Can I Retake the GED Test for Better Scores?

Last Updated on June 20, 2024.

Most states allow you to retake (parts of) the GED exam to achieve higher scores. Higher scores might get you into your dream college easier, but there are a few rules you must adhere to when you want to retake portions of the GED test that you have already passed.

To retake a GED subtest you already passed, you must have approval from GED Testing Service. You must first submit an email and clearly explain the reasons why you want to take a certain subtest or multiple subtests again.

Your email request must be sent to When your request is approved, GED Testing Service will notify you by email, including instructions on how to schedule your retakes.

Discounted retake fees do NOT apply to portions of the GED exam that you already passed. Discounted rates only apply to those sections that you did not pass yet.

On the other hand, for students looking to earn their GED to get a better-paying job or advance in their current position, just having a GED will usually be sufficient. For these students, going after higher scores might be a waste of time.

GED College-Ready Scores

More and more colleges and universities are accepting GED graduates with College-Ready scores without requiring them to take remedial coursework or take the SAT or ACT test before allowing them to register for their academic programs.

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Reaching GED College-Ready scores is an impressive achievement, and being exempt from having to take remedial classes will save money and time. So, let’s see how your GED results are scored:

Your GED results are scored on a 100-200 scale. The passing score on each module is 145. Scores in the 100-145 range are below-passing results. There are three GED passing score categories:

  • High school equivalent category: 145-164
  • College-Ready category: 165-174
  • College-Ready PLUS College Credit category: 175 – 200 (the number of credit hours depends on the GED subject and the college if they accept these scores)

GED College-Ready

Students looking to further their education in college might retake one or more of the GED modules to boost their scores and reach GED College-Ready scores.

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