Magical Powers Of GED Ready

Last Updated on April 10, 2024.

The GED Ready practice test is the only test that will predict your readiness for the real GED® test.

It also has features that identify your skill gaps, and it gives you a precise list of lessons to learn, and helps you improve your score quickly.

Many students miss out on these possibilities because they skip this very important step.

You can also get access to GED online classes for free through our website, where 100 Onsego lessons await to guide you toward your diploma.

So here, we’ll take a look at how to unleash the magical powers of the GED Ready® practice tests. These powers come from the so-called “Enhanced Score Report.”

Here is how it works.

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GED Ready Enhanced Score Report

When you’ve taken the GED Ready practice test, you’ll receive your Enhanced Score Report at

This score report is a very valuable source of information because it shows what exactly you need to do to improve your score.

To make the most of it, you need to connect your report with the learning materials; after that, the report will show you exactly what you need to learn to improve your score.

So, let’s take a look at how it works.

  • Take a GED Ready Practice Test. To receive a score report, you have to take the GED Ready test first.
  • Check your score. After completing this practice test, in 30 minutes, you can see your scores. Go to your account and click on “My scores” in the top menu.
  • Customize your report. On this page, first, you see your score, and below it, you see a suggestion to link your learning materials. This part is crucial: click on the link and choose the course you follow. For me, it’s Onsego.

Now, here is where the magic happens. The part of the report called “Your Skills to Improve Checklist” is now linked to Onsego lessons. In my case, I knew exactly what I needed to learn in order to improve my scores!

I could print this report and went back to my Onsego account to find these lessons and quizzes. I didn’t need to guess what to learn or start all over again. Because I had the ambitious goal of getting a College Ready score, I took the suggested lessons and prepared myself for retaking the GED Ready test.

When I was done with learning, I went back to and took the GED Ready practice test again. My new GED Ready score was 179, and I was satisfied with the new score. So I scheduled the actual GED Test, which I passed, and I also achieved my goal: a college-ready score of 175 points.

To be successful on the GED exam, becoming optimally prepared is essential. This website offers you support at no cost in the form of video lessons and free GED practice tests to help you get started on your preparation journey.

For a full-scale GED prep course, we recommend Onsego GED Prep, an affordable course accredited by GED Testing Service.

How to Start with GED Ready

To take the GED Ready test, you will need to log in to your account on the website.

Keep in mind that some GED schools offer free GED Ready tests as part of their curriculum. Even if your school provides you with free access to GED Ready, you will still find this manual helpful, so keep reading.

After login, you see a screen showing 4 GED subjects; click on one of the subjects.

If you don’t have a GED account yet, check here -> for instructions on how to set up your GED account.


On the next page, scroll down to the part that says: Practice, and click on “GED Ready.”

You will be redirected to the payment page. The GED Ready tests cost $6.99 per subject. Upon successful payment, you can begin the GED Ready test. You will be asked to choose a subject, and you will see a welcome screen.

The welcome message explains that you don’t need to take the whole test at once; you can stop at any time and resume later.

However, you need to remember that when you want to stop, you need to close your browser and quit the website immediately.

I recommend taking a GED Ready test soon. In this way, you will simulate the real test conditions and check how you are managing time pressure.

GED Ready tests are shorter than the real GED test. For example, the Social studies test is 35 minutes, whereas the real test is 75 minutes.

In the top right corner is a timer.

It’s important to monitor your time. The biggest mistake you can make is NOT to be able to see all the questions because you run out of time!

Ten minutes before your time is up, you will get a notification about that.

GED Ready Vouchers

Some schools or online courses, such as Onsego, give their students GED Ready Vouchers. These vouchers, in the form of numeric codes, are used to purchase the GED Ready tests. So, instead of paying for these practice tests, the student pastes the code in the designated field during checkout on and can immediately start the GED Ready practice test.

How to Use GED Ready Vouchers

First, students need to log in to their accounts and click on the “Study” button. Then they choose “Practice” and click “Buy Subject.” They will be redirected to the product page, and here is the important part. They need to click on “Have a voucher code? Redeem now.” By doing that, they indicate that the purchase of the GED  Ready includes a voucher code.

This part is really important! Some students miss this link and try to paste the voucher code later in the field called “Coupon code” and get an error that says:

“Sorry, ‘GOU123645689’ does not appear to be a valid coupon code.”

And we often see students get frustrated about it. But it is simply the wrong place for the code. A voucher code is NOT the same as a coupon code. It’s important to click on the beginning on the correct link and then follow the directions on the screen until getting to the payment page (see the image below).

Here, you can paste the voucher code into the voucher/promotion code field and click Apply. That’s it.

In this way, you pay for the GED Ready Test, and you will be redirected to the practice test. You can start taking your GED Ready Test immediately.

When you purchase the GED Ready practice test, you can immediately take it, and within half an hour, you will receive your results. Then, you can link it to your course and follow the steps I mentioned above.

Next Steps

So, that’s it.

I would highly recommend taking the GED Ready test before you will sign up for the real GED test. It gives you peace of mind, shows you what to expect, and, most importantly, gives you suggestions for improving your results.

It’s especially important if you don’t get a “Likely to pass” score because you get a blueprint for improving this result.

To summarize, take a look at this comparison of the GED Ready practice test and the GED test.

GED Ready Practice Test

Real GED Test

Can be taken online Can be taken only in person
Indicates if you can pass the real GED test If you pass the four modules, you get your GED Diploma
Fee is $6.99 per subject Fee of around $36 per subject (in most states)
Takes 35-90 minutes to complete, depending on the subject Takes 70-180 minutes to complete, depending on the subject test
Not available on mobile devices Only available online and in testing centers

Short Summary of the GED Test Features

There are four separate GED subtests that can be completed separately. The testing fields are Mathematical Reasoning (Math), Reasoning through Language Arts (Literacy), Science, and Social Studies. The passing score on each GED sub-test is 145 out of a possible 200. Scoring occurs on a scale that runs from 100 to 200 points.

There are four of these practice tests, one for each GED subtest.

In several states, you must attain satisfactory results on this pre-test before you are allowed to sit for the real exam.

The GED Ready practice test is the only official practice test developed by GED Testing Service.

This test will assess if a test-taker will be successful or not on the real GED test.

As said before, the GED test consists of four separate and independent modules or sub-tests, and there are four GED Ready tests as well.

You can buy GED Ready Vouchers that are good for one of these four official practice tests on the website

When you take this test, your score is assigned to one of the three zones: “Likely to pass” (when you get 159 and above), “Too close to call” (when you score between 143 and 158), and “Unlikely to pass” (when you get 100 and 142).