Goodwill GED Program-What It Is And How It Works

Last Updated on May 16, 2024.

Goodwill Centers across America offer many programs, including education courses, career training programs, and work-readiness programs.

Goodwill education centers offer assistance to adults who are looking to earn a GED diploma and improve their employment options.

Across the nation, Goodwill offers free GED prep classes for students looking to improve their education and earn their high school equivalency diploma.

Regardless of whether you are looking to achieve a personal goal, want to provide your family with a brighter future, or want to go to college to earn a certificate or degree, securing your GED opens the door to better job options.

Going back to School

Additionally, Goodwill centers offer support along your educational journey, so returning to school doesn’t need to be a scary or overwhelming experience.

All GED prep classes include instruction in all of the four GED subject fields, including mathematics and reading comprehension.

Online GED Classes – Fast and Easy

Prepare Quickly To Pass The GED Test.
Get Your Diploma in 2 Months.

Goodwill offers GED programs at many of its locations, both in-class and online.

Many students benefit from the assistance provided by Goodwill in preparing for the four independent GED subtests.

Goodwill also offers GED prep online so you can get all set for the exam from the convenience of your home.

Online GED testing

If you consider taking the GED exam but are not really sure where to begin, you may contact a local Goodwill Education Center.

Some Goodwill centers are offering both online GED prep courses and in-person classes.

If your closest Goodwill center doesn’t offer a GED prep course, they will help you find the nearest location that does.

At Goodwill Education Centers, experienced education and career counselors will help you determine the steps required for you to be successful on the GED exam.

Many Goodwill centers have partnered with local technical or community colleges to offer appropriate GED instruction and career training courses.

This website offers free online GED video instruction and practice tests to help you get going with your GED prep. They will let you determine if online learning is a good fit for you.

If that’s the case, register with Onsego’s accredited, full-scope GED course to get ready for GED testing fast and efficiently. Onsego GED Online Prep has, as one of only twenty online courses, received the predicate “fully GED Test Aligned” from GED Testing Service®.

The GED exam can be taken in person at one of the numerous official GED test centers across the nation or in an online proctored format (for qualifying candidates).

Transition to College

Additionally, they offer support to GED graduates as they transition into college to obtain a college degree or certificate to enhance their skills and knowledge so that they can be more successful in the contemporary competitive job market.

Goodwill’s Youth GED programs are generally designed to help adults earn a GED diploma regardless of their age, though some local programs focus specifically on younger adults in certain age categories.

The programs provide hands-on and classroom education or online instruction as alternative pathways for students to earn their high school equivalency diplomas.

This way, they can realize their full educational and professional potential. Goodwill’s GED prep programs are free and often include testing fees and transportation costs as well.

Many of Goodwill’s education centers are also official GED testing centers. It used to be that GED testing was exclusively done at physical test centers, but recently, the GED exam also became available in an online format.

GED Registration

Registration for the GED exam is quite simple. You need to set up your account on the website and sign up for the portal MyGED.

Then, you’ll receive information about your state’s specific policies and how to apply for testing accommodations if you need that, and you can schedule your GED testing appointments there.

The GED exam includes four independent modules (GED subtests) that can be taken separately, one at a time, if wished.

The four modules cover the fields of Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Science.

Scheduling your GED test appointments can be done 24/7 with the MyGED portal. Just log in to your account and click on “Schedule Test” at the top of the page.

When you have completed the questionnaire, you can select your language, the subject test(s), and the time and day that works best for you.

One Test at a Time

As said before, you have the option to schedule one of the GED subtests at a time so you can prepare for one subject, pass that section, and move ahead to the next subject field. This also applies to the HiSET exam.

Keep in mind that you must bring a current photo ID that includes your signature and date of birth. Valid IDs are state IDs or Driver’s Licenses.

Some states require proof of residency, and in some other states, you’ll need to first sign up for a GED prep course and/or pass an official practice test.

Please note that if you don’t bring a proper ID and/or proof of residency if required by your state, you won’t be allowed into the GED testing room, and the same applies to online testing.

Some Goodwill centers will support you financially and cover the cost of GED testing. This, however, is not always the case. Check here to learn all about the cost of GED testing in your state.

Education is Paramount

At Goodwill, they understand that education is paramount to improving people’s lives. That’s why they go the extra mile to support adult learners in obtaining the skills and knowledge required to be successful on the GED exam.

Often, adult education can be a bit intimidating, especially for learners who haven’t seen a classroom from the inside for many years.

At Goodwill, dedicated instructors will do all they can to remove any barriers or intimidating aspects associated with continuing education.

Goodwill education centers have dedicated teams that run their GED programs. It is their goal that you will pass the four GED subtests and receive your GED diploma. They will work with you all the way until you master every GED testing subject.

As said earlier, in many locations, Goodwill has teamed up with colleges and universities so students can not only earn their GED diploma but also take college-level classes and pursue professional certificates.

Many Goodwill education centers offer not only GED Classes but also Adult Basic Literacy, ESL (English as a Second Language, 1-on-1 Tutoring, Career Exploration, Study Skills Training, Work Readiness Courses, and College Transition Assistance.