GED In Vermont

Last Updated on April 10, 2024.

The state of Vermont is using the GED exam for its high school equivalency testing program.

To take the exam, applicants must create an account on the official GED Testing Service website,

In Vermont, GED test-takers can take the four GED modules (independent subtests) at state-approved testing centers or online.

The free GED online classes and practice tests provided on this website are great to start out on your GED prep journey and discover if this online learning style is right for you.

If it is, we suggest you sign up for Onsego GED Prep, an accredited, full-scope GED course that has provided the free resources featured here.

The GED® test gives adults who never finished high school the opportunity to earn a credential that is, across America, accepted in lieu of a high school diploma. The GED exam includes four independent GED subtests that cover

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  • Mathematics
  • Science, including Chemistry, Scientific Method, Physics
  • Social Studies, including Geography, Government, History
  • Language Arts (writing and reading in one sub-exam)

These subtests may be taken separately (one or more at a time) and in any preferred order.

In Vermont, there are numerous sites where GED prep classes are available to help you take the GED exam confidently.

The GED diploma is accepted by practically all North American colleges and universities, employers, and the military.

The GED test is fully computerized. Paper-based GED testing is not possible.

Vermont GED Testing Qualification Requirements

  • In Vermont, you must be at least 16 years old to qualify for the GED test.
  • For 16 and 17-year-olds, however, additional strict requirements count.
  • Under-age GED test-takers are, for example, required to submit a consent letter signed by a parent/guardian.
  • They must also hold permission from their school districts. For more information, contact your nearest testing site.
  • Test-takers can not hold a secondary education credential (high school diploma or equivalent).
  • They can also not be registered for another education program.
  • There is no Vermont residency requirement.
  • GED applicants are not required to first take the GED Ready® practice test, except when taking the exam online.
  • Vermont also doesn’t require test-takers to take a prep course first, but for eligible students, free instruction is offered by the Vermont Adult Education and Literacy System.

GED Prep Classes in Vermont

You can prepare very well for the GED test by studying online and taking free GED practice tests. You may also choose a traditional GED prep class at a facility near you. Click on your city or a city near you to see all the options.

Vermont GED Cost

In Vermont, the cost for the set of four GED tests is $144 for the full battery ($36 per subject area). If you want to take the O.P. (Online Proctored) online, the cost will be $36 per subject test as well.

If you want to qualify for the online GED test, you’ll first have to reach passing scores on the GED Ready practice test, which is available at the website for $6.99. Since you’ll have to buy four GED Ready tests (one for each subject test), you can add an additional $28 to your overall cost for online GED testing.

GED Testing Centers in Vermont

Central Vermont Adult Basic Education – 46 Washington St – Ste 100 – Barre – VT 05641 – Ph: (802) 476.4588
The Tutorial Ctr – 208 Pleasant St – Bennington – VT 05201 – Ph: (802) 447.0111
Vermont Adult Learning – 90 Birge St (Ste 1) – Brattleboro – VT 05301 – Ph: (802) 257.4080GED in Vermont
Vermont Adult Learning – 77 College St – Burlington – VT 05401 – Ph: (802) 846.7245
Vermont Adult Learning – 282 Boardman St – Middlebury – VT 05753 – Ph: (802) 388.4392
NE Kingdom Learning Services – 55 Seymour Ln – Newport – VT 05855 – Ph: (802) 334.2839
Vermont Adult Learning – 16 Evelyn St – Ste 101 – Rutland – VT 05701 – Ph: (802) 775.0617
St. Albans
Vermont Adult Learning – 5 Lemnah Dr – St. Albans – VT 05478 – Ph: (802) 524.9233

What’s on the GED Test?

The GED exam comes with four separate tests. You can register and pay for each of these subtests individually and in any order. So get ready for one section, take and pass that test, and move on to the next section.

The four tests cover the academic subject areas of Reasoning through Language Arts, Science (including Physics and Chemistry), Social Studies, and Mathematical Reasoning.

The four GED subtests are timed tests. You are given the following time:

  • Language Arts: 2 hours and 35 minutes
  • Mathematics: 2 hours and fifteen minutes
  • Science: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Social Studies: 1 hour and 10 minutes

GED Online

So, the GED exam is now available via the Internet as well, but not in New York. Until recently, to earn a Vermont high school equivalency diploma, students were required to appear at an official GED test facility and sit for the exam personally, but those days are gone in most states.

To qualify for the online proctored (OP) GED exam, candidates must have attained “green” (likely to pass) scores on the official GED Ready practice test. To learn more, check out this article: ‘ The Online GED Test.’

