a whole new way. Not to mention, college campuses can change a lot from year to year. When you visit the school be sure to talk to students on campus, visit a class in session, and stop and sit for 30 minutes at a busy place on campus.
  • Talk to your friends, your parents, and your counselor. You will be the one ultimately making the decision but sometimes it can help to hear other people’s opinions. They may bring up points you hadn’t considered.
  • Consider if the school is an academic fit. Do they have a strong program in your major? If you are undecided, do they offer enough majors of interest? Are there are a variety of departments and courses that get your interest? How will you handle the workload? Will you be challenged enough? Does the school offer programs like study abroad, research opportunities for undergrads or internships? What is the graduation rate? How do graduates do with job placement and graduate school acceptance?
  • Consider if the school is a social fit. How do you feel about the location? Are you close enough to home? How is the student body? Is there enough diversity? A balanced social scene? Do they offer a range of extra-curricular activities? Do you feel comfortable with the surrounding city or town? If you are going out of state, is there a convenient airport for trips home?
  • Consider if the school is a financial fit. Can your family afford the cost of attendance with the financial plan you have been offered? Are there opportunities for work-study or scholarships once you are a student? Does the campus or surrounding town offer job or internship opportunities? Will the school provide a good financial return for the investment?

Online high school vs online GED prep

Another way of obtaining your high school diploma is via online programs. Similar to online GED prep, there are also High School Online Programs.

Always make sure, however, that the online High School you decide on is accredited by the appropriate organizations. It would be a shame if you learned later that your diploma will not be accepted, right?

If you decide that getting an online diploma is the most effective option for you, the subsequent step is to pick out an online high school program.

Schools that hold regional accreditation are by far the most accepted by employers and colleges. For a complete list of GED prep schools in the U.S., click here.

Create a checklist of questions to ask every online high school you think about. Learn if the high school offers an accelerated program for adults if the school presents help for students who require support, and about the amount of work you will need to complete the program.

Good help will be offered by Regionally Accredited Online High Schools. But regardless of whether you get your secondary education degree through an online accredited high school program or the GED program, getting ahead with your education in college or university is what matters!

Online education has come a long way

The fact of the matter is that online education programs have come a long way. Video lessons are known to be entertaining and high effective and taking online practice tests is a great way to discover your knowledge gaps fast so you can center on those topics that need your attention and time most.

Adult online courses can be accomplished from the convenience of your home without any fixed daily schedules. Candidates can continue with their daily work and still complete the educational courses without too many problems.

There are many reasons to go back to school and financially speaking, high school graduates make more than those who did not graduate. You can choose to attend a High School for Adults or pass GED (no need to go back to school).

This website’s free online GED classes also support candidates with up-to-date information about the GED exam and lead candidates to gain the highest possible marks.

It doesn’t matter when or why you stopped your educational journey; it’s never too late to get your education back on track.

Some people say that the adult high school can be completed a great deal faster than regular high school, but if your goal is just to go to college, all you need to do is take the GED exam. There are, however, some pretty strict regulations and requirements for students wanting to take the GED.

It all depends on your specific needs, but you would have a better chance to obtain an AHS diploma and an HSE equivalency degree by attending an adult learning center. Online learning requires a very high level of self-discipline and only the strong ones will succeed.


Last Updated on August 30, 2020.

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