GED in Idaho

In Idaho, candidates for the GED exam can take the four independent GED subtests online or at an official GED testing center.

The state of Idaho uses the computer-based GED exam as the basis for its high school equivalency testing program. The GED program offers adults without a high school diploma the opportunity to get hold of an equivalent degree.

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You can find many facilities in Idaho that offer all the help you need to get geared up for the GED® exam. Just check the list below.

There are four GED modules, or subtests, in Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

There’s no need to deal with the entire GED battery in one session.

In Idaho, the GED testing fee for the four subtests is $30 so $120 in total for the entire GED exam.

This website offers also free and outstanding online help to get your GED diploma fast.

Idaho GED requirements

  • Idaho’s age requirement for students to qualify for GED testing is 16.
  • For applicants 16 and 17 years old, however, strict further restrictions count. Contact your nearest GED test site.
  • Test-takers 16 and 17 years old must, for example, submit the state’s Youth Waiver Form that must be approved by the testing center.
  • Idaho has no residency requirement.
  • Test-takers don’t have to attend a prep course first nor do they have to take the GED Ready® practice test.
  • Applicants cannot already have a high school (or equivalent) credential and not be attending another school program.

Idaho GED cost

The fee is $120 in Idaho (for all 4 tests) – $30 per subject area when the exam is taken at an Idaho testing site. When taken online, however, the GED subtests cost $36 each, so $144 for the full battery.

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Retesting is offered at reduces rates when done at a test center. If you fail a GED subtest, you can retake that section twice at a reduced rate of $10 for the testing center fee but you need to retake the test within a year. After that period, regular fees apply again.

You can retake any subject test twice in Idaho without any wait time. When you have failed a subtest three times, you’ll need to wait at least 60 days before you can retake that subject test again.

GED prep classes in Idaho

You can prepare for the GED test by studying online or you may choose to attend a traditional GED prep class near you. Select your nearest city:

Idaho GED testing centers

Boise State University – 2055 W Cesar Chavez Ln – Boise – ID 83725 – Phone: 208.426.2762
Bonners Ferry
N Idaho College – Suite B – 6791 Main St – Bonners Ferry – ID 83805 – Phone 208.267.3878
Coll. of Southern Idaho – 1600 Parke Ave – Burley – ID 83318 – Phone: 208.732.6534
Coeur d’Alene
North Idaho College – 420 N College Dr – Coeur d’Alene – ID 83814 – Phone: 208.665.5097
GED in IdahoIdaho Falls
College of Eastern Idaho – 1600 S 25th E – Idaho Falls – ID 83404 – Phone: 208.524.3438
Lewis-Clark State College – 500 8th Ave – Lewiston – ID 83501 – Phone: 208.792.2238
McCall College – Ste 127 – 106 E Park St – McCall – ID 83638 – Phone: 208.634.3456
University of Idaho – 1210 Blake Ave – Moscow – ID 83844 – Phone: 208.885.5138
College of Western Idaho – 2407 Caldwell Blvd – Nampa – ID 83651 – Phone: 208.562.2068
Idaho State University – 1001 S 8th Ave – Pocatello – ID 83209 – Phone: 208.282.4506
Round Mountain
Smoky Valley – Round Mountain Library – 73 Hadley Circle – Round Mountain – NV 89045 – Ph: (775) 377.2215
Lemhi Co. Economic Development Association – 803 Monroe St – Salmon – ID 83467 – Phone: 208.756.1567
Twin Falls
College of Southern Idaho – 315 Falls Ave – Twin Falls – ID 83301 – Phone: 208.732.6536

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Introducing online GED testing

Taking the GED exam online is now possible as well. It used to be that the GED exam could only be taken at an official Idaho GED test center but now, that has changed. To qualify for online testing, applicants must attain “Likely to Pass” (green) scores on the GED Ready practice tests.

