GED In New Hampshire

Last Updated on April 23, 2024.

To earn their HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma in New Hampshire, students must pass the GED or HiSET exam. The exams are offered online and at official, state-designated test centers.

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Both exams contain modules (subtests) that can be taken individually and in any preferred order. To take the tests, you must set up an account on or

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New Hampshire is the only state where the GED exam is available in computer-based and paper-based versions, but the paper-based exam is more expensive! HiSET testing can be done on paper or on a computer as well.

Both exams measure knowledge and skills at a level comparable to that of graduating high school seniors.

The GED test contains four sub-exams assessing proficiency in the fields of

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  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematical Reasoning

The New Hampshire HiSET exam includes 5 tests in these subject areas: Language Reading, Language Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

So, online GED and HiSET testing has become a reality! In the past, GED or HiSET test-takers were required to come to a state-approved testing facility and take the exams face-to-face, but proctored online versions of the GED and HiSET exams are now available as well.

The HiSET test consists of a large part of multiple-choice questions (except for the writing section), whereas the GED exam has multiple formats.

This website teaches you strategies as well that will allow you to stay clear of wrong answers. By training these strategies, you will become more confident, and your scores will improve.

New Hampshire GED Qualification Requirements

  • In New Hampshire, applicants must be at least 16 years old.
  • For 16 and 17-year-olds, additional requirements apply. They must, for instance, be officially withdrawn from high school and hold parental consent. Please check with a test site.
  • Test-takers need to be New Hampshire residents or physically reside in the state. Providing proof is required.
  • Test-takers can not already have a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • Test-takers can not be registered for another education program.
  • There is no statewide requirement to first take a practice test first, but local testing centers may require it, and for online testing, it is also a prerequisite.

GED Prep Classes in New Hampshire

You can prepare for the HiSET test by studying online, and this website’s free GED practice tests and video lessons will help you decide if online learning is something for you. You may also opt to attend a traditional prep class near you. Click on your nearest city to see all the available prep sites.

New Hampshire GED Testing Centers

New Hampshire CPR Ctr (GED) – 9 Cedarwood Dr – Unit 12 – Bedford – NH 03110 – Ph: (603) 668.5360
Berlin Adult Education (HiSET) – 166 Main St – Berlin – NH 03570 – Ph: (603) 752.1927
Claremont Adult Education HiSET) – 111 South St – Claremont – NH 03743 – Ph: (603) 542.2671
Concord Adult Education (HiSET) – 17 Knight St – Concord – NH 03301 – Ph: (603) 228.1341
NH Dept. of Ed. (Walker Bldg, HiSET) – 21 S Fruit St – Concord – NH 03301 – Ph: (603) 271.6701
The Upper Room (HiSET) – 36 Tsinenneto Rd – Derry – NH 03038 – Ph: (603) 432.1245
Gilbert H Hood Middle School (HiSET) – 5 Hood Rd – Derry – NH 03038 – Ph: (603) 432.1245
Dover Adult Ed. Ctr (GED, HiSET) – 61 Locust St – Dover – NH 03820 – Ph: (603) 742.1030
Franklin High School (HiSET) – 119 Central St – Franklin – NH 03235 – Ph: (603) 934.5441
GED in New HampshireKeene Comm. Adult Ed. (HiSET) – 227 Maple Ave – Keene – NH 03431 – Ph: (603) 357.0088
White Mountains Comm. Coll. (HiSET) – 646 Union St – Littleton – NH 03561 – Ph: (603) 444.4846
Londonderry High School (HiSET) – 295 Mammoth Rd – Londonderry – NH 03053 – Ph: (603) 432.6941
National Flight Simulator (GED) – 175 Ammon Dr (Ste 103) – Manchester – NH 03103 – Ph: (603) 880.0044
Manchester Adult Ed. (HiSET) – 9 Notre Dame Ave – Manchester – NH 03102 – Ph: (603) 235.4340
Nashua Adult Learning Ctr (HiSET) – 4 Lake St – Nashua – NH 03060 – Ph: (603) 882.9080
XLos Corp Testing Ctr (GED) – 71 Spitbrook Rd – Nashua – NH 03060 – Ph: (603) 718.8565
North Conway
Kennett High School (HiSET) – 409 Eagles Way – North Conway – NH 03860 – Ph: (603) 323.8857
Pemi-Baker Literacy (HiSET) – 258 Highland St – Plymouth – NH 03264 – Ph: (603) 536.2998
Crossroads House Portsmouth (HiSET) – 600 Lafayette Rd – Portsmouth – NH 03801 – Ph: (603) 775.8457
DALC (@1st Church Congregational (HiSET) – 63 S Main St – Rochester – NH 03867 – Ph: (603) 742.1030
Salem Adult Education (Salem High, HiSET) – 44 Geremonty Dr – Salem – NH 03079 – Ph: (603) 893.7069
DALC Tamworth (HiSET) – 680 White Mountain Hwy – Tamworth – NH 03886 – Ph: (603) 742.1030
Gafney Library HiSET Testing – 254 Main St – Union – NH 03887 – Ph: (603) 522.9593
Northwoods Ctr for Continuing Ed. (GED) – 8 Clover Ln – Whitefield – NH 03598 – Ph: (603) 788.5685

New Hampshire GED and HiSET Online

You can take the New Hampshire GED or HiSET exam at one of the state’s official test centers or online. To qualify for the Online Proctored (O.P.) GED test, you’ll need to pass a GED Ready practice test for each subject test first.

