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Not all states continued with the GED exam. Some states decided to change to the TASC, others opted for the HiSET to test their residents on High School Equivalency level knowledge and skills. There are also states that offer you a choice of these testing methods.

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What is new in the GED

Most probably you are aware that recently some significant modifications have been made to the GED exam. In case you are planning on taking the test soon you can find a lot of information on this website. There were some pretty big changes so you will be prepared and not taken totally off guard when you show up at one of the many centers offering the official exam. The GED exam is now completely computer-based and includes four subtests can be taken (and paid for) individually within a two-year period of time.

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The GED exam

The four GED testing subject areas are Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Social Studies, Science, and Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts – including reading and writing). A lot of multiple choice questions have gone, and students’ writing skills can perfectly be measured via the required essay-style answers on the other four parts.

Although the GED exam now has to be taken on a computer, it is not available online, but please be mindful of fraudulent websites that tell you they can offer the GED tests (or the diploma) online. These sites are run by scam artists only interested in stealing your money. Documents obtained online have no value and will certainly not be accepted by schools or employers! In Early 2016, the passing score per sub-test was reduced from 150 to 145 (on a 100 – 200 scale) because studies had shown the bar was raised slightly too high.


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Requirements to pass the exam are increased and this makes sense because a large portion of the population has gained a lot more knowledge thanks to the internet and other informative channels. You can also benefit from this website’s totally free online prep classes for the GED exam.

The advent of the Internet and the more widespread access to information has necessitated the GED exam to significantly lift the bar, and computer-based test exemplifies this fact. You will no longer have the opportunity to wing the test or make educated guesses because most of the multiple-choice questions are gone, and essay style answers are requested.

Job market and the GED diploma

We can currently find over four million jobs that are not filled in the United States, and this is in large part due to the fact that there are not enough workers who have a high school diploma. At the same time, we know that there are some forty million Americans who – for whatever reason – never finished high school.

This shortfall of qualified candidates has a tremendous negative effect on our economy as a whole. By getting your own GED test diploma or certificate, you will bring yourself in the position to secure one of these decently-paying jobs. You not only will be increasing your personal income, you will work toward a better future for you and your family and help boost the economy as a whole as well. Getting your GED diploma is definitely the first and best step on the road to a far better life.

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GED Test – What New?

Just about every ten years we see an upgrade of the program to bring the GED test in line with expectations and requirements of industries and institutions of higher learning. We just now have witnessed the greatest modification to the test in its 70-year history.

In January 2014, the most significant overall change in the test’s progression took place, and the biggest change is that you no longer can take the test in paper-and-pencil format, everything needs to be done via a computer-based system. This is however not the case for HiSET and TASC programs, that in most states can be done in either format.

In the GED exam, technological advancements and other innovations were integrated to bring the exam up to par with Common Core Standards and the changed requirements and expectations of industry and colleges.