GED Price and Retakes

As said above, the Vermont GED exam costs $144 for the entire battery, regardless of whether you write the exam at a test center or online. You can take and pay for these modules (independent subtests) one at a time.

When you fail a subtest, you can retake that section up to three times in Vermont without any wait time between retakes. If you still have to take that subject again, a 60-day waiting period applies to every next attempt.

Your first two retakes on a specific subtest are offered at a reduced fee of $10 (the testing site fee), and this offer stands for one year. Thereafter, the original price of $36 per subtest applies again. This only applies to on-site testing. There are no discounts for online testing.

How to Prepare for the GED Test

Getting optimally prepared is your key to success on the GED exam. Testing is done at a level comparable to that of graduating high school seniors.

If you think the GED is your ticket, follow these guidelines to get ahead. Get in touch with a GED prep facility in your neighborhood and learn about options to get ready for the GED exam.

You may prefer to study under the guidance of a GED teacher at a brick-and-mortar facility, and your local library and bookstore can provide lots of study material to get you all set as well.

Today, you can also learn by following a good online prep course, such as Onsego GED Prep, an accredited, affordable, full-scope GED prep course. But no matter how you prefer to study, just make sure you’ll get perfectly prepared!

Many facilities offer free help to get ready for the GED exam. You can find all Vermont prep sites near you by checking the city closest to you in the listing above.

How to Register for the GED Test

Registration must be done online at You need to make an account with the online portal MyGED. You can get assistance at every Vermont Adult Learning Center, where staff members will be happy to help you with the process. Learn more here: How to register for the GED test. is the place where you can schedule your GED testing appointments and pay for your tests. It is also the place where you can find interesting information about trends and developments in the job market and the academic offerings by colleges and universities.

Free GED Online Prep in Vermont

GED Scoring

The four subtests of the GED (General Education Development) exam are measured on a scoring scale from 100 to 200. Students scoring in the “College-Ready” and “College-Ready + Credits” categories may have college admissions requirements like having to submit SAT/ACT scores waived, and there may be additional benefits. Scoring goes as follows:

  • 100-144: Below Passing
  • 145-164: High School Equivalency
  • 165-174: College-Ready
  • 175-200: College-Ready + Up To 10 College Credits

It’s all about YOUR Future

There are many good reasons to go for the GED track and secure your GED diploma. You will have better employment options, you can get a college education, and your personal life will surely improve.

It really is a good plan to invest in your education and get ahead. The GED (General Education Development) program is created to give applicants a second shot at completing their secondary education.

The GED diploma is accepted by more than 98% of American employers and educators, and the GED credential is the most important alternative to a standard high school diploma.

If you want to get a job, a better salary, go for a new career, or get a college education, finishing your secondary education is a crucial step toward a brighter future and a great way to boost your professional and personal competencies.

All across America, state funding is offered to assist applicants and let them benefit from educational resources and get well prepared in adult education classes. Now, the computer-based testing format has become the only option available to candidates, and attending preparation classes and getting used to computer-based testing is a very smart move.

The latest version of the GED test is absolutely more than only a battery of four tests. If you go to and sign up for MyGED, you will get access to an online portal where you can find all sorts of help. There is advice on how to study and prepare for the GED exam best, and this is also the place to register for, pay for, and schedule your tests.

For more information:
State of Vermont Agency of Education
Adult Education and Literacy Division
1 National Life Drive, Davis 5
Montpelier, VT 05620-2501
Phone: 802.828.6596

FAQ about GED in Vermont

How to get a GED in Vermont?

To earn your GED high school equivalency (HSE) diploma in Vermont, you’ll need to take and pass the four independent modules (subtests) of the GED exam. These modules must be taken on a computer and cover the academic subject areas of Mathematics, Social Studies, Language, and Science.

What are the Vermont GED testing requirements?

The GED test is for people who couldn’t complete their high school curriculum. It offers them the opportunity to acquire an equivalent credential. In Vermont, test-takers need to be at least 16 years of age, but 16 or 17-year-old applicants need to meet additional, strict requirements. In Vermont, there’s no state residency requirement, and test-takers don’t have to pass a qualification test prior to sitting for the GED exam, except when they take the GED test online.

What is the GED cost in Vermont?

In Vermont, the cost for taking the entire GED exam (four modules) is $144 (so $36 per module), and this applies to both on-site and online testing. If you take the exam in an online format, bear in mind that the four GED sub-exams cost $36 each and that you’ll also have to add the extra cost of $28 for the four GED Ready tests. Test-takers can register for, pay for, and take one (or more) of the GED subtests at a time. Setting up an account on the website is required to be able to register for the GED test.

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