In What Time Zone Is The Online GED Test?

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

When making an appointment for the online GED test, your correct time zone is shown on your appointment.

You can, however, change the time zone on the GED test scheduling page. If the appointment time of your appointment isn’t correct, you can reschedule it on the My Schedule Page quite easily.

So when taking the GED® test online (the OP – online proctored – GED exam), it is important that you meet the proctor at the right time. So you understand that the time zone matters, right?

You can take the GED exam online if your score is in the “likely to pass” or “green” range of the GED Ready® practice test.

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Note that online GED testing is NOT available in West Virginia, Wyoming, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Florida.

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Four Separate Tests

You have the option to take the four GED modules (separate and independent subtests) one at a time, and there is a GED Ready test for each of the four GED modules.

You can purchase the GED Ready practice tests via the website when you have set up your account with the portal MyGED.

So qualifying students can take the GED exam from the comfort of their homes while being monitored by an online proctor who checks if all goes in line with the rules and regulations.

Please bear in mind that you must schedule your online GED exam (or that subject test that you qualify for) within 60 days of reaching a “green” score on the GED Ready test.

The four GED subtests are available in both English and Spanish, and this also applies to the four GED Ready practice tests.

So Many Appointment Times

Online proctored testing is available 24 hours a day. This allows for test appointment times practically around the clock. Isn’t that something?

When scheduling your GED test appointments, make sure to indicate whether you’re making an AM or PM test appointment and that your appointment is in your time zone.

But there is, as always, some room for confusion. For instance, if you make an appointment at 12:00 AM, your appointment is actually at midnight. If you make a test appointment at 12:00 PM, we’re talking about noon!

You should also make sure your time zone is shown correctly on your GED appointment, but, as said before, you can adjust your time zone easily on the test scheduling page (My Schedule).

How Can I Know if I Qualify for Taking the GED Exam Online?

First of all, not every state offers the option to take the GED exam online. At this point in time, 5 states are not using the GED exam, so please check with your state which high school equivalency test is used.

There are also states that have certain additional eligibility requirements, and in most states, online testing is open only to students 18 years of age or older.

When you’ve set up your account on the website, you’ll see if you are eligible to take the GED tests online.

And keep in mind as well that, when scheduling your test appointments, your GED Ready “green” scores cannot be older than 60 days. That’s how long they are valid to be used for online testing.

Why Do I Have to Reach a “Green” Score on the GED Ready Test?

You don’t have as many attempts on the online GED exam as you have on in-person testing. In case you haven’t passed a subject test twice online, you’ll have to wait for a 60-day period before you can schedule that subtest again online.

GED Testing Service just wants to make sure that you’ll be in the optimal position to pass the GED exam the first time around.

So that’s why they require all test-takers to first attain “green” (likely to pass) scores on the GED Ready practice test. This test is actually the only practice test that predicts if you are likely to pass the test and provides advice about study objectives if that’s not the case.

To pay for the GED exam (as said before, one subtest at a time if you wish) or the GED Ready practice test, you’ll need a major debit or credit card, but you can also use the prepaid American Express Bluebird card that you can load at all Walmart locations across the nation.

Taking the Online GED test

When taking the four GED modules in an Online Proctored (O.P.) format, you can chat with the proctor, but there’s no way that the proctor will answer questions related to your GED exam.

Make sure you have closed all other applications on your computer and have completed the required system and safety test in a timely manner. The fact of the matter is that one of the most frequently occurring technical issues on the OP GED exam is a poor Internet connection.

When taking the GED exam at a test center, you can bring your own hand-held calculator, the TI-30XS. This is not possible when you take the GED tests online.

During your tests, there will be an embedded, on-screen version of that same calculator that works identically to the hand-held device. It’s also important to use our free GED practice tests to become optimally prepared and get used to the question format.

To be successful on the GED tests, understanding how the TI-30XS calculator works and how to use it effectively is the key to your success! So get acquainted with this wonderful machine (also the online version) and get a better score!

You will also have access to an embedded, on-screen scratchpad for making math calculations and taking notes. There’ll additionally be an on-screen GED whiteboard. You can use your mouse to write out and draw, for example, math calculations.

If you click on the Whiteboard icon (located at the top of your computer screen), you can access this feature at any time you like. Just make sure you practice a lot so you won’t encounter any unexpected surprises when taking the GED exam online!