Amazon Offers Free College Tuition In Michigan

Last Updated on May 16, 2024.

Amazon has announced that it plans to offer the company’s employees fully funded tuition at a number of Michigan universities and colleges.

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The retail giant’s Career Choice program is offered across the United States.

In Michigan, Amazon workers can get free tuition at

  • Grand Rapids Community College (Grand Rapids)
  • Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids)
  • Henry Ford College (Dearborn)
  • Grand Valley State University (Allendale)
  • Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti)

The retail giant has partnered with these five Michigan universities and colleges to offer its hourly employees fully paid tuition.

Amazon’s Career Choice Program

The new partnership for career advancement opportunities is part of Amazon’s Career Choice program. This initiative helps the company’s employees enhance their skills and knowledge to further their success within Amazon or elsewhere.

Amazon’s Michigan employees can receive fully-funded college tuition if they want to earn industry certification or a bachelor’s or associate degree at the above-listed universities and colleges. Amazon’s maximum contribution is $5,250 per year for full-time employees, and part-time workers can get $2,625 maximally.

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Amazon also provides its employees with the opportunity to partake in English proficiency, high school equivalency, and college preparation programs. Amazon is not alone. Other big companies, such as Google, also have many educational support programs to support their workers.

Better Earnings

Well, the fact of the matter is that workers who hold a high school or equivalent degree (GED®) will make at least $ 9,600 more annually than workers without that degree. And employees with a college degree can easily double that additional amount!

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Amazon is highly committed to empowering its employees with easily accessible opportunities for training and education courses so they will be able to further their careers at Amazon or elsewhere.

Amazon says it is happy to be able to add more education partners to the company’s Career Choice program so more employees can get access to an educational pathway that will fit their abilities and passions.

Continuing Education is Key

Continuing education plays a key role in improving careers and life in general, and expectations are that many of Amazon’s employees will benefit from the company’s free college tuition initiative. Check also this post about how Amazon ECHO and ALEXA can help you get ready for the GED test.

The Career Choice program is expected to have a very positive influence on workers looking to go back to school and enhance their career options. Across America, Amazon has already partnered with more than 180 universities and colleges to provide company-funded tuition to more than 750,000 of its employees.

In addition to the colleges and universities listed above, Amazon’s Michigan employees can also benefit from online tuition-free academic programs offered by schools like National University, Southern New Hampshire University, Western Governors University, or Colorado State University-Global.

Amazon’s workers can already benefit from free college tuition under the company’s Career Choice program when they’ve been working at Amazon for at least 90 days from the time they’re hired.

Grand Valley State University and Grand Rapids Community College are thrilled to work with Amazon to improve access to higher education opportunities for the working adult community across Western Michigan. Amazon checks educational credentials, and the company actively supports its workers to get more education and, consequently, better career options.

The schools are committed to helping Amazon workers and all other students reach their full potential and discover their strengths and passions in a highly supportive educational environment.

Amazon’s Career Choice program is definitely a great help to boost Michigan’s economy and strengthen its workforce by allowing employees to gain or improve high-in-demand skills.

Across Michigan, Amazon is hiring numerous workers, and the company is actively encouraging applicants to learn more about job openings and the educational opportunities the company offers. Go to for more information.

Earn Your GED

Just keep in mind that if you work at Amazon and don’t hold a high school diploma, you’ll need your GED to get into college to benefit from this amazing Amazon initiative.

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Amazon’s Career Choice program has partnered with these Michigan schools:

  • Grand Rapids Community College-Grand Rapids
  • Grand Valley State University-Grand Rapids
  • Henry Ford College-Dearborn
  • Eastern Michigan University-Ypsilanti
  • Grand Valley State University-Allendale
  • Check here for more information on GED testing in Michigan. If you are not holding a high school or GED diploma, you won’t be able to enroll in academic college programs. So, if you don’t have a secondary education credential, get your GED fast so you may also benefit from this exciting Amazon initiative.