Pre GED Tests

Take one of these pre GED tests and check your knowledge of Social Studies (US History + Geography), Math, Science, and English Language.

If you want to pass the GED test, you will need to have a sophisticated level of knowledge in these 4 subjects.

Start with these short pre-tests and then you can continue preparing by taking one (or more) of our free GED® practice tests.

Every test has 10 questions with two answers. Choose the best answer, the results will be shown at the end of the test.

Taking practice tests is a good way to learn about which subject fields require your attention most so you don’t have to waste your study time on things you already know.

If you just go quickly over what you already know, you’ll be left with more time to learn the topics that you don’t command yet.

That’s what makes this way of learning so efficient!

Pre-GED Tests – Mixed Subjects

Pre GED practice tests include 10 questions from all 4 subjects. Answer all questions.

Pre GED Tests per Subject

These practice tests below are grouped into 4 GED subjects. At the end of each quiz, you will see your grade and an explanation.

These practice tests are a part of our GED Practice Test module.

Pre GED practice test will help you assess your knowledge and get familiar with the GED Test content and a format. As the GED exam must be taken entirely on a computer, it is also important to work on your computer and keyboarding skills.

Keep also in mind that you can use your hand-held calculator on not only the second part of the Math section but also on the Science and Social Studies sections.

So getting familiar with the possibilities of the magic machine and how the functions work is crucial for success on the GED exam!

The calculator must be the TI-30 XS from Texas Instruments. A different model is not allowed and on the GED exam.

There will also be an embedded, on-screen version of the TI-30 XS available to you that works exactly in the same way as the hand-held device.

It’s also important that you are aware of your time management skills.

The four GED tests are timed tests and you’ll have to learn how to perform optimally under time pressure.

On the real exam, you’re up against the clock and you usually have about a minute and a half per question. Don’t waste your precious time on questions that you don’t know the answer to.

Simply mark it for later, you can always come back and answer the question at the end of the exam.

Your Learning Style and Your GED Potential

There are several learning styles and if you learn which learning style suits you best, chances are that you’ll learn faster and better.

If you want to study efficiently, learn all about your learning style and your GED potential will get a boost!

Answer a few questions and and discover your GED potential.

Knowing your learning style will help you to study more effectively.

How many people do you know that constantly dream about achieving something, but don’t do anything to make it happen?

They say things like “I deserve…” and “Someday I should…” And then nothing happens.

I know you are not like that because you took the first important step to discover your learning potential so you can learn for the GED exam more efficiently.

Mock exams are a golden opportunity for rehearsing the real thing and you’ll gain a lot from the experience.

Get into the habit of reading very carefully the instructions at the beginning of each test question.

These educational tests are meant to test your memory and how well you can apply the things that you learned at school.

If you want to pass the GED test you will need to have a sophisticated level of knowledge in the four testing subject fields.

Start with these pre-tests and then you can continue preparing by taking one of our GED practice tests.

To get successfully through the GED prep and pass the GED test, you need to develop the right mindset and trick your willpower.

For this to happen, you should know what motivates you and what will keep you on track towards your GED diploma.

You also need to have some kind of preparation plan.

Otherwise, you soon may feel overwhelmed and lose track and what’s worse, give up regular learning altogether.

The solution is quite simple: follow the proven plan and take one step at a time.

This way, you will focus on your short-term tasks and not feel swamped by the number of lessons you need to learn.

So take these pre GED tests and get ahead fast!


Last Updated on July 23, 2021.

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