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Last Updated on April 10, 2024.

Hawaii is offering the GED for high school equivalency testing. The HiSET exam is no longer available in Hawaii.


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To take the exam, candidates have to go to and set up an account with the portal MyGED.

The GED exam offers individuals who haven’t completed high school the opportunity to acquire an equivalent credential.

The GED® is entirely computer-formatted and costs $174 for all 4 computer-based tests ($43.50 per subtest) in Hawaii when taken at a test center. The online GED test is not available in Hawaii.

The GED exam includes four individual subtests (modules) that can be completed separately.

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To earn a GED Hawaii high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, students need to pass the four independent sub-exams that make up the GED exam. The sub-exams cover the academic subject areas of

  • Mathematics
  • Science (incl. Chemistry and Physics)
  • Social studies (incl. History, Economics, and Geography)
  • Language Arts (Reading and Writing combined into one exam)

After passing the GED exam, you are awarded the Hawaii High School Equivalency diploma. This document is nationwide accepted in exactly the same way as a regular high school diploma by virtually all recruiters, employers, government institutions, and colleges and universities.

Hawaii GED Requirements 

  • In Hawaii, GED applicants must be at least 16 years old.
  • For 16 or 17-year-olds, though, additional strict requirements apply. Underage applicants must use Form 4140 (Exceptions to Compulsory Education). Please contact your school or a GED testing center.   
  • Hawaii has no residency requirements.
  • You only qualify if you never completed high school and are not signed up for another school program.
  • To be able to receive your HSE diploma in Hawaii, you are required to complete at least 60 hours of adult education before you are allowed to sit for the exam.

In Hawaii, you are allowed two subtest retakes without a waiting period, but this does NOT apply to online testing. If you fail a subtest three times, however, a 60-day waiting period will be required.

Your first two retakes are offered at a discounted rate of $10 for the test center fee, provided you take these retests within one year. After that, the regular fees will apply again.

Hawaii GED Prep Classes

You can prepare for the GED Hawaii test by studying online, or you can choose a traditional GED prep class near you. Click on your nearest city to find all GED prep sites.

Hawaii GED Testing Centers

Hickam AFB
US Military NTC – 900 Hangar Ave – Hickam AFB – HI 96853 – Ph: (808) 543.8053
Hangar 2, Room 209-DoD only
Waipahu Comm. School for Adults (Rm B-102) – 155 W Kawili St – Hilo – HI 96720 – Ph: (808)  480.3231
GED in HawaiiHonolulu
McKinley Community School for Adults – 634 Pensacola St – Honolulu – HI 96814 – Ph: (808) 594.0540
McKinley Comm. School for Adults-Maui – 179 Kaahumanu St – Kahului – HI 96732 – Ph: (808) 873.3082
Waipahu School for Adults-Windward Campus – 730 Illiaina St – Kailua – HI 96734 – Ph: (808) 307.1455
Waipahu Comm. School for Adults – Rm F-2 – 74-5062 Onipa’a St – Kailua-Kona – HI 96740 – Ph: (808) 313.3032
US Military Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii
MCBH Fifth Street, Kaneohe, HI 96863, Phone: 808-544-9314 – DoD only
Waipahu School for Adults-Waipahu/Kapolei – 91-5007 Kapolei Pkwy – Kapolei – HI 96707 – Ph: (808) 305.8340
McKinley Community School for Adults (Building P12) – 3607-A Lala Rd – Lihue – HI 96766 – Ph: (808) 274.3390
Pearl Harbor
US Military NTC – 1260 Pierce St – Pearl Harbor – HI 96860 – Ph: (808) 687.7081
Building 679, 2nd Floor, Room 207-DoD only
Schofield Barracks
US Military NTC Education Center (Yano Hall)
Schofield Barracks Campus – Hawaii 96857 – Ph: (808) 687.7093
Wahiawa Comm. School for Adults – 1515 California Ave – Wahiawa – HI 96786, Ph: (808) 305.3200

Prepare Well for the Hawaii GED Test

You can sign up for the GED exam if you have no high school diploma and are not currently signed up for any school program. Contact your local GED test center for details, or check our posts where you can find information as well.

If you want to go for your GED Hawaii HSE certificate or diploma, the following guidelines will get you ahead: Find a GED prep site close to you or sign up for a good online GED prep course.

To register for the GED test (one sub-exam at a time if you wish), go online to to set up your account with the portal MyGED. Here, you can schedule and pay for your testing appointments.

When taking the GED tests (four independent tests in Science, Math, Social Studies, and Literacy), make sure to be optimally prepared.

Your local library or bookstore can provide you with decent preparation materials. You can find prep sites via the listing above, and there are some pretty good online preparation courses as well.

Keep in mind that there’s no need to prepare for all four GED sub-exams simultaneously. The four exams can be taken one at a time and in your preferred order.

The GED is fully computer-based and quite challenging. Some forty percent of all high school grads would not be able to pass the GED exam on the first try! So proper preparation is your key to success.

The GED Exam

The GED exam directs students better towards knowledge and skills required by employers, so the test takers will be adequately prepared for the employment market and college education.

The computer-based GED exam has some significant advantages: registration is now easier (online), and students can see their scores right after they take the exam. With the former GED test system, they needed to wait in anxiety for at least two weeks.

Preparation has become more important than ever before, so take advantage of everything available.

Online Proctored GED Testing

GED Testing Service also offers the GED exam online, but this option is not offered in Hawaii. To qualify for online GED testing in some other state, you are required to attain a “green” score (in the Likely To Pass zone) on the GED Ready® official practice test.

If you don’t have a high school diploma, the GED exam offers you a wonderful chance to secure a document that is comparable to a high school degree, so take advantage of this opportunity to improve your income and your living standards. Your future can start right now and will be much brighter if you do!

The GED diploma will surely improve your career options, and it also allows for higher education. Don’t forget to check our article about signing up for your GED exam with the portal MyGED.

Free GED Online Prep in Hawaii

GED Scoring

GED scoring occurs on a 100 to 200 scale. The passing score on EACH of the four sub-exams is 145 points. There’s no averaging, so you’ll have to reach that 145-score on each of the sub-exams. No exceptions!

The passing score range is divided into three sections.

  • 145-164 is the GED high school equivalent scoring range
  • 165-174 is the GED college-ready scoring range
  • 175-200 is the GED college-ready PLUS college credits range (up to 10 credits, depending on the college/university and the academic subject)

For more information:
Hawaii State Department of Education
Adult Education Program
1390 Miller St, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808.784.6200

FAQ about GED in Hawaii

How to get a GED in Hawaii?

To get your GED in Hawaii, you must attain passing scores on the four GED subtests. Until the end of 2021, Hawaii was using two options for the state’s high school equivalency testing program, but the HiSET exam is no longer available.

What are the Hawaii GED requirements?

The GED test is for people who don’t hold a high school diploma. In Hawaii, test-takers must be at least 16 years of age, though, for 16/17-year-olds, strict additional requirements count. State residency is not required, but test-takers must first complete 60 hours of adult education before they qualify.

What is the GED cost in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, the entire GED exam costs $174 or $43.50 per individual subtest when taken at a test center. However, you can only take and pay for one of the four GED subtests at a time.

To qualify for taking the GED exam online in another state that has no residency requirement, you’ll need to first reach “likely to pass” (green) results on four GED Ready practice tests that must be bought on the website for $6.99 each, so that’s another 28 dollars!

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