GED in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, students looking to earn their GED diploma can take the four GED® subtests in an online format or at a state-approved GED test center.

Rhode Island uses the fully computer-based GED exam for high school equivalency (HSE) testing purposes. HSE testing gives persons who couldn’t finish high school the chance to acquire an equivalent degree.

The GED exam includes four independent tests in the following subject areas: Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

You can take, register, and pay for one of the four subjects (modules) at a time. No need to take the entire battery in one session.

The GED testing fee in Rhode Island is $120 for all 4 tests or $30 per subject field.

The GED diploma is accepted by practically every US employer and college as the equivalency of a common high school diploma.

There are numerous locations where GED programs are available, often for free, to become ready to sit for the Rhode Island GED exam confidently.

GED testing requirements in Rhode Island

The minimum age for GED testing in Rhode Island is 18, but students ages 16 and 17 may also qualify if they meet additional requirements. They must, for example, provide a personal Alternative Learning Plan. Check with a GED testing site near you.

You don’t need to take the official GED Ready® practice test first, and GED testing is only open to Rhode Island residents.

Applicants cannot already hold a high school diploma and cannot be signed up for another education program.

GED prep classes in Rhode Island

You can very well prepare for the GED test by studying online but you may also choose to attend a traditional GED prep class near you. Click on your nearest city to see all the prep locations in your area.

Rhode Island GED testing sitesGED in Rhode Island

Cranston Adult Education – 83 Rolfe Sq – Cranston – RI 02910 – Ph: (401) 270.8176
Comm Coll of Rhode Island – 1762 Louisquisset Pike – Lincoln – RI 02865 – Ph: (401) 333.7072
Aquidneck Island Adult Ed Ctr – 740 W Main Rd – Middletown – RI 02842 – Ph: (401) 847.7171
Peace Dale
The Education Exchange – 33 North Rd – Peace Dale – RI 02879 Ph: (401) 783.0293
Comm Coll of Rhode Island – 1 Hilton St – Providence – RI 02905 – Ph: (401) 455.6019
RIRAL Testing Ctr – 191 Social St – Woonsocket – RI 02895 – Ph: (401) 762.3841

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Introducing an online GED test

The GED test can now be taken online as well. It used to be that you had to come to one of the state’s official GED testing centers and sit for the exam in-person but that’s no longer required.

To qualify for taking the GED exam online, you must score in the “green zone” on the GED Ready® practice test. More information is found in this article: online GED testing now available.

GED price and retests

The GED exam in Rhode Island costs $120 for the complete exam or $30 per individual subtest. You have the option to take one (or more) of the subtests at a time.

When you didn’t pass a subtest, there’s no waiting period before you can take that module again, but when you fail a subject retest twice, there’ll be a waiting period of 60 days before you can try again.

You get two retakes at a reduced rate of $10 for the test center fee but you need to complete that within one calendar year. Thereafter, regular fees apply. You can take each GED module as many times as you like.

In Rhode Island, persons with limited income may qualify for a fee waiver if they prove financial hardship and when they attain a “Likely to Pass” result on the official GED Ready practice test (that will set you back $6 for each subject test, though).

GED – How to get started

You can not already have a high school diploma or similar if you want to enroll in the GED program and you cannot be registered for another school program either.

When you think that the GED test route is your ticket, take these guidelines at heart and get ahead in obtaining this important diploma. Find a GED prep facility near you and learn about their registration policy. Get fully informed about requirements and regulations and sign up for a GED prep class.

Make sure you will be properly prepared when you take (one of) the four tests. Every local bookstore or library can supply study material and there is much offered online as well, but probably the best GED preparation is provided at one of the many facilities near you where free preparation classes are offered in combination with, for example, this website’s free online support. Prepare well, take the exam, and get your GED credential.

Free GED online prep in Rhode Island

GED passing score

100-144: non-passing score
145-164: high school equivalency passing score
165-174: college-ready passing score
175-200: college-ready + credit score

Your Future

The GED exam plays an important role in the national and regional economy, and adults who failed to complete their high school education can really benefit from the possibility that the GED offers.

Practically all governmental institutions and businesses recognize the GED diploma as a basis for their recruitment programs, and colleges and universities consider the GED diploma as equivalent to a high school diploma.

The four GED subtests are in the academic fields of Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Testing takes place at a level comparable to that of high school seniors upon graduation.

Employees who pass the GED exam qualify sooner for promotion than those who don’t. Without the GED diploma, adults who did not complete high school, have much more difficulty in securing a good job. Around every decade, the GED exam gets evaluated and adjusted to the latest university and industry standards.


Last Updated on October 20, 2020.

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