GED in South Dakota

South Dakota is using the computer-formatted GED® exam for the state’s high school equivalency (HSE) testing program. HSE testing gives people who couldn’t finish high school the chance to earn an equivalent credential.

There are four independent GED subject tests in Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies that can be completed separately.

The GED exam cannot be taken online, you must report to a designated South Dakota GED testing facility in person.

The GED testing fee in South Dakota is $130 for all four tests or $32.50 per testing subject. At retakes, the fees are reduced (see below).

The GED tests are fully computer-based. Paper-based testing is a thing of the past.

The GED diploma is all across the U.S. accepted just like a standard high school diploma by government agencies, employers, recruiters, and colleges and universities.

The GED program is crucial for adults who never finished high school and offers them one more chance to obtain a secondary education credential.

South Dakota GED testing requirements

South Dakota’s minimum age for GED testing is 16. Test-takers 16 or 17, however, must meet additional restrictions. Check with a prep or testing site near you.

Underage GED Applicants must, for example, submit an official state-issued underage GED testing waiver signed by an official of the school the last attended and a parent/guardian.

There is NO residency requirement in South Dakota.

Applicants cannot already hold a high school diploma or be signed up for another school program.

in South Dakota, test-takers are not required to first attend a prep course nor do they have to take the GED Ready® practice test first.

GED prep classes in South Dakota

You can prepare for the GED test by studying online. You can also choose to attend a traditional GED prep class near you. Click on your nearest city for all prep sites in your region.

South Dakota GED test centers

Cornerstones Career Ed Ctr – 420 S Roosevelt St – Aberdeen – SD 57402 – Ph: (605) 626.2298
Dept of Labor & Regulation – 1310 Main Ave S (Ste 103) – Brookings – SD 57006 – Ph: (605) 688.4350
Eagle Butte
Oglala Lakota Coll – 113 Lincoln St – Eagle Butte – SD 57625 – Ph: (605) 964.8011
Gregory Learning Ctr – 798 Park Ave – Gregory – SD 57533 – Ph: (605) 835.8275
Cornerstones Career Ed Ctr – 33 3rd Street SE – Huron – SD 57350 – Ph: (605) 353.7175
Oglala Lakota Coll – 490 Piya Wiconi Rd – Kyle – SD 57752 – Ph: (605) 455.6142
Sinte Gleska University – 260 S Ruth St – Mission – SD 57555 – Ph: (605) 856.8229
Mitchell Techn Inst – 1800 E Spruce St – Mitchell – SD 57301 – Ph: (605) 995.7206
The Right Turn – 124 E Dakota Ave – Pierre – SD 57501 – Ph: (605) 773.4755

Rapid City
Black Hills Career Learning Ctr 730 E Watertown St – Rapid City – SD 57701 – Ph: (605) 394.5120
Sioux Falls
Southeast Tech Institute – 2000 N Career Ave – Sioux Falls – SD 57107 – Ph: (605) 367.6014
Sisseton Wahpeton Coll – 12572 BIA Rd 700 – Sisseton – SD 57262 – Ph: (605) 742.1134
Cornerstones Career Center-Vermillion – 904 E Cherry St – Vermillion – SD 57069 – Ph: (605) 677.6912
Yankton Sioux Tribe GED Testing – 110 SE 1st St – Wagner – SD 57380 – Ph: (605) 384.3382
Lake Area Techn Inst – 1201 Arrow Ave – Watertown – SD 57201 – Ph: (605) 882.5284
SD Department of Labor & Regulation-Yankton – 3113 Spruce St (Ste 124) – Yankton – SD 57078 – Ph: (605) 668.2900

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Online proctored GED testing introduced

The GED test was never available online. It simply was not offered via the internet. To get their GED diplomas, students were required to come personally to an official South Dakota GED testing site.

Now, that is fortunately changing! The GED test is now available in an online version as well, using a proctor. More information is found here: online GED test now available.


When you fail a GED subtest, you can retake that module without any waiting period twice. If you need to retake it for the third time, you’ll have to wait for 60 days before you can take that section again.

For each GED subtest, you’ll get two retakes at a discounted rate. You just have to pay the test center’s fee ($12.50 for each subtest or retest). This offer counts for one calendar year, after which the regular price applies again.

Your ticket to higher education

Earning the GED diploma will improve your employment options and open up doors to colleges and universities. The GED credential will absolutely influence your life in a positive way. More than 96 percent of all American colleges and universities are accepting the GED diploma in lieu of a common high school diploma.

How to get started

When you have the feeling that you can go the GED track, remember these guidelines that will get you ahead. Contact a GED prep or testing center and find out if you qualify, If you do, check fees and regulations. Get fully informed. Learn as much as you can at the GED prep or testing center.

Make sure you are totally prepared when you take the GED exam. Community bookstores and libraries can supply preparation material, and so do a couple of good websites.

But probably the best preparation is attending a prep class offered at your local GED prep facility in combination with this website’s free online video lessons and practice tests. Be prepared, pass the exam, and get your GED diploma.

GED registration

The entirely computer-based GED exam is flexible. Registration has become far easier via the online system, and students can now check their test results right after they took the exam, their scores are available right away. In the old system, they had to wait for two or three weeks in anxiety. Check also this post on how to sign up for the GED test at MyGED.

Free GED online prep in South Dakota


The four GED modules (subtests) are measured on a scale from 100 to 200. Below passing = 100-144; high school equivalency = 145-164; college-ready = 165-174; college-ready plus up to 10 college credits: 175-200.

Your future

Holding the GED credential will result in an average yearly income increase of at least $9,500. The GED program is great if you want to secure a better-paying job, go on with a new career and get vocational training, or if you want to go for a college education. The GED program is developed to support you in accomplishing your goals.

All over North America, the GED diploma is recognized in the same way as a conventional HS degree by local, state, and federal government bodies, employers, and institutions of higher education.

In South Dakota, you can find locations where GED prep classes are offered to help you get all set to take the GED exam successfully. Probably the best way to get all set for the exam is combining a good online course with a teacher-led physical prep class.


Last Updated on August 17, 2020.

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