GEDWorks Program-What It Is And How It Works

Last Updated on April 13, 2024.

GEDWorks is a program developed by GED Testing Service. The program allows corporations and other employers to stimulate their employees to acquire a GED diploma.


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Under the GEDWorks program, employees receive the tools they need to pass the four GED subject tests at no cost to them.

This way, they have the opportunity to earn their GED credentials without having to leave their jobs.

Employers benefit as well since their employees will be better motivated, develop more rounded skills, and have higher retention rates.

So the GEDWorks™ program offers benefits for both employers and workers. The program gives a company’s employees and their family members the guidance and tools they need to get hold of a GED® diploma.

GEDWorks is the starting point for both enhancing a company’s positive public image and its employees’ educational and professional success.

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The GEDWorks program is created for the challenges that working adults are facing and provides support for the realization of their dreams.

Participants in the program receive everything required for success, such as customer support and academic guidance from enthusiastic and skilled GED advisors.

GED Testing Service handles everything, from GED preparatory programs to graduation from the program.

Over recent years, participants in the GEDWorks program were almost twice as successful in earning their high school equivalency diplomas as students who learned on their own.

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Benefits For Employees

When a company decides to partake in the GEDWorks program, the employees will benefit from free GED preparation and testing. All these costs are covered by the employer.

Through the GEDWorks program, workers will have unlimited access to numerous study materials, prep courses, and practice tests at no charge. Additionally, they will get hands-on instruction at their local adult education center.

Employees will be more valued, more fulfilled, and happier in both their professional and personal lives if they are aware that their employer is ready to invest in their education and overall well-being.

A great feature of the GED test is that the four GED subject tests (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science) can now also be taken online from the comfort of a test-taker’s home. Check here for online GED testing information.

Adult Education Programs Benefits

Adult education programs will benefit from the GEDWorks program as they will get a new pipeline of students who are supported by their local employers.

These students don’t need to be worried about the cost of study materials, the cost of the GED Ready® practice test, or paying for the actual GED test.

Benefits For Employers

As said above, employers will benefit because they will have better-motivated employees with well-rounded skills who are grateful their employers cared for their education and even paid for that.

Under the program, employers have the data and control they need. They have unlimited and seamless access to study info regarding participants from their company.

The application is extremely user-friendly, and the approval process is easy. Employers have unlimited access to individual progress reports as well as overall performance data.

As of January 1, 2022, Amazon began offering GEDWorks as an option to all U.S. employees under the Career Choice program. Read also this page about how Amazon checks education and stimulates workers to earn a GED, and pays for the cost of testing.

Attract Top Talent

Workers who participate in the GEDWorks program will be the company’s best brand ambassadors. They will spread the word about their employer’s positive culture.

Sure, employers will need to carry out background checks on new employees, but attracting dedicated workers is key for the continuation of a thriving business.

Don’t forget that training and education programs and other initiatives that allow for increased earning potential (especially with a GED) and job advancement within a company often work like magnets that attract avid and motivated candidates.

A company’s GEDWorks participants will be an important pipeline of skilled and motivated individuals who are committed to continuing their careers with their employers. They will feel cared for and valued, which, in turn, will lead to loyalty and retention.

A company’s Public Image

The GEDWorks program is more than offering educational opportunities to a company’s workers. The entire community around it may benefit as well. It’s quite simply about Doing Well by Doing Good.

Participating in the GEDWorks program tells something about the company and how it is organized. It tells how committed the company is to the education of its workers and how it motivates its workers to develop their skills and perform up to the best of their capacities.

Since the GEDWorks program was launched in 2015, more than 25 nationwide operating companies have joined the program to help their employees earn a GED diploma at no cost to them.

Employers should also note that when employees have earned their GED, they may go on and take advantage of more educational benefits, such as earning a college degree.

Today, there are almost 4,000 employees who have earned their GED diplomas through GEDWorks and the support of their employers.

GEDWorks-participating employers are found across multiple industries, including hospitality (e.g., Hilton), food service,  manufacturing, retail, transportation, and media.

Big Names Participate

Some of these companies that joined the GEDWorks program are Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, Texas Department of Transportation, Sheetz, Benchmark Electronics, UGN, Southeastern Grocers (Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, Harvey’s, Fresco y Más), Bell’s Brewery, EPI Breads, Red Roof, Cheesecake Factory, Scholastic, Lowe’s, and Total Wine & More.

These companies understand how important education is for their employees and for the continuity and public image of the companies. Participating in the GEDWorks program has multiple benefits for everyone involved, and Amazon recently joined the program as well to offer its employees free GED opportunities and college tuition.  in Michigan. Check here to read more about the Amazon Career Choice program in Michigan.

Many participating employers say their focus is on not only attracting but also retaining motivated workers. Helping their workers earn a GED diploma at no cost is a perfect addition to the other benefits they offer.

These companies are committed to supporting their communities, and programs such as GEDWorks will help them further their mission.

GEDWorks is developed to meet the needs of working adults looking to acquire a GED diploma.