GED Test – Manual For Beating Test Anxiety

Last Updated on May 14, 2024.

Taking the GED test is stressful, so we created this manual to help you beat your test anxiety, which can sabotage your chances.

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Feeling stressed out is normal. You are taking an exam, and the results will influence your future. If you’ve got test anxiety, you are not alone.

Relax. We will show you how to manage it. The best way to beat test anxiety is to know exactly what you can expect, so let’s show you, step by step, what will happen on GED test day.

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The GED Testing Center

When you sign up for the GED test (or one of the subtests), you can choose the GED testing location and the time of the test.

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled test time. If you arrive too late at your appointment, you may not be admitted and lose your fee.

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When you arrive, you will need to check in and show your identification.

GED Testing Service requires a government-issued form of ID (State ID, Passport, Driver’s license, etc.) that has not expired and includes your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Signature
  • Photograph

Again, it’s important that the name you registered with matches the name on your ID. If it doesn’t, you will not be admitted to the test and may lose your fee.

Your state may also have separate identification requirements to prove residency. Check with your state before the testing day so you know what you need to bring.

GED Testing Room

You will be given three erasable note boards and a marker to take into the testing room. Aside from that, there is very little else you can bring with you.

The rules vary by state, so you should check with your testing center for a complete list of prohibited items. Don’t also forget that you can take the GED modules multiple times, and if you fail a GED subtest, you can retake that part twice at a reduced rate.

In most cases, no personal belongings are allowed at all. This includes things like book bags, purses, wallets, hats, heavy coats, food, gum, tobacco, and more.

One sure thing is that, in every state, cell phones are strictly prohibited. If you are caught with a phone, you will be escorted from the room, and your test will not be scored.

If that happens, you will need to reschedule another test and pay a new fee. You will not receive a refund if you’re removed from a test.

Most testing centers will have storage available, but it will be limited. You need to arrive early if you want to use it. However, it’s best to leave any prohibited items in your vehicle (or at home) to prevent any delays in getting into the testing room.

You are allowed to use a calculator on specific portions of the math, science, and social studies tests. An on-screen calculator will appear for the appropriate questions, but if you feel more comfortable using a handheld device, you can bring one.

The only model allowed is the TI-30XS Multiview GED Scientific Calculator. If you bring one, the testing center staff will advise exactly where you need to store it and when you can retrieve it for use in the approved sections.

Taking The GED Test

The test is taken entirely on a computer. Once you are granted access to the testing room, you will be assigned a computer workstation. The testing center staff will instruct you on how to log onto the system. When you do, the appropriate test will automatically load.

There are four individual GED modules, or subtests, that may be completed separately. The testing fields are Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning through Language Arts. More information about what’s on the GED test is available <- on this page. The tests are generally offered in English and Spanish.

Everyone’s test begins at the same time. Once the test starts, you cannot leave the room for any reason. If you do, you will not be allowed back in, and your test will not be scored.

If you did place personal items in storage, scheduled breaks and lunches are the only times you will be able to access them. For free GED Reading practice tests, <- check out this post.

After The GED Test

Because the testing is computerized, your scores are calculated on the same day. They are generally available within three hours of taking an exam. You will receive an email when they’re ready, and you can view them under the “My Scores” tab on your MyGED page.

Rather than just listing your results, your score is presented in an “Enhanced Score Report.” The report breaks down your numerical score, highlights what you did well on the test, and points out what you need to work on if you didn’t get the results you wanted. Check here to learn more about -> what happens after you get your GED.

GED Scores

You need to get a minimum score of 145 out of 200 on each of the four tests to pass and receive your GED credential. Higher scores can earn you special honors along with your certificate. The scoring breakdown is as follows:

100-144: Below passing score. 145-164: High School Equivalency score. 165-174: College-ready score. 175-200: College-ready PLUS college credit score.

If you didn’t pass the test, your Enhanced Score Report gives you a personalized study plan you can use to improve your score on a retake.

Your state may impose a waiting period between tests in the same subject, but in most cases, you can retake a test right away. You will need to schedule a retake the same way you scheduled your original test.

For every subject that you buy but don’t pass on your first try, GED Testing Service will give you $26 off your next two retakes, but this doesn’t count for online testing. Your state may give you an additional discount as well, so be sure to check the specifics in your area.

After you take a subject test three times, you must wait 60 days before retesting again (in most states).

Beating GED Test Anxiety

Stanley H. Kaplan said, “Repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success.” And this is the essence of beating test anxiety. If you are familiar with the content and you know what you can expect, you will feel confident, and it will lead to your success.

And please, as we said so many times before, take a number of GED practice tests to understand your academic knowledge level before you sign up for the GED exam. This will not only help you avoid disappointment but also save you lots of time and money.

Keep this in mind, and you will pass the GED (General Education Development) test without any problems. Students can register for an often free support program at a local community learning or career center, and many public colleges offer adult education programs at no cost as well. You may request more information at an official testing center, as they also offer student support.

To schedule your test, you should create your account on the MyGED portal. Then, you will also learn all about admissions, academic college courses, how to receive a transcript or transcripts, and also check our website’s directory to see how you can apply for a good job and to inform employers about your skills.