GED Online Prep-Pass Your GED in 39 Days

You can’t pass the GED test online from your home. You can only use GED online prep and then take the test at a GED Testing Center.

This guide explains all the options and shows you how to pass the GED test in a very short time.

Let’s start with the alternatives to the GED test: high school for adults or online high school courses.

If you sign up for an online high school course, then you can earn your high school diploma online.

Just keep in mind that it’s a more expansive and more time-consuming option than the GED test but it can be done online.

Some people consider buying a fake diploma online. Now that’s a huge mistake, forget about this option.

So instead, let’s follow our Step-by-Step Guide to get the opportunity of earning your Diploma with GED Online prep in 39 days (or so).

GED Diploma

High School Diploma

Requires passing the four GED subtestsRequires earning credits ( different number in each state)
The GED test has 4 subject testscredits in  6-8 subjects+electives

GED Online Free Prep

Here are links to free preparation lessons and practice tests published on this website. These resources are provided by the Covcell GED prep course.

GED Test Online and Getting Your Diploma

Let’s summarize what are requirements for getting your Diploma without going back to school.

If you pass the GED Test, your state will issue a High School Equivalency Diploma; this Diploma gives you the same rights as a High School Diploma.

The GED test consists of four subject tests: Social Studies, Math, Science, and English Language Arts (RLA). The cost of every sub-test is around $30 in most states and in some states, financial aid is available on request. There are four states that (partly) subsidize the GED test (or the alternatives HiSET or TASC)

For most GED students, the most challenging subject is Math, and Language is considered the easiest test, even though you will need to write an essay during the GED language test.

You can’t take the GED Test online! you need to show up at a GED Testing Center near you. The entire GED test is computer-based. Earning your high school diploma online is possible but the GED test is NOT offered online! There are, though, online adult high school options available.

The GED subtests take from 70 to 150 minutes, and the results are available the same day (except for the essay part).

The GED transcript, the so-called smart transcript, is sent by email.

GED Online Prep Materials

GED Practice TestsMostly Free
GED Ready Practice Test$6 per subject
Online GED ClassesFree and Paid from $10/month
Day or Night GED ClassesFree and Paid from $55/month

How to get your GED online

The GED test can be taken online only in official testing centers. Every state has dozens of GED Testing Centers.
Students can prepare for GED online by taking practice tests and free online GED classes. So you cannot get your diploma online but online preparation is fine.

Step One. Take a GED Practice Test and Check What You Know

The biggest mistake you can make is to start learning without checking your knowledge level. It’s possible that you are prepared to pass the GED test without even knowing it!

Also, if you don’t know what areas you need to study, you may waste a lot of time and energy. A good GED lesson plan will get you through the process comfortably.

Taking a GED practice test and following practice lessons are the first steps in your GED preparation and by doing this, you will better understand what you need to focus your attention on most.

To pass the real GED test you need to answer 65% of questions correctly, so you are “allowed” to make mistakes.

When you are taking practice tests, even if you get less than 65% correct answers, it’s all good. It means that you just identified your weak points and now you can focus on learning these topics.

Keeping track of what questions were challenging and understanding your GED testing scores could help you plan what you need to study.

Keep in mind: GED Practice Tests are vital. GED Test Prep is crucial! To test your knowledge, take a free GED practice test.

Why Taking GED Practice Tests is so important

During the GED exam, time is your greatest enemy and therefore you should take your practice tests with and without a timer when preparing for the tests.

In this way, you can strengthen your confidence.

It’s important that you can manage your time well during the test. Did you know that time management is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to passing the GED test?

The most common mistake that leads to failing the GED test is the fact that students spend too much time on one question and end up not having enough time to make it through the whole test.

Time management is one of the areas where you can make the quickest gain in the shortest amount of time. So use our free GED help to get started with your GED test preparation.

 Step Two. Benefits of Online vs. Traditional Learning

The traditional way of learning frequently consists of spending hours reading textbooks and participating in classes that take place in community colleges or adults education centers.

Attending practice lessons in a traditional class includes having access to an instructor and his feedback. It means you develop a new routine and this well-structured study path helps students like you to learn better. It sounds perfect.

However, if you can’t attend class regularly or have no time to attend a class, you will not make significant progress.

This is a problem because many of us simply have no time to show up at a class and therefore it’s easy to skip learning.

Solution: Choose online courses for free GED test prep with video lessons. They are no fees and they are available any time you want. You can study at home, in a library or any public place with wifi internet access.

We publish free online classes on this website, and there is no need for enrollment to start learning. There is also no tuition. All lessons are free and they also include a mini-quiz so that you can check your knowledge immediately. Everyone has an equal opportunity to prepare for the test so get going with your GED test preparation!

Why it works

According to researchers, the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, compared to 10% when it’s read.

To make it even more effective, create your routine; say you will learn every second day for 30 minutes.

It might be hard in the beginning, but you will get used to it. Keep learning, and you will be ready before you know.

Step 3. Build up your confidence to stay motivated

Choose the subject that is the easiest for you to learn. When you pass this first test, your confidence in your capabilities will improve.

