Free GED Prep At Walmart, KFC, Taco Bell

Some of America’s most important brands and employers (such as KFC, Walmart, Southeastern Grocers, and Taco Bell) now offer their employees the chance to earn a GED®, TASC, or HiSET diploma.

This will cost the workers nothing at all through the GED Works program. This program comes with free online instruction and study material, and students can use ‘ GED Adviser’ for guidance and motivation.

Applicants will also be able to connect with local GED programs and practice tests. Employees who successfully complete the GED Works program will also be educated about career options and connected with college education possibilities via, the GED program provider’s website.

The program is set up in cooperation with the developer of the GED program, GED Testing Service, a joint venture of the American Council on Education and publisher PearsonVUE. To see which of the three options are available in your state, check out this page that will lead you to your state.

By investing in the GED Works Program, American employers indicate that they understand the importance of the GED program. The GED (and also the HiSET or TASC) test credential is equivalent to a regular high school diploma, and prepares students for the contemporary employment market and allows for post-secondary education at colleges and universities.

This is actually the first time that major U.S. employers work together to reduce the number of American adults that don’t have a high school diploma or equivalency. By participating in the program, they are acknowledging the importance of this cooperation to boost our nation’s economic competitiveness.

Quite a few major U.S. employers have invested in this nationwide introduced program together with GED TS ( GED Testing Service) to enhance their employees’ education levels. By doing so, they are recognizing the many benefits the totally revised GED program offers, and that they are aware that education plays a key role in their employees’ lives.

The GED Works program provides employers with a very cost-effective way to support their employees in boosting their educational level and to achieve their goals. Employees who have earned a GED test, TASC, or HiSET diploma will definitely enhance their employment options and those who hold the diploma make on average at least $8,000 more annually than those who don’t. This website also offers free online video lessons and practice tests to help students get ready for the GED, TASC, or HiSET exam. Click on the links if you want to see how you can benefit from this free help.

The totally updated GED program offers adult learners who, for whatever reason, did not complete high school, another chance to earn a secondary education credential. The latest edition of the GED exam far better corresponds with what employers and educational institutions expect and demand of applicants, so GED test graduates have better opportunities in today’s job market and will be optimally prepared to be successful at educational programs of vocational-technical-trade schools, colleges, and universities. The HSE diploma (GED, TASC, and HiSET) is recognized and accepted just like a high school diploma by practically all American schools of higher education and employers.

By participating in the GED Works Program, Taco Bell is helping their employees to get better educated and more out of their lives. The company believes that GED Works is a great program as it offers the company’s employees all the tools and support they require to successfully pass the GED exam. They can prepare for the four GED tests (that can be taken individually within a 2-year period) on their own terms and at their own speed.

Taco Bell is participating in the program not only to develop better employees and an engaged workforce, but they also want to inspire their employees to live up to their full potential and create a better future through education. The TASC and HiSET include five tests as the literacy section includes separate reading and writing tests.

KFC is also participating in the GED Works program, and the KFC Foundation is proudly supporting the company’s employees to get everything out of their lives through education. KFC restaurant operators highly appreciate the GED Works program that helps their employees to develop and improve themselves, and also Walmart is believing that educating their employees is the key to a motivated and engaged workforce. The company is excited to be able to offer employees the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized credential and this way help their people to gain skills, advance their careers, and improve their lives.

The GED Works program is the gateway to many opportunities, and another good thing is that it is totally free for employees of partaking companies! The program is entirely funded by employers, and the only investment required from students is their time and energy to get all set to take the GED exam successfully.

Walmart has now the ‘Live Better U’ program that allows Walmart associates to gain their high school or GED diploma for free and even go back to college for just $1-a-day.

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