What’s The Best GED Program?

Students who look for the best GED program want to have some kind of guarantee that their efforts will bring results. That’s understandable, and we have answers to this question.

First of all, let’s clarify when you need the GED program. Most students who want to pass the GED® test but don’t want to go back to school look for a self-paced GED study program.

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There are free programs, premium, and also programs offered by schools in combination with instructor supervision.

Free programs are usually a good solution if you have just started preparing for the GED test. They help you to check your motivation and determination.

If you start learning and it goes well, but you miss access to the full GED test syllabus, it might be a sign that you need to find a paid GED program.

The other important feature of the paid GED programs is the possibility of tracking your progress. This feature comes with the course dashboard and allows you to appraise your own progress.

What Is The Best GED Online Program?

GED Academy and Onsego’s GED Prep Course are popular choices for many students looking for comprehensive GED instruction. Both programs include short video lessons and a lot of practice tests.

Online GED classes- Simple, Fast & Easy.
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If you are looking for free online programs, Khan Academy and BestGEDClasses are good choices.

Many students also use various YouTube videos or the Kaplan book to learn about specific topics and then purchase GED Flash for practice tests. GED Flash can be bought for just one GED subject and includes only practice tests.

You can also check the GED Marketplace at GED.com for more GED programs.

How Can I Study For The GED At Home?

To study for the GED test at home, you need to know what to learn. So it is good that you can easily access all our free lessons. The most popular way of studying at home is following online GED classes.

Here are some tips that help you to study for the GED test at home effectively:

  • Choose the subject you think is easiest for you, for example, Language Arts or Social Studies.
  • Prepare for one GED subject test at a time.
  • Follow the lesson plan for that GED subject.
  • Study at least for 30 minutes, two times a week.
  • Take at least 2-3 video lessons each time.
  • Take the 2-3 short practice tests included in the lesson.
  • Award yourself every week to stay motivated.
  • Before you sign up for a GED test, take a GED Ready® practice test.
  • Rinse and repeat with the next GED subject.

How Long Should I Study For My GED?

You should study for the GED test until you score in a green zone on the GED Ready practice test.

Some students get this score within 1-2 months after studying for the test. Others need 3-6 months per subject. Be patient with yourself; it takes what it takes. What counts is the positive result in the form of a GED diploma.

Can I Get My GED Online?

Yes, you can get your GED degree online. GED Testing Service offers the online proctored (O.P.) GED test. This way of taking the GED test is quite popular, but there are some slightly different requirements.

For example, you can only sign up for the online proctored test if you score in the “green zone” on the GED Ready practice test. To read more, check The online proctored GED test.

Do You Have To Pay For The GED Test?

Yes, in general, you need to pay about $36 for each GED subject test, so in total, it costs about $144 for all four subjects. Some states subsidize the cost of GED testing partly or fully, and in some states, the cost is higher. The online GED test will set you back $24 more because you are required to buy and reach passing scores on four GED Ready practice tests ($6.99 each).

Also, some health insurance companies offer to pay for the test. You can learn more in this post about free GED testing options across America.

Can I Study For My GED Free Online?

Yes, there are a lot of options for preparing for the GED test for free. There are free online classes and free practice tests available.

How many lessons are free?

BestGEDClasses publishes 146 free online GED lessons, and there are 85 free practice tests. These classes help you get started with your GED prep. If you need more time, you can continue your learning by joining Onsego GED Prep.

How Effective Are Online GED Classes?

For some adults, the idea of returning to a school site is appealing and exciting; for others, it’s a nightmare.

Most people who would like to continue their education and obtain their GED certificates have jobs, families, and other commitments.

If adding regular studying time is almost impossible for you, then online GED classes are the right solution for you.

Online learning can be done anywhere—from the comfort of your own home or at the office at lunchtime to anywhere that suits you best.

Further, there is no set schedule that must be followed, and you’ll have no commuting expenses to and from class.

Will Online GED Prep Help You?

What makes our GED course particularly helpful is that it creates engagement and excitement—something necessary to ensure that students continue in any endeavor.

Through interactive materials, engaging videos, and clear explanations—coupled with some test-taking strategies and practice tests—our classes have proven to be at the forefront of contemporary online GED test preparation sources.

Additionally, our study materials can easily be used to get ready for the HiSET high school equivalency (HSE) assessment as well.

So, when you are all set to take the plunge and acquire your High School Equivalency credential, our free online GED course is a great way to go, a fantastic opportunity to get on with your education at no cost.

After passing the exam, GED graduates will be awarded their high school equivalence diploma or certificate from their states. GED holders make, on average, at least $9,500 more annually than non-GED holders.

The GED diploma allows for a college education, which will lead to improved career paths and a better life overall.

What Is The Best Way To Learn?

Learning as an adult is different than when you are in high school. When you start real life, you need to apply different methods for learning. The traditional “high school methods” take time, and time is precious, especially when you need to pass the GED test.

So, for GED students that are able to study independently, a good and accredited online course may well be the best way to learn. If you need guidance, however, learning under the supervision of an instructor might be the way to go.