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Taking the GED exam online is now also possible. You can pass the GED® test at home at any time if you qualify for online testing. It’s not hard to meet the requirements, but you need to know the rules.

First of all, you need to pass the GED Ready tests. If your results are in the “green score,” you will be able to schedule the online GED test.

Although the GED test is not tricky or complicated, you need to be well prepared, especially if you didn’t attend school for some time.

Using GED online video lessons is one of the best options to get prepared for online testing and earning your GED high school equivalency diploma fast and efficiently.

Keep reading to get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the GED test, how to get free online GED classes and practice tests, and how to schedule your online test.

Attending a traditional class may be beneficial for students who do better when guided by a teacher, but this is not as time-flexible as studying online.

GED Online Testing Resources
GED Online Tools

With online learning, you can learn from anywhere and at any time that suits you best. You can study at home, in a library, or at any public place with wifi internet access.

Check Your Learning Style

Knowing your learning style will help you to study more effectively.

Don’t think about buying a fake diploma. Nowadays, GED diploma verification is a straightforward process. You will lose both your money and a new job.

If you need a GED fast, take advantage of a right GED online prep course that allows you to study in your own time from wherever you like. With thorough preparation, you’ll be able to pass the GED test in 30 days if you follow our plan below.

Taking the GED test at home

GED Testing Service now also allows students to take the GED test at home. For participating states in a pilot program that offer online GED testing, go to this page that includes an overview of states and jurisdictions where online GED testing is available.

Students need to meet specific requirements to be allowed to take the GED test at home. An online proctor will see if everything is happening in line with some pretty strict regulations.

Read more about this interesting development here: GED Online Proctored Testing, and this format includes the use of some great online features such as an online whiteboard and a scratchpad as well.

GED test subject fields

The GED test consists of four subject tests: Social Studies, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Science, and English Language Arts (Reasoning through Language Arts-RLA). You can take one subtest at a time.

The cost of every sub-test is around $30 in most states, and in some states, financial aid is available on request.

There are four states that (partly) subsidize the GED test (or the alternatives HiSET or TASC), and in some states, the cost is higher. Check here for your state.

For many GED students, the most challenging subject is Math, and Language is usually regarded as the most straightforward test, even though you will need to write an essay during the GED language test.

The four GED subtests take from 70 to 150 minutes, and the results are available the same day (except for the essay part).

The GED transcript, the so-called smart transcript, is sent by email.

Getting a GED online quickly

Take a GED practice test. Start with free practice tests, then take the official GED Ready® practice test ($6 for each subject).

The GED Ready practice test (available at can predict if you can pass the real test.

Why is it important:

The biggest mistake you can make is to start learning without checking your knowledge level. You may be prepared to pass the GED test without even knowing it!

Also, if you don’t know what areas you need to focus on most, you may waste a lot of time and energy.

To pass the real GED test, you need to answer 65% of the questions correctly, so you are “allowed” to make mistakes.

When you are taking practice tests, even if you get less than 65% correct answers, it’s all good. It means that you just identified your weak points, and now you can focus on learning these topics.

Keeping track of what questions were challenging and understanding your GED testing scores could help you plan what you need to study.

Keep in mind: GED practice tests are vital. GED test prep is crucial! To test your knowledge, take a free GED practice test.

Your learning style quiz

Identifying your learning style may be the most critical key to improving your GED Test score.

Generally, there are three main categories of learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

  • If you’re a visual learner, videos and pictures can help you remember.
  • Auditory learners should listen to video recordings and record yourself what you remember about the lesson.
  • If you are a physical (kinesthetic) person, explain key ideas of the video lessons aloud to yourself while moving around.

Explore different ways of learning to help you remember key facts and to increase your understanding of the main concepts.

Take a “My learning Style” quiz

Choose online GED prep

While attending traditional classes in community colleges or adults, education centers have many benefits, and it’s not always time-flexible.

When you choose online classes, you can study at any time and anywhere. You can study at home, in a library, or at any public place with wifi internet access.

You can start with free GED online classes and upgrade, if needed, to paid courses.

We publish free online classes on this website, and there is no need for enrollment to start learning. There is also no tuition. All lessons are free, and they also include mini-quizzes so you can check your knowledge immediately.

Why it works

According to researchers, the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, compared to 10% when it’s read.

To make it even more useful, create your own routine; say, you will learn every second day for 30 minutes.

It might be hard in the beginning, but you will get used to it. Keep learning, and you will be ready before you know.

Check out this video to learn what the essential factors are in preparing for the current GED test.

Build up your confidence

Choose the subject that is the easiest for you to learn. When you pass this first test, your confidence in your capabilities will improve.

The next subject will be easier to learn, mainly because the video lessons in our online classes “build off” of each other in a proven and systematic approach that gets results!

Most people choose English Language or Social Studies as their first subtest to pass. These subjects rely on your capabilities of comprehensive reading and common sense; you don’t need to memorize any facts.

Keep in mind, though, that if you have a well-rounded GED vocabulary, your chance of attaining good GED scores will improve drastically!

GED Ready benefits

When you feel you’re ready to take one of the GED subtests, buy the official GED Ready® test.

This practice test costs $6 per subject, and it predicts how likely you are to pass the real test.
The GED Ready test can be bought through the website, where you also can take this practice test.

The GED Ready test has very similar questions to the real GED test, but it is 1/2 the length of the actual GED test. You can take it on your computer but not on your mobile. The results are available immediately.

If you pass, sign up for the real GED subtest through the website You must set up your account with the portal MyGED.

You will be able to choose a place, date, and time, everything online. You will know the results of the test the same day you take it.

Structure of the GED exam

The GED exam consists of four separate subtests (modules) in these subject areas: Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Science, and Social Studies.

You can take each subtest separately, no need to take it all in a row.

You will know your GED scores the same day, except for your essay score.

Here is a list of topics you should know to answer the test questions correctly. Securing complete learning materials is essential.

GED Social Studies

  • Government And Civics
  • U.S. History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • World History

GED Science

  • Science Practices
  • Life Science: Organization of Life
  • Life Science: Human Body and Health
  • Life Science: Genetics and Heredity
  • Physical Science: Force, Motion, and Energy
  • Physical Science: Matter and Chemistry
  • Earth and Space Science

GED Reasoning through Language Arts (Literacy)

  • Language Arts Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • Writing an Essay

GED Mathematical ReasoningGED Online January 2020

  • 5-7 No-Calculator Questions (you are not allowed to use the calculator)
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Word Problems
  • Number Sense
  • Statistics
  • Geometry
  • Basic Algebra
  • Graphing

GED Prep and your family

Make sure your family is supporting you in learning for the GED high school equivalency exam with our video lessons. This fact is often overlooked. Be sure that your family supports you mentally and helps with daily household tasks.

What do you do if your family is not supportive? Then stay at work and study there.

Make also sure to check our website regularly for GED-related news and other info to make sure everything fits your calendar, and Facebook may also be a great help. Our free support services are readily available so please, get started right away! GED Testing Service holds the copyright of GED and the GED Ready Test.

So apply to adult education programs or enroll in a GED online course and get your GED credential as soon as possible to secure a better future for and your loved ones.

Keep it in mind:

Repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success
Stanley H. Kaplan

Becoming prepared optimally for the GED exam through online video lessons and practice tests is the most effective way os passing the four subtests and getting hold of your GED diploma. Take this step. Improve your chances on the job market or enroll in college. Your GED makes that possible!


Last Updated on September 8, 2020.

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