Decrypting the GED is a practical, comprehensive course that enables you to develop a strategic approach to passing the GED® Test.

These online classes include unique strategies as well as content lessons and practice tests. Most students find that the strategies how to approach each GED subject are the most valuable part of the Decrypting The GED Course

Complete Decrypting the GED online classes contains 14 parts: strategies, video lessons and practice tests for every GED subject and they are backed by the latest learning science. Every lesson “speaks” to today’s brains and the tendency of having a shorter attention span.

The complete Decrypting the GED online classes include a full range of advanced topics. You can also sign up just for one subject and there is a free version available too.

  • 50 GED Math Strategies, 85 Video lessons, 40 Practice Tests
  • 16 GED RLA Strategies, 76 Video lessons, 16 Practice Tests
  • 17 GED Science Strategies, 67 Video lessons, 14 Practice Tests
  • 17 GED Social Studies Strategies, 100 Video lessons, 18 Practice Tests
  • 9 Motivation and Study Plans
  • Easily track your learning progress

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Why  Decrypting the GED matters?

Passing the GED Test opens doors to many new possibilities that are otherwise not available to people who didn’t have a chance to get their High School diploma.

Yet, many people are afraid to take the GED Test or just fail to pass even if they spent many hours learning for the exam.

So to help you pass the GED Test, we provide the Decrypting The GED Course.  We analyzed many GED tests and discovered the most important factors that help students take the exam successfully.

We packed these discoveries into the Decrypting The GED course. Now, this course provides you with easy to follow, yet unique strategies, video lessons, and practice tests so you can prepare for the GED Test in a smart way and visibly increase your chances to pass the GED Test.

There is also a free version of this course. It offers you a perfect and risk-free begin on your journey toward your GED Diploma. Right from the start, you’ll be able to learn and track your progress.