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Here you can calculate the total fee of the GED test in your state. The price of the GED exam varies from $0 to $40 per subject and there are also additional costs if you take the GED test online.

These costs are not included in the official information, but they are indirectly connected.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t need to take all 4 subject tests at once. Your GED test score will not expire in most states until a new version of the GED test will be introduced so you take one test per month or even per year.

Only in New Mexico, you are required to complete the four GED modules within a 3-year time frame.

How to use this GED cost calculator

First, choose the state where you want to (or need to) take your GED test. Then decide if you want to take a GED test online or at a traditional testing center.

If you choose online testing, you will need to take the GED Ready practice test for each of the four modules.

This practice test costs $6 per subject and you need to score in the “green” (“likely to pass”) zone before you can take the GED exam online.

This means that the cost of taking the GED exam raises an additional $6 per subject. There is also the possibility that you will need to repeat the GED Ready test, so keep it in mind.

Our calculator gives you the price per subject and then, you can specify how many GED subjects (1-4) you need to pass to get the total price.

GED test cost calculator

As you see, you get a different price indication depending on the state where you live and want to/need to take the exam. Obviously, students who want to take the online test need to add an extra $24 but if you compare it with the costs of traveling to a traditional testing center, this seems a relatively small amount.

States without the GED test

Some states offer different exams instead of the GED test. These exams are the HiSET and TASC exams. Passing any of these three (GED, HiSET, and TASC) exams gives you a High School Equivalency Diploma. This diploma has the same value as a regular high school diploma, so you can use it for getting into college or trade/vocational school.

These states do NOT offer the GED test, but they offer alternative exams:

  • Indiana – HiSET (no GED)
  • Iowa – HiSET (no GED)
  • Louisiana – HiSET (no GED)
  • Maine – HiSET (no GED)
  • Missouri – HiSET (no GED)
  • Montana – HiSET (no GED)
  • New Hampshire – HiSET (no GED)
  • New York – TASC (no GED)
  • Tennessee – HISET (no GED)
  • West Virginia – TASC (from Sept. 1, 2021: HiSET (no GED)

Free GED test

One state, Connecticut, offers free GED testing for applicants under 21 and veterans. All others pay $13 for the entire GED battery. To qualify for free testing, students need to provide proof of Connecticut residency for at least 30 days.

Proof of residency is an official document that shows the student’s address such as a bank statement, a utility bill (phone, water, gas), voter registration card, etc.

Taking the GED test in a different state

Many students ask us if they can take the online GED test in another state than the state where they live. The answer is that it depends on your state. Some states require proof of residency from GED candidates, others do not.

For example, GED candidates in Maryland are required to present proof of residency but in Idaho, it’s not needed. Both states offer online testing possibilities but in Maryland, the price of the GED test is subsidized by the state and it’s just $11.25 per subject, while in Idaho students need to pay $30 per subject.

Practically all states that require residency have the same policies. It has to be a document that mentions a student’s name and the address in that particular state. The most popular documents shown as proof of residency are bank statements and phone bills.

GED retests and costs

In case if students don’t pass a GED subtest, they can retake that test.

The first two retakes on each GED module are offered at reduced rates. GED Testing Service will waive the fee ($20 ) but, in general, a testing site fee is due (often $10 per subtest). So, students can receive 8 free (2 for each subject) or reduced-price retakes but they need to attempt to take these retakes within a year since the first (failed) exam.

Please bear in mind that this retake policy doesn’t apply to online testing! This only counts for tests taken at traditional testing centers.

GED test prep

It’s also important to remember that you should think about the cost of GED preparation. Almost every student needs some form of preparation.

You can use free online resources such as this website, Khan Academy, or YouTube videos, and there are also plenty of great premium GED prep courses such as GED Academy or Covcel available at modest fees. And, of course, you can also sign up for a traditional prep class offered by many schools and organizations.

Many students also buy books. The most popular GED prep book is Kaplan GED test prep. If you have a library card, you can borrow this book from your local library.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are well prepared before taking the GED test.

GED test alternatives

10 states do not offer the GED test. Instead, these states utilize the HiSET and/or TASC exams. These assessments are other options that deliver the same result.

