Free Online Classes For GED Prep

Start preparing for the GED® Test with our free online GED Prep classes designed for adults. These classes include 112 Math, Social Studies, Science and RLA lessons with mini-quizzes.

Your brain will love these video lessons. According to researchers, we remember 95% of a message when it is watched compared to 10% when read.

About 90% of the information our brains process is visual. That’s powerful!

So choose a GED subject below to start learning. No need to sign up.

What’s more, video lessons allow your mind to feel safe and free to make mistakes without judgment and with a safety net.

Scientists say our brains process visuals at a higher rate, almost 60,000 times faster than processing the written word. Take advantage of it and keep learning regularly.

We have published here 112 video lessons that are a part of Covcell GED Prep. So, this is a “light” version of one the most effective GED courses-Covcell GED Prep.

Covcell lessons are created by cognitive science experts and help your brain remember information quicker and easier. So go ahead and start learning! These videos are all worth the time investment. They are full of images, highly informative, and very educational.

This is a lite version of Covcell GED Prep. Click here to upgrade to a full version and increase your GED Test score.

Get to know what the GED test will be like by practicing with sample questions that are published under every lesson. Don’t forget to check our free GED practice tests and tips for passing the GED test.

Why Our Online GED Prep Works

Each of our lessons includes an informative video designed to break down the subject matter and explain it in easy-to-understand terms and concepts. These high-quality videos are clear, concise, geared toward adults, and extremely helpful for mastering the subject matter.

One particularly helpful aspect of these videos is that the written transcripts of the lessons are also available. So, whether you are a visual or an auditory learner, you will have the necessary materials to ensure that you understand each concept as you prepare towards earning your GED certificate.

Each subject lesson within each module (the four GED testing subjects) has one or more quizzes that are designed to immediately test your knowledge on the subject you just studied. Following the quiz, you can review your incorrect answers and you will receive guidance as to where you can find an explanation of the correct answer.

Reviewing quiz answers immediately helps to solidify the information you just processed and leads to long-term retention of that material. You can retake each quiz as many times as you feel is necessary to ensure you fully understand the material.

Online GED Classes Structure

Within each of the four GED subjects—Language, Social Studies, Math, and Science—is a sample lesson plan that you can follow to finish the program in a set amount of time. Of course, you are free to modify this as necessary to meet your goals and work within your own time constraints.

For a starting point, however, these lesson plans are quite valuable, especially if you don’t really know where to start. We also include study guides and tips to make your journey as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Where to start with GED Prep

It is highly recommended to begin with the subjects with which you are more familiar. The underlying rationale is that you will spend less time on these topics and see greater progress when you start with what you know. This increases confidence and morale and keeps you motivated to continue to the more difficult subjects.

Most people begin with Language (RLA-Reading/Language Arts) and finish with Math, but the choice is yours.

Why Online GED Preparation?

While the idea of returning to school may, in fact, be appealing for some adults, most who would like to continue their education and obtain their GED certificates have jobs, families, and other commitments and responsibilities that make spending large amounts of time studying impossible.

Conversely, online learning can be done anywhere—from the comfort of your own home or at the office at lunchtime to anywhere that suits you best. Further, there is no set schedule that must be followed and no commuting expenses to and from class.

Granted, there is a degree of self-discipline necessary to successfully complete online training of any kind, but if you have the desire and motivation, our online GED prep course is designed to help you succeed. These lessons are effective, are designed with simplicity, and, perhaps most importantly, are created for adults and don’t come with silly cartoons or other condescending instruction.

Will Online GED Prep Help You?

What makes our course particularly helpful is that it creates engagement and excitement—something necessary to ensure that students continue in any endeavor. Through its interactive materials, engaging videos, and clear explanations—coupled with a number of test-taking strategies and practice tests—our classes have proven to be at the forefront of contemporary online GED prep sources.

By structuring the study material in bite-sized and easy to understand pieces that students can tackle on their own terms and review their progress, we make GED prep a fun, motivating, and free option. Additionally, our materials can be easily applied to the TASC and HiSET high school equivalency (HSE) tests as well. So, if you are ready to finally take the plunge and obtain your HSE diploma, our online GED course is the way to go.

What helps


Being disciplined is possibly the most critical of all skills to become an excellent online student, but discipline really is not a competency that is quickly mastered. Having said that, you may very well train yourself to become better disciplined. Here are a few tips that will help you to get there.

Each and every day you should make “to-do lists” that indicate what essential things need to be done that day, and this is not restricted to homework, these lists must include all facets of your daily life. Before you get involved in other activities you planned for that day, make sure you finish your to-do list. Doing this will help you to develop a feeling of “assignments first, have fun later.”

Order your list in a way that most important things are done first, and carry out your tasks accordingly. As an illustration, you should finish your task for tomorrow ahead of any task that’s scheduled for next week, even in cases when it would seem easier to do it differently. Pushing ahead and finishing tasks you don’t feel like doing is an essential element of getting disciplined.


Developing decent time management skills is crucial to becoming a successful student, be it online or in a traditional setting. Budgeting your available time just as you would manage your money will make certain that you will have ample time to finish whatever you planned to do that day. Here is some advice as to how to get into the routine of controlling your time effectively:

Make an agenda and stay with it. Prepare and schedule your day. To make things easier, buy an agenda that has a page for every day and a breakdown by the hour as well. Now every day, you should block out a couple of hours for your school assignments. It is a good idea to make the same block of hours every day. Completing your class work every day at a set time is good for your mind and helps to concentrate on your school assignments instead of all the other things that you might want to do.


Focus is the third of these important competencies that are required to turn out to be an excellent online student. Without building up focus, you will end up getting nowhere. Putting things off is the biggest enemy of every student, and you must learn to concentrate on your school assignments if you want to conquer postponement. Stick to your agenda and you will learn to remain focused. As said before, adhering to a set timetable for your school work will support you in training your brain to know when it will be ready to study.

One more way to keep concentrated is to take frequent short breaks. When you’ve been looking at a screen for a long time, your mind may be distracted easily. It is good to take a five or ten-minute break each hour so your mind can have some rest. Have a little snack, do something else, or just take a rest on your couch and give your eyes a break. After a little while, you will feel rejuvenated and all set to study on.

Try to study in an atmosphere that enables you to focus on your schoolwork. Making an attempt to accomplish your homework while the TV is running or while the kids are fooling around is really not a setting that is favorable for successful studying. Rather try to do your work in a relaxing and well-lit atmosphere.

If you follow these guidelines and tips you will be well equipped to become an excellent online student. These are the tools to get you moving towards a better and brighter future not only for yourself but also for those around you. These guidelines and values may seem hard to follow in the beginning, if you persist with them, however, you will see that before you know, they have become sort of a second nature for you.

The Bottom Line

Making the decision to pursue your  GED certificate can be a daunting task, indeed. Whether you have been out of school for years or are simply too busy with work and family, it may seem as though you have a mountain to climb ahead of you. This can be discouraging, especially when other GED prep materials appear to be so time-consuming. If spending three hours per night several days each week in a classroom—or hours upon hours online—is something you cannot do, there is still a way to earn your GED certificate that is both satisfying and, surprisingly, fun.

This is a lite version of Covcell GED Prep. Click here to upgrade to a full version and increase your GED Test score.