GED Practice Test for Each Subject

These GED Practice Tests can get you ready for the real GED® test in a few weeks. They are updated for a 2018-2019 school year and contain practice questions in 4 GED subjects.

It sounds great, right? Inside you’ll find free GED practice questions that will prepare you to pass the GED Test in no time.

These 186 sample GED Tests include answers and explanations and they don’t cost you any money. You get everything to practice for your GED Test for free.

These GED practice questions include Math, Science, Social Studies, and RLA sample problems.

They help you recall content, develop your time management and pacing skills. These practice tests are highly efficient tools to detect your strengths and weaknesses.

So choose a GED subject below to start learning. You don’t need to sign up and give your email address.
Everything is free, just you stay motivated and before you know you will be ready for your GED Test.

There’s a huge difference between passive studying and active test-taking because taking practice tests will put your knowledge into action.

These tests also help you gauge your progress and identify which areas you need to focus more on.

On the official GED® test, you have just 2.3 minutes to answer each GED question. That is real pressure. Practice under the same pressure and increase your confidence. We have GED practice tests with 10, 15, 25, and 50 questions. Our practice tests with a timer will build your confidence and your time management skills.

GED Practice Test with Timer

Are you ready for more? Choose longer practice tests for one of the GED subjects with a timer. These longer practice tests will help you prepare for the real GED test.

Make sure to score your tests and understand the answer explanations. If you make a mistake or don’t know a question, you should write that one down in a notebook so you can go back to it and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

GED Practice Test is ImportantGED Practice Tests

  • Practice tests are great to identify what knowledge gaps you have but that you hadn’t expected. This experience will help you make strategic decisions about which subject lessons you need to focus on.
  • Practice tests are highly effective tools to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you manage to use the provided information in a wise way, you will be able to create your personal, efficient study plan.
  • Practice tests will give you the best “real test” experience if you simulate the testing conditions you’ll encounter on test day. On Social Studies, for example, give yourself exactly 70 minutes, no more, no less, and sit in a quiet space with few distractions.

After all your studying, you want to make sure you’ll be able to get to all the questions and answer them thoroughly in the hour you’ll be given.

Improve Your GED Test Score with our Free GED Online Classes

Our GED Online Prep offers you free video lessons that contain a short video, text, and a mini-practice test (that’s like a game). Click here to check our free online classes.

Test-taking Strategies

If your goal is to pass the GED, then you need to learn about test-taking strategies. Understanding the structure of the GED tests and learning basic test-taking techniques will increase your self-confidence and increase your chances to pass the test.

Try to find the correct answer first, but if you don’t know it, use your eliminating or/and guessing strategies. Choose the one best answer to each question, says, Chris from Covcell (Decoding the GED).

If you manage to use the provided information in a wise way, you will be able to create your efficient study plan.

What is GED Online?

GED Online refers to preparing for the GED® test using GED online classes and practice tests. GED Online allows you to prepare for the GED® test by using online classes and practice tests.

You don’t need to go back to school to get ready for the GED test. But you need the proper resources if you don’t want to fail a bunch of times. You can read in details about GED online prep here.

How to Prepare  for the GED test

Preparation is essential for every test, but now with the new GED test, HiSET, and TASC programs, the bar has been raised, and it has become more important than ever before.  When you feel ready to take on one of the four GED tests (or one of the five HiSET or TASC subtests), you really should take some practice tests to identify which areas you need to focus on most. You can our use online (free) GED resources to prepare for the GED test. No need to worry about going for GED lessons in a physical classroom.

During online GED classes, students study independently for GED-related subjects, as developed by qualified instructors. They are all nicely designed, use the best and latest technology, and are engaging and stimulating. To participate in GED online classes, all you need is a computer and access to the internet.

These practice tests are not related to the Official GED Practice Test™ produced and distributed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and GED Testing Service. ACE and GED Testing Service LLC have not approved, authorized, endorsed, been involved in the development of, or licensed the substantive content of these practice tests.

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