GED in New Mexico

In New Mexico, students looking to earn their GED diplomas can take the four GED subtests online or at a New Mexico testing center.

New Mexico uses two options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing, the GED and the HiSET exams.

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The GED® is fully computer-based while the HiSET® is available both on paper and on a computer. The HiSET exam can be taken online as well.

The GED has four separate subtests in Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies that be taken one at a time.

The HiSET comes with individual reading and writing subtests, so five overall, that can also be taken separately.

There are many locations where prep classes are set up to support you in your efforts to become ready to sit for the New Mexico HSE Test.

The GED and HiSET tests are not for everybody. If you already have a high school diploma or similar or when you are signed up for a school program, you do not qualify.

GED requirements in New Mexico

In New Mexico, you need to be no younger than 16 years of age, though, for applicants 16 or 17 years old, additional requirements count. See a GED/HiSET testing center near you.

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Underage GED or HiSET applicants must, among other requirements, submit a permission form signed by their local school district and hold permission from a parent or guardian.

GED fee: $80 for the whole test ($20 per subject), HiSET: $53.75 or $75 (See more below).

You do NOT need to be a New Mexico resident. You never received a high school diploma and don’t attend another school program.

Test-takers are not required to first take the GED Ready® practice test or the HiSET practice test, but they need to complete the entire GED or HiSET battery within a period of three years.

The New Mexico GED exam cost was $120, but now, GED test-takers only need to pay $20 per individual GED test ($80 for all four tests). They also are able to take two re-takes at no additional charge.

GED prep class sites in New Mexico

You can prepare for the GED test by studying online. You can also choose to go to a traditional GED prep class near you. Click on your nearest city to discover all the prep locations in your area.

New Mexico GED testing centers

Navajo HiSET Testing Ctr (HiSET) – Hwy 169 – Alamo Navajo Reservation – Alamo – NM 87825 – Ph: (575) 854.2609
New Mexico State University (GED/HiSET) – 2400 N Scenic Dr | Alamogordo | NM 88310 – Ph (575) 439-3690/3811
Central NM Comm Coll (GED) – 5600 Eagle Rock Ave – Albuquerque | NM 87113 – Ph: (505) 224-5263
Central NM Comm Coll (HiSET/GED) – 900 University Blvd SE – Albuquerque | NM 87106 – Ph: (505) 224-3243
Central NM Comm Coll (HiSET) – 10549 Universe Boulevard NW – Albuquerque – NM 87114 – Ph: (505) 224.5382
Central NM Comm Coll (HiSET) – 4700 Morris St NE, Albuquerque | NM 87111, Ph: (505) 224-5761
Youth Development, Inc (HiSET) – 6306 Central Ave NW – Albuquerque | NM 87105 – Ph: (505) 352-3469

Dona Ana Comm Coll (HiSET) – 1700 O’Hara Rd – Anthony – NM 88021 – Ph: (575) 528.7294
New Mexico State University (HiSET/GED) – 1500 University Dr – Carlsbad – NM 88220 – Ph (575) 234-9322/9200
Clovis Comm College (GED/HiSET) – 417 Schepps Blvd – Clovis | NM 88101 – Ph: (575) 769-4088/4125
Dine College (HiSET) – Hwy 371 – Rte 9 – Crownpoint – NM 87313 – Ph: (505) 786.7391GED in New Mexico
Western New Mexico University (HiSET/GED) – 2300 E Pine St – Deming | NM 88030 – Ph: (575) 546-6556
Northern NM Comm Coll (HiSET) – 921 Paseo De Onate – Espanola | NM 87532 – Ph: (505) 747.2154
San Juan College (HiSET/GED) – 4601 College Blvd – Farmington – NM 87402 – Ph: (505) 566.3139
UNM Adult Education Ctr (HiSET) – 425 N 7th St – Gallup – NM 87301 – Ph: (505) 726.6310
UNM-Main Campus (HiSET) – 705 Gurley Ave – Gallup – NM 87301 – Ph: (505) 863.7613
New Mexico State University (HiSET/GED) – 1500 N 3rd St – Grants – NM 87020 – Ph: (505) 287.6691
New Mexico Jr Coll (HiSET) – 5317 Lovington Hwy – Hobbs | NM 88240 – Ph: (575) 492.2592
Las Cruces
Dona Ana Comm Coll (HiSET/GED) – 2800 N Sonoma Ranch Blvd – Las Cruces | NM 88011 – Ph: (575) 528-7294/527-7569
Las Vegas
NM Highlands University (HiSET) – 800 University Ave (Ste 130) – Las Vegas – NM 87701 – Ph: (505) 454.3252/3188
Los Lunas
The University of New Mexico (GED/HiSET) – 280 La Entrada Rd – Los Lunas | NM 87031 – Ph: (505) 925-8560
Ranchos de Taos
The University of New Mexico (GED/HiSET) – 1157 County Rd 110 – Ranchos de Taos – NM 87557 – Ph: (575) 737.3694
Ctr for Sustainable Community (HiSET) – 130 Park Ave – Raton – NM 87740 – Ph: (575) 245.9000
Rio Rancho
Central NM Comm Coll (GED/HiSET) – 2601 Campus Blvd NE – Rio Rancho – NM 87144 – Ph: (505) 224.4912