The GED Ready tests (there’s one for each subject test) are available at for $6 each. So you can add $24 to your total cost of taking the GED exam online. For more details, go to introducing online proctored GED testing.

GED prep – How to start

Please check with your local GED test center or a preparation facility to see if you qualify, and a lot of additional information is offered all through this website. Find a GED prep facility near you and let them help you get all set for the four GED tests or follow a good online GED prep course.

One GED subtest at a time

Registration must be done online via and you need to create your account with the portal MyGED. Testing sites may have specific registration policies so learn all details at your local GED test center to avoid misunderstandings. When you want to sit for the exam, be sure you are totally prepared, but there’s no need to prepare for everything simultaneously.

You can take one of the four tests (modules) at a time. At your local bookstore or community library, you can find lots of preparation materials, and there are also many GED prep classes all across America where dedicated instructors will get you all set, often at no cost at all.

Be well prepared, take the GED exam, and get your own GED diploma. You are also welcome to use our free video lessons ready for the real thing.

Four independent GED tests

The GED exam has four tests on subject fields that measure applicants’ skills and knowledge at the level of high school graduates as requested by universities and colleges and in accordance with modern industry standards.

The four test subjects are Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning Through Language Arts. The GED exam will get you ready to be successful in college and in the employment market.

GED scoring takes place on a scale that goes from 100 to 200.
100-144: below-passing score
145-164: high school equivalency score
165-174: college-ready score
175-200: college-ready + college credits

Free GED online prep in Idaho

GED registration

The GED exam is computer-based and test scores are ready within hours after taking the test. Some other advantages: the GED exam far better measures high school equivalency than earlier versions and is aligned with career readiness standards.

The system is very flexible and allows you to schedule one test at a time and pay only for scheduled tests. The GED website includes a lot of very helpful information and practice tests.

You must be an Idaho resident and at least 16 years old. When you are 16 or 17, you will face specific additional requirements so see your nearest GED testing site.

GED times tests

The GED tests must be taken within a certain time:
Literacy: two and a half hours, but this includes a short break (10 minutes)
Mathematics: one hour and 55 minutes
Science: one hour and 30 minutes
Social Studies: one hour and 10 minutes

When you have passed the GED exam you will receive the GED diploma which is all across America accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma by recruiters, government agencies, universities, and colleges. Documents obtained via the internet are worthless and will not be accepted by employers and institutions of higher education. Please don’t waste your money!

It’s about YOUR future

Getting the GED diploma will certainly improve your life, and at the following locations in key Idaho regions, GED preparation is available. Earning the GED credential is crucial for men and women who did not finish high school: it gives them a better chance to get a job or to be eligible for job advancement and is needed if they wish to further their academic education in college or university.

People that hold a high school or GED credential may expect to make at least $9.600 more annually than workers that do not have a secondary education degree. So you see, earning your GED really pays off!

For more information:
Idaho Career and Technical Education
Len B. Jordan Building
650 W State St, Suite 324
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208.429.5522/5541

FAQ about GED in Idaho

How to get a GED in Idaho?

If you are looking to earn your GED high school equivalency (HSE) diploma in Idaho, you’ll have to pass the four separate tests of the GED exam. The four subtests (modules) are computer-based and cover the academic areas of Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts.

What are the Idaho GED testing requirements?

The GED test offers people who never completed high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree. In Idaho, GED testers must be at least 16 years old. For 16-17-year-old applicants, however, extra requirements apply. There’s no residency requirement in Idaho nor do test-takers first have to attend a prep course or pass a practice test.

What is the GED cost in Idaho?

In Idaho, the entire GED exam will set you back $120 (or $30 per subtest) if you sit for the exam at one of Idaho’s state-designated testing facilities. Taken online, the full GED exam will set you back $144 ($36 per subject test) and you should also take into account the cost of taking four GED Ready tests (in total $24).

You have the option to register and pay for the four GED tests one at a time. To register and schedule the tests, you must set up your account on the website

Last Updated on October 2, 2021.