The next subject will be easier to learn, especially because the video lessons in our online classes “build off” of each other in a proven and systematic approach that gets results!

Most people choose English Language or Social Studies as their first subtest to pass. These subjects rely on your capabilities of comprehensive reading and common sense; you don’t need to memorize any facts.

Step 4. Use Cherry Picking as GED Test Strategy

“Cherry-picking” is a well-known business strategy and it refers to the practice of identifying and targeting the most profitable customers in a market, rather than serving them all. In any market, customers are not created equal.

Students must have a cherry pick, and by cherry-picking, I mean you select only those questions that are most likely to yield points and avoid or quickly pass questions that are too difficult.

In doing the cherry picking strategy, you aren’t necessarily spending 2 or 3 minutes per question. You might be spending 3 or 5 minutes on the questions that you cherry pick, while only spending 15 to 20 seconds on questions that stumped you just long enough to make a guess and move on.

To be good at cherry picking, you must be willing to cut and run as soon as you see that there is a struggle happening. Good cherry pickers don’t waste time. Cherry picking is not something to agonize over. It’s something to do instinctively and change the answers if you have enough time.

Rookie Mistake #1:

Spending too much time on one question

GED Online Step 5. GED Test Game Plan

If you follow the suggestions about Cherry Picking for GED Prep, you will know what your weak and strong points are.

What topics are easy for you and what is hard to grasp.

Now, it’s time to make this decision; it’s time to design your GED Game Plan.

You need to know what questions are:

Easier for you: you find the questions fairly straightforward, and you expect to answer them correctly without needing extra time, though you may sometimes make some careless mistakes.

Or Harder for you: these questions are more of a struggle, though you still will answer some of them correctly.

Or TOO hard for you: you will spend way too much time to get this right, or you will get it wrong no matter what. “Way too much time” is one or more minutes over the average for that type of question.

Take a practice test under official conditions, including the lengths of the breaks, and so on.

During that practice test, implement your Game Plan. When you review your practice test, keep an eye on improving the Game Plan.

At what questions did you take good decisions on how you spent your time or how you handled a specific problem?

At what question did you take a poor decision?

What is it that you should have done differently?

How will you ensure that you’ll take the right decisions next time?

When you’ve done all of this, it’s time to simulate the real GED subtest and take a GED practice test under the same conditions as the real test. So be sure to set your timer on 70 or 90 minutes (for Social Studies or Science). Literacy and Math are times differently. Your lesson plan will be your guide.

Step 6. Check if you are 100% ready to pass

When you feel you’re ready to take one of the GED subtests, buy the official GED Ready® test.

This practice test costs $6 per subject, and it predicts how likely you are to pass the real test.
The GED Ready test can be bought through the website where you also can take this practice test.

The GED Ready test has very similar questions to the real GED Test but it is 1/2 the length of the GED test. You can take it on your computer but not on your mobile. The results are available immediately.

If you pass, sign up for the real GED subtest through the website You must set up your account with the portal MyGED.

You will be able to choose a place, date and time, everything online. You will know the results of the test the same day you take it.

Step 7. Rinse and Repeat

When you pass the test, congratulate yourself. Practice Tests are important. Now, take a short break and repeat the whole process for the next GED subject.

There are four GED subtests, so repeat all steps three more times with the help of your online GED classes, and you will be the proud holder of your GED diploma. Beware that in most states, you must pass the entire GED battery within a 2-year time frame.

How long does it take to get the GED Diploma?

How long you will need to be successful in passing the GED high school equivalency test and getting your diploma depends on many factors, such as your education level, how much time you can devote to learning, or how motivated you are.

There is no standard required time; it’s possible to pass the test in 35-45 days. During these 34-45 days, you would take many practice tests, create a game plan by simulating the real exam conditions and learning about topics that are identified as your weak points.

Usually, people who think that comprehensive reading is easy and can read graphs will pass the RLA (English Reasoning through Language Arts) Test, Social Studies, and Science rather quickly. You are welcome to use our free online video lessons, a great resource for your test preparation,

To pass the Math subtest, you will need to know at least how to calculate fractions, decimals, ratios. and percentages; understand operations with polynomials and equations; and solve geometric problems (math formulas are provided).

As I said, passing the GED test in 1-2 month is possible. However, most students take 3-8 months to pass the GED Test. You decide about your schedule.

Structure of the GED Exam

The GED exam consists of four separate subtests (modules) in these subject areas: Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Science, and Social Studies.

You can take each subtest separately, no need to take it all in a row, and your scores stand for two years from your first registration (in most states).

You will know your GED scores the same day, except for your essay score.

Here is a list of topics you should know to answer the test questions correctly. Securing complete learning materials is important.

GED Social Studies

  • Government And Civics
  • S. History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • World History

GED Social Studies Test Taking Strategy

Test-takers are expected to be broadly familiar with the concepts in each content topic but are NOT expected to have in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of each subtopic.

This is a huge amount of content to study, but thinking skills and understanding social studies are more important than the details and your online Social Studies class will get you optimally prepared fast.

