GED Language (RLA) Practice Test

The RLA (Reasoning Through Language Arts) section of the GED® test includes reading comprehension (literacy), writing, and grammar.

You will have 150 minutes to complete the GED Language test so practice with these free GED Language practice tests.

By taking sample tests you will get well prepared and learn what to focus on most.

Taking practice tests is very important because they indicate what your knowledge gaps are

Click on one of the links and follow the instructions on the screen.

Following the quiz, you can review your incorrect answers and are given guidance as to where you can find an explanation of the correct answer.

GED Language Practice Tests

You can choose a 10-question,  15-question, 25-question, or a 50-question test.

Practice Test 10 Questions

Topic Related Practice Tests

Practice Test 15 Questions

Practice Test 25 Questions

Practice test 25 questions with a timer.

We also have a longer, 30-question, timed practice test.
This quiz must be completed in 50 minutes.

GED RLA Practice Test Structure

Grammar and Punctuation 35%
Sentence Structure 25%
Analyzing and Interpreting Text 20%
Essay Structure 15%

Extended Response ( GED Essay)

After completing the first section of the Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts-RLA) test of the GED exam, you can begin with the “Extended Response” section. Here you are asked to writeGED Practice Test Language your essay, and you need to do so via analysis of various arguments that are presented to you in two sample texts.

In the Extended Response (writing) portions of the GED test, a topic will be introduced through one or more reading passages. You will be asked to analyze the topic and the arguments.

To complete your essay, you have 45 minutes and unused time from the first part is not counted. So you better take that time to double-check your answers in the first part of the RLA section before you start working on the second (the Extended Response) part.

You must be very clear in writing a thesis statement, and your introduction must be clearly stated as well. After the introduction, you must write some four to six paragraphs that include supporting arguments, followed by a paragraph that includes your conclusions. To jot down some rough notes, you will receive an erasable tablet.

Check this lesson about writing the GED Essay, it includes samples and explanations.

Grammar part of the GED RLA Test

In the Grammar portions of the GED® test, you will need to demonstrate an understanding of Punctuation rules, Pronoun Usage, Sentence Correction, and Contextual Clues.

You should never choose a longer, more complicated, or wordier replacement if a simple one does. So get ready with these GED Language Practice Tests.

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