Eastern New Mexico University (GED/HiSET) – 52 University Blvd – Roswell – NM 88202 – Ph: (575) 624.7227
Eastern New Mexico University (GED/HiSET) – 709 Mechem Dr – Ruidoso | NM 88345 – Ph: (505) 257-3012
Santa Fe
Community College (GED/HiSET) – 6401 Richards Ave – Santa Fe | NM 87508 – Ph: (505) 428-1625
Dine College (HiSET) – 1228 Yucca Dr – Shiprock, NM 87420 – Ph: (505) 368.3629
Silver City
Western New Mexico University (GED/HiSET) – 1000 W College Ave – Silver City | NM 88062 – Ph: (505) 538-6134
Truth or Consequences
Western NM University (HiSET) – 601 Sunset St – Truth or Consequences | NM 87901 – Ph: (575) 894-9050
Mesalands Comm Coll (HiSET) – 911 S 10th St – Tucumcari – NM 88401 – Ph: (575) 461.4413 ext. 144
Sage XL (HiSET) – 641 N Hwy 491 – Yahtahey – NM 87375 – Ph: (505) 728.0844
Adobe HiSET Test Center – 1202 State Hwy 53 – Zuni – NM 87327 – Ph: (505) 782.5998

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Online GED or HiSET

So now, the HiSET or GED exams can be taken over the internet. It used to be that the tests could be taken exclusively at official testing centers, but now that has changed.

For more information about the online HiSET exam check out this page: HiSET online proctored testing and to learn more about online GED testing go to this post: Online GED exam.

GED or HiSET fees

In New Mexico, the four GED subtests cost $20 each but please check with your testing center if additional test center fees apply. If you fail a subject test, you’ll have two free retests but, again, test center fees may be charged.

If you fail a GED subtest, there is no waiting time before you are allowed to retake that subject test. If you fail that subtest three times, however, you must wait 60 days before you can take that subtest again.

The HiSET exam has five subtests (modules) that each cost $10.75 when delivered on a computer and $15 when delivered in a paper-based format. So the overall HiSET exam cost is $53.75 or $75. Two free retests per subject are included and during one calendar year, you can take the exam up to three times.

How to get started

You can qualify to enter a GED or HiSET program if you don’t have a high school diploma or similar. If you decide to go for the GED exam, follow these guidelines to get started with your preparation. Contact your nearest GED/HiSET prep site and find out all requirements and regulations and if the lessons are free.

Make sure you will become perfectly prepared. Local libraries and bookstores will be able to supply study materials for your GED/HiSET preparation, and there are many locations in New Mexico where preparation classes are offered. Here you can find support (often at no cost at all) to become sufficiently prepared.

Probably the best way to get all set fast is by attending a prep class in combination with an online course such as is offered for free on this website. Listed in this post are all New Mexico prep sites (just click on a city near you in the listing above).

GED or HiSET scoring

The GED tests are scored on a 100-200 scale, and scoring is as follows:
Below Passing Score: 100-144 points
Passing Score (high school equivalency): 145-164 points
College Ready Score: 165-174 points
College Ready + Credit Score: 175-200 points

The five HiSET subtests are scored on a 0 to 20 scale and students must attain at least an 8 score on each individual subtest. Their essay score must be at least 2 (out of 6) and their overall score must be no less than 45.

You are not required to take all four GED or five HiSET tests at the same time. You can register and pay per module (test) whenever you are sufficiently prepared.

Free GED online prep in New Mexico

Better job and education options

There are many reasons to go the GED path: your employment options will improve, and by getting the HSE diploma you will have the chance to access colleges and universities. Furthermore, you will experience personal development that will allow you to enjoy a better future.

One GED or HiSET subtest at a time

You have the option to take one of the four GED or five HiSET subtests (also referred to as modules) at the time you feel sufficiently prepared, no need to take it all in a row! You only need to pay for the subtest(s) you take.

The four GED modules are in the subject areas of Social Studies, Math, Science, and Literacy. Gone are a lot of multiple-choice questions, the GED test is now for a large part essay-based, and this way applicants will become ready to attend courses at university or college successfully.

Students will become better prepared to function properly in the modern-day employment market. The computer-formatted GED exam has other benefits as well: online registration is much easier, and applicants don’t need to show up personally at one of New Mexico’s official testing sites any longer to sit for the test.

Another plus is that now, students can receive their test results immediately after taking the test. In the old situation, they had to wait two or three weeks in anxiety.

Age requirements

In New Mexico, the minimum age to be eligible for the GED exam is 16 but for 16 and 17 year-olds, additional criteria apply. They must, for instance, submit an underage permission form signed by their local school districts and also have written permission signed by a parent or guardian.

To be able to sit for the GED exam in New Mexico, there is no residency requirement, and the state also doesn’t require GED testers to first partake in a GED prep program or attain satisfactory scores on the official GED Ready test.

GED hopefuls can take the four GED exams separately (one or more at a time if wished) but in New Mexico, students wanting to earn their GED diplomas are given three years to complete the entire 4-exam battery.

For more information:
New Mexico Higher Education Department
Division of Adult Education
2044 Galisteo Street, Suite 4
Santa Fe, NM 87505-2100
Phone: 505.476.9792

FAQ about GED in New Mexico

How to get a GED in New Mexico?

To get your GED diploma in New Mexico, you must either pass the four tests of the GED exam or the five tests that are included in the HiSET exam. New Mexico uses two alternative exams to acquire the state’s High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma, the fully computer-based GED and the HiSET exam which is offered both on paper and on a computer.

What are the New Mexico GED testing requirements?

Both the GED and HiSET offer people who never finished high school the chance to earn an equivalent credential. In New Mexico, HSE testing is open to non-residents as well and there’s no need to first take a prep course or a qualification practice test. The minimum age in New Mexico is 18 though 16/17-year-olds may also qualify if they meet additional strict requirements.

What is the GED cost in Colorado?

In New Mexico, the GED exam costs $80 while the HiSET costs $53.75 (computer-formatted) or $75 (paper-based). You have the option to take (and pay for) the GED and HiSET subtests one at a time. In New Mexico, you need to complete the exams within a three-year period of time.


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