GED Ready-How to optimize it

The GED Ready practice test is the only test that will predict your readiness for the real GED® test.

GED Ready™ is the official practice test developed by GED Testing Service that will assess if a test-taker will be successful or not on the real GED test.

As the GED test consists of four separate and independent modules or sub-tests, there are four GED Ready tests.

You can buy GED Ready Vouchers that are good for one of these four official practice tests.

So what is the GED Ready™ Practice Test?

The GED Ready™ practice test is the only official practice test to indicate an applicant’s readiness to be successful or not.

The latest version (the 2014 series) of the GED test that was rolled out across the United States at the beginning of 2014.

The GED Ready™ test was designed by the same organization that developed the real GED test but it is only about half as long as the actual GED test itself.

This is the only practice test developed to let you know instantly whether you are will likely pass the real thing or not.

If the result is that you are not ready for GED testing, the GED Ready™ test will give you clear instructions as well about what you should focus on next.

The questions on the practice tests are exactly the same as on the real GED test, so it also instructs you about how to get all set on the testing day. The GED Ready™ tests cost $6.00 per individual GED subject test.

There are four separate GED subtests that (in most states) must be successfully taken within a two-year time frame.  The testing fields are Mathematical Reasoning (Math), Reasoning through Language Arts (or Literacy), Science, and Social Studies. More information about what GED stands for can be found here.

The passing score on each GED sub-test is 145 out of a possible 200. Scoring occurs on a scale that runs from 100 to 200 points.

Can I take the GED Ready™ test at home?

Yes, you can, but the practice test must be taken on a computer and is not available on mobile devices. On the Math portion, you will need a suitable calculator like the TI 30XS.

On the GED Ready™ Math test, there is no on-screen calculator provided like on the real GED test where students are required to use the built-in on-screen calculator.What is GED Ready test

Quite a few Adult Education centers are offering free GED Ready practice tests on a regular basis so please check with your local prep sites for special offerings.

Please remember that the GED Ready™ test is the only practice test that will gauge how well you will do on the real GED test. For information about the GED passing score and the scoring system, check out this post.

The GED Ready™ test is a great opportunity for adults who, for whatever reason, never completed their high school education and who are thinking about earning their GED diploma but still have to decide about it.

Students who score “Likely to Pass” on the GED Ready test now know practically for sure that they won’t need any further instruction. They can sign up for that section of the real GED test confidently!

You need to create your personal account at the portal MyGED on the website Here you can buy the GED Ready vouchers and register for the real GED subtests. Everything is done very efficiently online except taking the official GED tests! GED testing must be done at a state-approved GED testing center as there is NO online GED testing option!

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