Similar to the GED test, students who successfully complete one of these 2 alternative exams also receive their Hight School Equivalency (HSE) diplomas.

The TASC exam is the least popular of these three HSE exams. Only three states offer TASC: New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia (the will transition to the HiSET exam per September 1, 2021).

Only one state, New Jersey, offers all 3 exams: GED, HiSET, and TASC.

Residents of New York and West Virginia who want to secure a High Scool Equivalency diploma can take only the TASC test. This test is subsidized by their states and it’s free to their residents.

Price list of all High School Equivalency Tests by state

An increasing number of states use multiple options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing. For the situation in your state, check out this page.

Here is an overview of what states use and the cost for the full exam. The HiSET exam has different fees for computer-based and paper-formatted testing.

  • Alabama: GED ($120)
  • Alaska: GED ($120)
  • Arizona: GED ($140)
  • Arkansas: GED ($16)
  • California: GED ($140), HiSET ($100-$140)
  • Colorado: GED ($150), HiSET ($141.25-$162.50)
  • Connecticut: GED ($13.00; under 21 and veterans free)
  • Delaware: GED ($120)
  • District of Columbia: GED ($15)
  • Florida: GED ($128)
  • Georgia: GED ($160), HiSET ($133.75 computer-based, $181.25 paper-based)
  • Hawaii: GED ($150), HiSET (NA)
  • Idaho: GED ($120)
  • Illinois: GED ($120), HiSET ($93.75-$115) (Discounted rates available)
  • Indiana: HiSET, $115 computer-based)
  • Iowa: HiSET ($53.75 computer-based, $75 paper-based)
  • Kansas: GED ($132)
  • Kentucky: GED ($120, first-time testers no cost)
  • Louisiana: HiSET ($83.75-$95)
  • Maine: HiSET (free)
  • Maryland: GED ($45)
  • Massachusetts: GED ($125), HiSET ($103.75-$125)
  • Michigan: GED ($150), HiSET ($118.75-$133)
  • Minnesota: GED ($120)
  • Mississippi: GED ($120), HiSET ($88.75-$110)
  • Missouri: HiSET ($98.75-$120, first-time testers free)
  • Montana: HiSET ($78.75-$100)
  • Nebraska: GED ($120)
  • Nevada: GED ($95), HiSET ($78.75-$100)
  • New Hampshire: HiSET ($125)
  • New Jersey: GED ($120), HiSET ($103.75-$191.75, TASC ($106)
  • New Mexico: GED ($80), HiSET ($53.75-$75)
  • New York State: TASC (free)
  • North Carolina: GED ($80), HiSET (53.75-$75)
  • North Dakota: GED ($120)
  • Ohio: GED ($120), HiSET ($93.75-$115) – First-time testers pay less
  • Oklahoma: GED ($136), HiSET ($91.25-$112.50)
  • Oregon: GED ($152)
  • Pennsylvania: GED ($120), HiSET ($93.75-$115)
  • Rhode Island: GED ($120)
  • South Carolina: GED ($150)
  • South Dakota: GED ($130)
  • Tennessee: HiSET ($78.75-$100)
  • Texas: GED ($145), HiSET (128.75-$150)
  • Utah: GED ($120)
  • Vermont: GED ($120)
  • Virginia: GED ($120)
  • Washington: GED ($120)
  • West Virginia: TASC (free)
  • Wisconsin: GED ($135)
  • Wyoming: GED ($80), HiSET ($53.75-$75)


The price of the GED test depends on the state. Some states mitigate the costs of the exam for their residents, others require students to pay the full price. It’s worth remembering that the GED test is one of several HSE exams and in some states, students can choose the alternative test: HiSET or TASC.

Financial obstacles are a big factor when it comes to making decisions and they undoubtedly alter the thinking of many people, especially for those who do not have a stable job. So, make sure you are well-informed, use our GED cost calculator to find out how much do you need to spend on taking the GED test. One thing is certain, taking the GED test and earning your HSE diploma is worth it.


Last Updated on July 14, 2021.

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