GED Diploma vs High School Diploma?

Is High School Diploma better than GED Diploma? It depends. GED Diploma is accepted by many schools and employers as an equivalent to a high school diploma.

To pass the GED test, you need to have a sophisticated level of knowledge of Math, Social Studies, and Science.

The whole test lasts about 7 hours, but it can be divided into smaller modules.

So, you might say that getting the GED Diploma saves a few years of high school education.

Like everything else in life, nothing is that simple.

There are a few pre-requisites and other considerations.

  • GED Test pre-requisites include a minimum age of 16 ( in the most states)
  • School Enrollment Status  (most states require that you be officially withdrawn from school)
  • Residency: Some states require that you live in the state to take the exam there

Unfortunately, there is also a stigma associated with the GED Diploma. It’s not fair, because, nowadays, there are many successful people who are GED graduates. Here is a long list successful people with a GED Diploma.

Nevertheless, some colleges and employees have expressed opinions that High School Diploma Holders are more persistent, motivated and more reliable than GED Diploma Holders.

Some employees fear that students who didn’t finish their high school education will show irresponsible behavior on the work floor. It sounds ridiculous but yet it is still a factor many employers take into account when deciding on hiring new workers.

Also, keep in mind that as a High School Diploma holder your earnings potential is higher, you will earn more than as a GED Diploma holder.

It’s not always the truth, but it happens often enough.

So you if you are still in High school and consider dropping out, we would like to encourage you to stay and get your High School Diploma.

However, if have left high school you should do everything you can to get your GED Diploma. By earning your GED certificate, you are in the good company of GED graduates.

The latest version of the GED  test is in line with college expectations and industry requirements. Here are  a few links that will help you to get ready for the GED Test:

Holders of the GED diploma are as well-educated as regular high school graduates, but it will take time before the stigmas connected with the GED credential will have disappeared.

The existing stigmas are accounting only partly for the pretty substantial earnings difference between high school graduates and GED diploma holders.

The differences may be stunning, and there are quite a few educational institutions that have the outspoken opinion that TASC, HiSET or GED test recipients.

They say, GED graduates often lacked a few years of partaking in social high school life, cannot be as well-educated and shaped as those who enjoyed four years of robust and full-time high school life.

According to these schools, high school graduates received a thorough secondary education not only on knowledge, but also on building social, communication, and community skills.

These schools (and maybe some employers as well) feel that taking four tests over possibly a 2-year period, cannot compare to high school education.

Is it true? Who knows. One thing is certain, if you don’t have a high school credential, please take some time to get ready for the GED test and get your GED Diploma as soon as possible.


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