GED in South Dakota

South Dakota introduced the all-new, entirely computer-based GED® exam in January 2014. The GED exam is used to assess the state’s residents on their high school equivalency knowledge and skills level., and all over the state, you can find locations where GED prep classes are offered to help you get all set to take the GED exam successfully.

All across South Dakota, you can find locations where GED prep classes are offered to help you get all set to take the GED exam successfully.

Adjusted GED scoring

The passing score per GED test was adjusted from 150 to 145 in January 2016 because it appeared to have been set too high compared to the graduation level for high school seniors. If you want to learn more, go to this post. You may also want to check this post on signing up for your GED test at the website MyGED.

Online testing is NOT possible

The GED exam cannot be taken online, you must report to a designated South Dakota GED testing facility in person. Websites with different information are run by con artists that just want to steal your money. Online obtained documents are worthless and will not be accepted by schools or employers.

Your ticket to higher education

Earning the GED diploma will improve your employment options and open up doors of colleges and universities. The GED credential will absolutely influence people’s lives in a positive way. Listed in this article are all facilities where GED preparation is offered in South Dakota.

GED prep classes in and around (click on your nearest city):

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After passing the GED exam you will be awarded the GED diploma. This document is all across the U.S. regarded and accepted just like a standard high school diploma by government agencies, employers, recruiters, and colleges and universities. The GED program is crucial for adults who never finished high school and offers them one more chance to obtain a secondary education credential.

GED – South Dakota requirements

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South Dakota’s minimum age is 18. Younger test takers (16 and 17) must meet more restrictions. Check with a site near you.
Fee: $130 for all four tests (computer-based) $32.50 per testing subject.
At retakes, the fees are reduced by $20 per test.
There is NO residency requirement in South Dakota.
You must have never obtained a high school diploma and not be partaking in another school activity.

South Dakota GED test centers

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Brookings Department of Labor & Regulation – 1310 Main Ave S, Ste 103, Brookings, SD 57006, 605-773-5017
Gregory Learning Center – 798 Park Avenue, Gregory, SD 57533, 605-835-8275
Cornerstones Career Learning Ctr – 159 Fourth St SW, Huron, SD 57350, 605-353-7175
Oglala Lakota College – PO Box 490, Kyle, SD 57752-0490, 605-455-6142
Lower Brule
Lower Brule Comm. College – 111 Little Partisan Ln, Lower Brule, SD 57548, 605-473-5510
Yankton Sioux Tribe/Education Dept – PO Box 295, Marty, SD 57361, 605-384-3997
Sinte Gleska University-ABE Dept, 260 S Ruth St, Mission, SD 57555, 605-856-8229
Cornerstones Career Learning Ctr – 1321 N Main St, Mitchell, SD 57501, 605-995-8070
The Right Turn Inc. – 124 E Dakota Ave, Pierre, SD 57501, 605-773-4755
Rapid City
Career Learning Ctr Black Hills – 730 E Watertown St, Rapid City, SD 57701, 605-394-5120
Sioux Falls
Kilian College – 300 E 6th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57103, 605-221-3113
Southeast Tech Institute – 2320 N Career Pl, Sioux Falls, SD 57107, 605-367-7624
Sisseton Wahpeton College – 12572 BIA Rd 700, Sisseton, SD 57262, 605-773-5017
Sky Ranch
Sky Ranch for Boys – Sky Ranch Ln, Sky Ranch, SD 57724-9999, 605-797-4422
Mike Durfee State Prison/Science Hall – 1412 Wood St, Springfield, SD 57062, 605-369-4443
Yankton Sioux Tribe Adult Ed – 110 SE 1st St, Wagner, SD 57380, 605-384-3382
Career Learning Ctr – 2001 9th Avenue SW, Suite 100, Watertown, SD 57201, 605-882-5080
Cornerstones Education Ctr – 3113 Spruce St, Suite 124, Yankton, SD 57078, 605-668-2920

Any Questions? Call South Dakota’s state office at: 605-773-5017

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Free GED Online Classes

GED – how to get started

When you have the feeling that you can go the GED track, remember these guidelines that will get you ahead. Contact a GED prep or testing center and find out if you qualify, If you do, check fees and regulations. Get fully informed. Learn as much as you can at the GED prep or testing center.

Make sure you are totally prepared when you take the GED examination. Community bookstores and libraries can supply preparation material, and so do a couple of internet sites, but probably the best preparation is offered at your local GED prep facility, often free of charge. Be prepared, pass the exam, and get your GED diploma.

GED – what is new

Probably you are aware that the GED (General Education Development) exam recently was completely revamped. The latest edition was introduced in January 2014. It is now in line with university standards and now harmonizes significantly better with modern-day industry requirements. The most significant change was the GED exam became an entirely computer-based model. The new GED exam instructs much better towards the knowledge and skills wanted by employers so students will become better prepared for the ever-changing employment market.

GED – a credible alternative again

The new GED test is also more targeted towards preparing applicants for university and college. In the past, there were growing concerns about the credibility of the GED test as an alternative to a high school degree. That has now been taken away, and the level to pass the exam had to be raised.

GED registration

The now entirely computer-based GED exam is much environment friendlier than the former version (it saves on paper), and it has a few other advantages as well. Registration has become far easier via the online system (though applicants still must come to an official testing site in person to take the test), and students can now check their test results right after they took the exam, their scores are available right away. In the old system, they had to wait for two or three weeks in anxiety.

After the new test was introduced, educators and administrators were at first worried that many older students would run into a lot of trouble as they typically are not as familiar with taking tests on a computer as their younger counterparts. Recent study results by the GED test organization has shown however that computer testing did not pose any major hurdle.

Four GED tests

The new GED exam includes 4 testing areas while the former format covered 5 subject areas (the language sections were combined), but the new exam is far more comprehensive. The other 3 subject areas are social studies, science, and math. Proper preparation is more important than ever, so take a good look at all the available possibilities.

GED – one subtest at a time

The new GED is modular meaning you can take one of the four sub-tests (modules) by the time you feel ready to do so. You must, however, complete all four sections within two years! This is a huge improvement in comparison with the old situation, and testing results will be available right after testing.

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No online GED testing

Please beware of many fraudulent websites that offer the GED test (or the diploma) via the internet. You cannot take the GED exam online, and these websites are fraudulent. As said before, you need to come in person to an official GED testing center. Online acquired documents are worthless and are sure not to be recognized by employers and schools.

If you did not finish high school, the GED examination offers you a perfect opportunity to get hold of a document that is equivalent to a standard high school degree. Take advantage of this possibility to improve your living standards. Your future will become brighter!

Jobs with a GED

Since 2002 South Dakota has issued more than 12,000 GED diplomas. This makes the GED program the best accessible and most popular high school equivalency credential in the state. The GED diploma is accepted by more than 95 percent all US employers and colleges as an acceptable replacement instead of a traditional high school diploma.

Holding the GED credential will result in an average yearly income increase of at least $8,000. The GED program is great if you want to secure a better-paying job, go on with a new career and get vocational training, or if you want to go for a college education. The GED program is developed to support you in accomplishing your goals.

In South Dakota, you must be 18 or older to be allowed to take the GED exam, and you cannot already hold a high school diploma or similar. The state additionally requires all applicants to take and pass the official practice test first. Younger applicants (16 or 17) may also qualify for the GED exam, but they must meet very strict regulation, so get in touch with a GED test center for details.