GED Test Cost By State

In most states, the cost to take the four GED® subtests is $120 for the entire battery or $30 per test module. Registration and paying for the four tests (one at a time if wished) must be done online.

The GED exam is one of three available high school equivalency tests in the U.S. The other two options are the HiSET® and TASC™ exams. In general, these options are slightly cheaper than the GED exam.

The GED and HiSET exams can be taken in-person at state-approved testing centers or in an online format.

Free GED test

There are four states that offer GED, TASC, or HiSET testing at no cost at all to state residents: Connecticut, Maine, New York, and West Virginia.

Kentucky and Missouri offer also the GED and the HiSET respectively for free but only for first-time testers. First-time test-takers in Ohio receive considerable discounts for their GED, TASC, or HiSET exams.

In Connecticut, the GED (General Education Development) is used; Maine uses the HiSET (High School Equivalency) exam; New York and West Virginia use the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) exam. In Connecticut, GED testing is free for test-takers under 21 and veterans.

The GED is made up of four modules (Language, Science, Math, and Social Studies). The TASC and HiSET exams contain five test modules (separate writing and reading tests). All subject tests are individual modules that may be taken separately.

States that offer GED, TASC, or HiSET testing at no cost or a reduced rate generally offer the high school equivalency test, understandably, only to state residents. For information about how long the GED test is, go to this page.

In Maine, however, non-residents may take the HiSET exam as well but the cost is $45 per subtest. Non-Maine resident testers will receive two free retests per module but a $15 fee for the test center applies. For Maine residents, there is no retesting fee.

Then we have some states that pick up the tab for GED testing partially: Arkansas, where the GED exam costs $16 in total ($4 per module); Maryland, where the GED exam costs $45 overall ($11.25 per module); and in Washington D.C., the GED exam costs $15 for the full GED exam ($3.75 per module). Check out these free video lessons to get all set effectively.

Cost of retests

The first two GED retests on each module are offered at a reduced rate. GED Testing Service waives the $20 fee but, in general, a testing site fee is due (often $10 per subtest). In states where GED testing is free, retakes are free as well. Free practice tests are also available on this website to get you well-prepared for the GED exam fast.

The HiSET and TASC exams also include two free retakes per testing module but testing center fees may vary by location. Please check with your testing site.

How much does it cost to take the GED test in my state?

An increasing number of states use multiple options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing. For the situation in your state, check out this page.

Here is an overview of what states use and the cost for the full exam. The HiSET exam has different fees for computer-based and paper-formatted testing.

  • Alabama: GED ($120)
  • Alaska: GED ($120)
  • Arizona: GED ($120)
  • Arkansas: GED ($16)
  • California: GED ($140), HiSET ($100-$140)
  • Colorado: GED ($150), HiSET ($141.25-$162.50)
  • Connecticut: GED ($13.00; under 21 and veterans free)
  • Delaware: GED ($120)
  • District of Columbia: GED ($15)
  • Florida: GED ($128)
  • Georgia: GED ($160), HiSET ($133.75 computer-based, $181,25 paper-based)
  • Hawaii: GED ($150), HiSET (NA)
  • Idaho: GED ($120)
  • Illinois: GED ($120), HiSET ($93.75-$115) (Discounted rates available)
  • Indiana: TASC ($90)
  • Iowa: HiSET ($53.75 computer-based, $75 paper-based)
  • Kansas: GED ($132)
  • Kentucky: GED ($120, first-time testers no cost)
  • Louisiana: HiSET ($83.75-$95)
  • Maine: HiSET (free)
  • Maryland: GED ($45)
  • Massachusetts: GED ($125), HiSET ($103.75-$125)
  • Michigan: GED ($150), HiSET ($118.75-$133)
  • Minnesota: GED ($120)
  • Mississippi: GED ($120), HiSET ($88.75-$110)
  • Missouri: HiSET ($98.75-$120, first-time testers free)
  • Montana: HiSET ($78.75-$100)
  • Nebraska: GED ($120)
  • Nevada: GED ($95), HiSET ($78.75-$100)
  • New Hampshire: HiSET ($125)
  • New Jersey: GED ($120), HiSET ($103.75-$191.75, TASC ($106)
  • New Mexico: GED ($80), HiSET ($53.75-$75)
  • New York State: TASC (free)
  • North Carolina: GED ($80), HiSET (53.75-$75)
  • North Dakota: GED ($120)
  • Ohio: GED ($120), HiSET ($93.75-$115)
  • Oklahoma: GED ($136), HiSET ($91.25-$112.50)
  • Oregon: GED ($152)
  • Pennsylvania: GED ($120), HiSET ($93.75-$115)
  • Rhode Island: GED ($120)
  • South Carolina: GED ($150)
  • South Dakota: GED ($130)
  • Tennessee: HiSET ($78.75-$100)
  • Texas: GED ($145), HiSET (128.75-$150)
  • Utah: GED ($120)
  • Vermont: GED ($120)
  • Virginia: GED ($120)
  • Washington: GED ($120)
  • West Virginia: TASC (free)
  • Wisconsin: GED ($135)
  • Wyoming: GED ($80), HiSET ($53.75-$75)

GED price summary

So, in conclusion, we can say that, although prices vary by state, the average price for the entire GED exam (four subtests or modules) is around $120.

You can pay for and take one module at a time and this also counts for the five HiSET and five TASC modules. There’s no need to pay upfront for the exams. Prepare for one or more modules, pay for what you take, and move ahead to the next section(s). 


Last Updated on April 12, 2021.

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