Check Your Learning Style

Last Updated on April 14, 2024.

It often happens that students aren’t really aware of the way they learn, their particular learning style. Consequently, they are often not able to reach their potential fully.


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Your learning style affects how you understand the information and resolve problems.

If you know more about how to learn best and about learning styles, you may very well also be able to effectively improve your exam preparation.

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Learning Style Quiz

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Which are you most likely to do when standing in a long line at the movies?

  • look at posters advertising other movies
  • talk to the person next to you
  • tap your foot or move around in some other way

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Type of Learning Styles

In general, we can distinguish between 3 major learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. 

Well, the truth of the matter is that you may well be a not-so-good learner just because you haven’t used your best or preferred learning style or haven’t discovered it yet.

So check out these tests and discover if you can improve your learning results by adjusting your learning style. Chances are that if you do that, your results will improve while using the same amount of time and intensity! You may easily attain much higher scores if you’ll adjust the learning style you’re using.

Learning Style Matters

One of our students, Jeremy, shares:

“I always imitated the learning styles of other people, but I found out that that didn’t work. I really thought that I was rather stupid as I didn’t understand any topic if I learned in the same way that they did.

But then, I started to learn about personal studying styles, and I adjusted my studying style and worked on my GED® vocabulary.

Well, there was an immediate change and I managed to prepare for my GED exam with Onsego’s prep course quickly and passed!”

You may well be tempted to check out some different things listed on this page, and trying some new things is a good idea. When some other way is working well for you, just use that!

So being aware of the way you study and learn, your particular learning style, will help you reach your full potential. Your specific learning style is affecting the way you understand information and deal with problems. In the end, that will help you to study smarter, and not necessarily harder!