Map reading, understanding charts and graphs, and interpreting diagrams and pictures are also very important skills for the social studies test.

The GED Social Studies test requires you to also have an understanding of a few important historical documents. In the US History part, you’ll find questions about the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, landmark Supreme Court cases.

You’ll also find at least one practical document on the social studies test. That means a tax form, voter guide, political speech, or some other document that is important to you, as a citizen. This practical document shows how the big, global, and national issues of civics or economics affect individuals like you. So follow our free GED online Social Studies class for your test preparation and get all set fast.

GED Science

  • Science Practices
  • Life Science: Organization of Life
  • Life Science: Human Body and Health
  • Life Science: Genetics and Heredity
  • Physical Science: Force, Motion, and Energy
  • Physical Science: Matter and Chemistry
  • Earth and Space Science

GED Science Test Taking Strategy

The GED Science Test is structured as an open book test.

Most of the resources that students need to know to answer the test questions are provided.

85 to 90 percent of the science questions can be answered using only the information and data that are provided in the passages and charts and graphs that appear on the science test.

Only 10 or 15 percent of the questions use what we call outside information.

The thing is that most students don’t have a ton of experience with open book tests.GED Online Prep

And so, they tend to struggle.

To overcome this, you need your get familiar with open book tests and become conversant in them.

We suggest that you keep this in mind and focus on GED practice science questions that require to draw in information and cite evidence.

GED Reasoning through Language Arts (Language)

  • Language Arts Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • Writing an Essay

GED RLA Test Taking Strategy

In the Reasoning through Language Art test, there are questions that check your understanding of what was directly stated in the passage or what various lines implied. These are the six main types of reading questions. They refer to:

The Main idea – This is the theme or main point of the passage.

Detail – This generally refers (directly) to a passage or line in the text. It asks how it functions or what it means.

– Vocabulary – Usually, vocabulary words are straightforward, but in a context, they may be used in an unusual way.

– Development – You may be given the task of re-ordered events that are presented non-chronologically in chronological order.

– Chronological Order – You may need to re-ordered events that are provided chronologically into a different order, e.g. cause-and-effect.

– Voice – What is the tone, attitude, style, or perspective of the author or the narrator?

It’s important that you get familiar with these different types of questions and that you spend some time practicing to answer them.

Keep it in mind:

Repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success
Stanley H. Kaplan

GED Mathematical Reasoning

  • 5-7 No Calculator Questions (you are not allowed to use the calculator)
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Word Problems
  • Number Sense
  • Statistics
  • Geometry
  • Basic Algebra
  • Graphing

GED Math Test-Taking Strategy: Use Elimination

Sometimes, when a question is out of reach, use a guessing strategy to choose the answer. Eliminating wrong answers is a great tool for the math test.

Sometimes, the wrong answers just won’t make sense. You can use common sense to eliminate some of them.

Tip 1. Ask yourself: Can I figure this problem out by solving it backward, by trying the multiple choice answers in the problem? It will work for a lot of problems on the GED math test. If you don’t know how to solve for “x,” you might be able to test the answers by substituting them for x to see if they work.

Tip 2. If there are two answers that are opposites of each other, one is likely to be correct. It is just common sense in test writing. It takes a lot of time to think up opposites; therefore, the test writer is not going to take the time to write opposites for two answers that are not true.

Opposites are usually included to catch a test-taker who’s not reading carefully or thinking it through well. Watch for them.
When you find them, then one of the two opposite answers is likely correct. You are now down to a 50/50 choice.

Online GED testing does NOT exist

There is NO online GED test available. You must come to a state-designated testing site and sit for the GED subtests in person.

If you see some website that offers “official” online GED testing, don’t believe in it. It’s a trap, you will lose your money, and a diploma issued by these websites is worth nothing. Following online GED classes is fine but online testing is no option.

Your Preferences

Ask yourself how you want to learn. Do you want to do self-study or a guided program? Video? Audio? Books only? Every option is right if it works for you. Whatever your online learning preferences are, try our education GED resources and create your study guide.  This online free GED prep method helped many students to pass the GED exam on the first try.

One of the top excuses often repeated by people who didn’t get their GED is: “I don’t have money for GED books” but you can earn your GED without spending money on preparation. It’s free to learn (on this website for example), no need for college admissions and you don’t need to travel to register on campus or go to a bookstore.

You can graduate by studying over the Internet. Online GED classes give you a perfect opportunity to become a valuable employee and improve your academic knowledge but you need to want it. Are you ready for more?

GED Prep and your family

Make sure your family is supporting you in learning for the GED high school equivalency exam with our video lessons. This is often overlooked. Be sure that your family supports you mentally and helps with daily household tasks.

What do you do if your family is not supportive? Then just stay at work and study there.

Make also sure to check our website regularly for GED-related news and other info to make sure everything fits your calendar and Facebook may also be a great help. Our free support services are readily available so please, get started right away! Copyright of GED and the GED Ready Test is held by GED Testing Service.

So apply to adult education programs or enroll in a GED online course and get your GED credential as soon as possible to secure a better future for and your loved ones.


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