Can I Work At Google With A GED?

Last Updated on May 15, 2024.

“If I’d know that I can get a job in Google with a GED®, I’d pass this exam in 2 months”, said Jeremy on one of our Zoom calls.

I met Jeremy a year ago, and we talk about his lack of motivation. Now, it looks like Jeremy’s dream can come true.

Google launched professional courses that prepare people for a career in Google. These courses don’t require experience or a college degree, and they cost a fraction of a college education.

The IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, and Data Analytics Certificates cost $39 per month by subscription on Coursera. It will take you six months to prepare for the certificate.

Access to the Google Associate Android Developer Certification training is free, but there’s an official exam fee of $149.

These five courses prepare you for careers in high-demand fields: IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Android Developer.

Fast & Easy Online GED Course

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These are jobs of the future, and employees with well-rounded, specific skills are sought after.

But what’s important, for Jeremy and you, is that they do not require complicated technical skills but rather problem-solving, creative thinking, and helping people skills.

If Jeremy gets his GED and follows one of these courses, he has a real chance to get a job at Google.

Jeremy uses this website’s free online GED classes and practice tests to get started. After that, he plans to sign up for the comprehensive GED program designed by Onsego to achieve his GED diploma fast!

Google Career Certificates

Google calls these courses “Google Career Certificates.” These certificate programs are designed to help people bridge the skills gaps and earn qualifications and certifications in high-in-demand, high-paying, and high-growth employment areas with one very noteworthy feature: there’s no requirement for a college degree!

These courses are offered on Coursera, an online platform that works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in various subjects. Amazon offers a great Career Choice Program as well, and 39 Flatiron School locations participate in this initiative.

As a part of the Career Certificates Initiative, Google also offers more than 100,000 need-based Google scholarships that are offered through NPower, Merit America, Goodwill, Per Scholas, Generation USA, and Futuro Health.

So, you can contact one of these organizations and get the cost of six months of Coursera fee ($240) covered.

What’s also exciting is that Career Certificate graduates have access to jobs created thru the so-called Google Employer Consortium. This partnership consists of 130+ U.S. companies like Deloitte,, Infosys, Target, Snap Inc., Verizon, and (as you already guessed) Google.

When you have completed one of these Google Career Certificate programs, you will also have access to an engaging new job search platform that allows you to contact employers with open positions easily. Check also here to learn more about how Amazon offers free college tuition in Michigan and across the country.

Skills Gap

As, over the past year, an increasing number of digital jobs became available, it also became obvious that to fill these positions, there were some apparent skills gaps.

Instead of a more gradual shift to digital over the past years, Google witnessed a much more rapid change in the last year due to the pandemic. But of course, the next generation doesn’t naturally command the skills required for these jobs.

Google saw a huge number of unfilled positions, and most jobs were positions in tech, but there was an enormous supply mismatch. Yet many young people were very hungry to fill these positions. So at Google, they asked themselves, ‘Why is there such a big gap?’

They found that one of the reasons was that not every student has access to a 4-year college or university degree, often because of socioeconomic circumstances or other factors, and for your resume, it doesn’t matter that you have a GED rather than a regular high school degree. The qualifications are equivalent for employers and schools.

Google found out that the company’s “IT Support Professional Certificate” program, launched in 2018 by Google on Coursera, enrolled a very high percentage of participants from nontraditional backgrounds.

Almost half of the students in this program, in addition to not holding a college degree, reported they came from America’s lowest-income backgrounds with annual incomes of $30,000 or less.

Many of them had not completed their regular high school curricula but, instead, had earned an equivalent GED degree. You can learn more about the GED exam and how to register for the GED exam here.

Can You Work in Google with a GED?

So, the company started to develop educational programs that would teach real-world skills for in-demand employment fields that would be available to as many applicants as possible.

Many GED graduates don’t have the resources to complete a 4-year university or college degree, so Google’s new courses offer GED holders an excellent opportunity to earn a certificate and apply for a job with Google. And the great thing is that you can get certified and qualify for a Google job at a fraction of what a college degree would set you back!

Google’s new programs should provide a clear path to high-paying jobs and stable careers and even function as a stepping stone for people looking to start their own businesses. This is a fine way to demonstrate your academic achievement without going to college for several years.

So Google creates economic opportunities for everyone as it continues to develop plans based on the Career Certification Programs. So why not get your GED fast and apply to one of Google’s new online courses?

Google’s Career Certificate Programs are available on Coursera, the online platform that works with organizations such as Google and colleges and universities to offer educational courses, certificate programs, and degree programs. Applicants have to enroll with the Coursera platform to benefit from Google’s new programs.

These new programs offer many job seekers a fast track to learning new skills and getting a new job instead of having to go through a 4-year degree program.

But beware, these courses are in no way a walk in the park. To earn a certificate, students must pass some pretty rigorous assessments, which will guarantee they’re fit to do the job. When you know you have test anxiety and that this may cause some problems for you, check out this manual about how to beat test anxiety.

Google’s Criteria

So in 2018, Google launched its first Certificate Program on Coursera named the “IT Support Professional Certificate” program, and this program is available as well to GED graduates.

This program rapidly became the number-1 certificate program on Coursera, and more than 80 of the graduates from this program said the program helped them immensely to advance their careers or job searches within six months. All of them reported getting pay raises, finding better jobs, or even starting their own new businesses.

So when Google started to develop the company’s next programs, it stuck to some pretty strict criteria. All new programs needed to:

  • Provide a great pathway to high-demand positions with high-entry income levels.
  • All programs must be in a professional field within Google’s expertise.
  • The programs must be taught in online formats.

Google’s new courses tick all of these boxes. Google claims that the average annual income level for positions associated with the company’s new courses is between $75K (for UX designers) to $93K (for project managers).