GED Passing Score

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

GED scoring is pretty straightforward. There are four subtests (independent modules) that all require test-takers to attain at least a score of 145. So, the GED passing score is 145.

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The four GED subtests, which now can be taken online as well, are scored on a scale that runs from 100 to 200.

If you score in the 100-145 range, you have produced a “below passing” score, and this counts for all four of the GED® subject modules.

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The GED Test Score Chart

  • 100-144 – This is the below-passing range.
  • 145-164 – This range indicates a High School Equivalent level of your knowledge and skills.
  • 164-174 – This range indicates the College-Ready level of your capabilities. You’re good to go to college if you want.
  • 175-200 – This range indicates the College-Ready level, and you’ll receive up to 10 College Credits as well.

The 3 different GED passing score levels indicate the aptitude ranges and in what way a test-taker is likely to succeed in the job market or in college.

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Students who score in the GED passing range of 145 to 164 have passed that GED module at a level that compares to that of graduating high school seniors.

Test-takers who score in the GED College Ready range of 165 to 174 are expected to successfully attend credit-bearing academic college programs.

Students who attain scores in the GED College Ready plus College Credit range of 175 to 200 are very likely to be successful in college-level programs.

Students scoring in the last two categories may have the requirement to take additional college placement tests like SAT or ACT or other remedial classes waived at a great number of schools.

What is a Good GED Score?

A good GED score is at least 145 points per subject, so at least 580 points for the whole test (4 subjects). This score guarantees you pass the GED test and receive the GED diploma from your home state.

However, if your goal is to attend college, a score of 145 points per subject is NOT sufficient.

You may also want to take the GED exam, perhaps for employment purposes. For all GED testing requirements, <- check out this post.

What is a Good GED Score to Get into College?

If you want to get to college, your GED score needs to be at least in the 165-174 range.

If you get at least 165 points per subject, you’ve demonstrated skills and knowledge at a level that gives you a higher distinction.

GED Passing Score Meter

This score (165-174) is known as “GED College-Ready.”

The “GED College-Ready” score shows colleges and universities that test-takers are college-ready and possibly don’t require remediation classes before being allowed to attend degree-bearing programs.

Highest GED Score

The highest GED score range is 175-200 points per subject. This score is known as “College-Ready plus credit.” If you, for example, consider becoming a doctor, attaining good GED scores is key. It will save you money and time in college.

Students scoring in this highest “elite” range have demonstrated they master skills and knowledge at a level comparable to what is taught in college classes during the first year.

At quite a few colleges and universities, this translates to credits, so students may skip several classes, which saves time and money.

Keep in mind, though, that not all universities and colleges are accepting or awarding credits through GED scores.

So please check with your preferred college or university to learn if they accept GED scores for credits.

They are additionally eligible for college credits, but that will depend on the academic requirements of the program of their choice and/or the school they applied to.

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How to Check your GED Score Online

You can check your GED score online through your account on the website. Every student who takes the GED test needs to have an account on the website.

When you take one of the GED tests, your score will be displayed under the “My Scores” menu item.

The “My Scores” page shows your highest GED scores and GED Ready test scores.

GED Score System

The maximum attainable score across the four modules is 800, and you are required to earn no less than 580 points across the board. The four tests may be taken separately, so a 580 score is only good if you’ve reached a 145 score on each of the four sections.

If you did well on three modules but failed one subtest, you may have 580 points or more but still didn’t pass the GED exam as you scored insufficiently on one of the four modules (see the table below).

Then again, you have the liberty to sit for each subject at a time or take all four subtests at the same time. If you failed one subtest the first time, you can still retake that subtest without the need to retake the subtests you already passed.

Your total GED score will be made up of your best scores on each attempt. Just take a look at the following table to learn how not every 580 score means a passing score.

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GED Below-Passing Score

Your scores are measured on a 100-200 scale, and the below-passing section on that scale is in the 100-144 range.

If your score is 144 or below, you did not pass that subtest, and regardless of your scores on the other modules, you also didn’t pass the GED exam.

You must attain a 145 or higher score on all four modules! You will have to retake those modules that you failed until you’ve passed all four subtests.

When you pass a GED subtest, and you score between 145 and 164 points, you have attained the GED High School Equivalency Passing Score for that subtest, meaning you have demonstrated knowledge and skills at a level comparable to that of high school seniors.

GED-ready and GED-ready + credit scores (165-174 and 175-200, respectively) may have the requirement to take a college entrance test (such as the SAT or ACT) waived.