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We help students prepare for the GED® test by providing our free GED online classes, renewed GED practice tests, and learning tips. Our website lists (practically) all GED prep locations in the US, so also classes near you.

Our website gives you a great opportunity to catch up, get ahead, and get ready for the four independent GED tests.

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Why You Should Prepare For The GED Diploma

The GED diploma demonstrates that you have the same understanding and knowledge as high school students upon graduation. Virtually all employers, state and federal government agencies and recruiters accept the GED diploma as being equal to a traditional high school diploma.
Most preparation classes have modified their instruction in accordance with the new format of the four GED tests, and to make you feel more comfortable to take the tests on a computer. The GED tests are not available online; you still will have to show up in person at an official state testing site.

Of course, you can take online prep classes and study at home, or you can engage in one of the many traditional preparation courses offered all around the country. Use the search function to find prep classes near you.  Check out your city or state get prepared for your GED!

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