To be eligible to write the HiSET-At-Home test, also referred to as the Remote Proctored (R.P.) HiSET exam, you first need to attain sufficient results on the HiSET OPT (Official Practice Test).

New Hampshire GED Cost

In New Hampshire, the computer-based GED test, when taken at a test center, costs $36 per sub-exam or $144 for the entire GED battery. You can also take the GED exam in New Hampshire in a paper-based format. However, this is a more costly option as it will set you back $46 per subject test, so $184 in total!

The online GED test costs $36 per module, or $144 for the entire exam, but you may as well add the $28 for taking four GED Ready practice tests as you are required to attain passing scores on these tests to qualify for online GED testing. You can take the GED subtests in any order and, if wished, one at a time.

New Hampshire HiSET Cost

The HiSET includes five independent sub-exams that can be taken one (or more) at a time and in any order. The computer-based sub-exams will set you back $25 each (so overall $125), and the paper-based sub-exams are $20.75 each (or $103.75 in total).

You will understand that if you take the Remote Procotred HiSET exam, you’ll have to take it in a computer-based format.

Free GED and HiSET Online Prep in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, you can take the GED and HiSET exams on a computer and in a paper-delivered format. Keep in mind, though, that not all test centers offer both formats. Make sure to check which option(s) is (are) offered at your nearest testing site before scheduling a testing appointment.

Online Proctored HiSET Testing

So, the GED and HiSET exams can be taken online as well. Until recently, the exam had to be taken at a state-approved New Hampshire testing site, but that has changed. For more information about the Online Proctored GED test, <- check here, and to learn more about the online HiSET exam, check out this post: The online HiSET exam.,

GED and HiSET – It’s All About Your Future

Having the HSE (high school equivalency) diploma will definitely improve your employment options and open doors to colleges and universities. Most of the time, you are required to take a pre-test to determine your weak points and strengths. This way, you know what sectors need your most attention.

By the time you feel ready to go the GED or HiSET path, contact the test center closest to you and become fully informed of all conditions and procedures.

The HSE certificate or diploma is comparable to a common high school diploma and is accepted by government agencies, employers, and universities all across the United States. The test offers adults one more chance to prove their knowledge and skills. You have the option to take one (or more) of the four GED or five HiSET subtests at a time.

To pass the HiSET subtests, your score must be at least 8 out of 20 in each subtest, your essay score must be at least a 2 (out of 6), and your overall score cannot be less than 45.

GED scoring occurs on a 100 to 200 score. The passing score is 145, and this applies to all subtests. There are three GED passing score ranges:

  • 145-164: high school equivalent passing score
  • 165-174: college-ready score
  • 175-200: college ready + college credits score

How to Prepare for the GED or HiSET Exam

Contact your nearest HSE (High School Equivalency) preparation or testing center or go online and find out if you are eligible to take the GED or HiSET exam. Not everybody qualifies: you should not have a high school diploma or be signed up for a school program.

Become well informed of requirements and regulations, and get adequately prepared. Your community bookstore or library may supply study material, and there are some very good online prep courses as well, like the Onsego prep course that generously provides the free practice tests and video lessons available on this website.

But most importantly, all across New Hampshire, there are numerous locations where GED and HiSET preparation classes are offered, often totally free of charge. In these classes, you will become well-prepared to take the exam confidently.

Take a GED or HiSET practice test prior to preparation classes. You will find out your weak and your strong points, and this will indicate which sectors need the most attention. Discover the best strategy for you to take the exam.

Holding the New Hampshire High School Equivalency diploma will boost your employment chances and qualify you for a college education.

By making this website’s free practice tests, you will discover your weak points, so you’ll learn which topics to concentrate on most.

Regardless of whether you recently left high school or you are an adult who in the past never completed high school, getting the HSE (high school equivalency) diploma will be the ticket for you.

The New Hampshire HSE diploma is the equivalency of a standard high school diploma and is accepted as such by employers, government agencies, and colleges across North America. Holders of a high school or high school equivalency diploma will, on average, make some $9500 more annually than workers without the credential.

For more information:
New Hampshire Bureau of Adult Education
High School Equivalency Office
21 S Fruit Street, Suite 20
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603.271.3454

FAQ About GED in New Hampshire

How to get a GED in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is using the GED and HiSET exams for the state’s HSE testing program. To earn your HSE diploma in New Hampshire, you’ll need to pass the four subtests of the GED exam or the five separate tests that form the HiSET exam. The subject fields covered in the GED exam are Math, Science, English Language, and Social Studies. The HiSET has individual writing and reading tests, so five in total.

What are the New Hampshire GED testing requirements?

HiSET and GED testing is only available to adults who have never finished high school. Applicants must be at least 16 years old, but 16 and 17-year-old test-takers will have to meet extra requirements. State residency is required, but test-takers don’t first need to take a practice or qualification test, except when testing online.

What is the GED and HiSET cost in New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire HiSET exam will set you back between $100 and $125 for the entire 5-test battery ($20-$25 per individual subtest). Retakes are offered for free, but state fees apply nevertheless (for paper-delivered tests: $10, and for computer-delivered tests: $14.25). You can register (and pay for) each of the five HiSET tests one at a time.

The New Hampshire GED test costs $36 per subject ($144 overall) when taken in a computer-based format (both at a test center and online). The paper-based New Hampshire GED test costs $46 per subject ($184 in total).

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