GED Classes Nampa, Idaho

In this article, you can discover all GED prep facilities and testing sites in the Nampa region. Idaho uses the totally computerized GED exam for its high school equivalency testing program.

The GED test is available online and at state-recognized testing facilities.

The GED® exam offers individuals who couldn’t complete high school another shot at earning an equivalent diploma.

Testing takes place at a level similar to that of graduating high school seniors.

There are four GED subtests in Mathematical Reasoning (Math), Science, Reasoning through Language Arts (Literacy), and Social Studies.

You can take one of the four GED subtests (also referred to as modules) at a time.

In the past, online GED testing was not offered. You needed to show up, in person, at an official Idaho GED testing site.

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Now, with the introduction of an online, proctored GED testing option, that has changed. Read more below

Nampa GED Prep Classes

College of Western Idaho Adult Learning Center-Nampa (Canyon County Center)
2407 Caldwell Blvd – Nampa – ID 83651 – Ph: (208) 562.2068/2063

Centennial Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
3201 Ridgecrest Dr – Nampa – ID 83687 – Ph: (208) 442.4500

Breaking Chains Academy of Development
1703 3rd St N – Nampa – ID 83687 – Ph: (208) 250.7959 or (208) 546.0333
Breaking Change Academy offers a place to study and GED tutoring for youth ages 16 through 18.

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GED Idaho Requirements

GED Prep Sites Around Nampa (Cities In Alphabetic Order)

College of Western Idaho Adult Basic Education
9100 W. Black Eagle Dr – Boise – ID 83709 – Ph: (208) 562.2575
You can see all Boise GED prep sites <- here

Treasure Valley Community College (Harney County Outreach Ctr)
1100 Oregon Ave – Burns – OR 97720 – Ph: (541) 573.1576 or (541)  881.5731

Treasure Valley Community College-Caldwell
317 Happy Day Blvd – Ste 160 – Caldwell – ID 83607 – Ph: (208) 454.9911

CWI Outreach Emmett (@Idaho Dept. of Labor)
288 Hwy 16 – Emmet – ID 83617 – Ph: (208) 562.2040

Meridian Sylvan Learning Center
5390 McDermott Rd – Meridian – ID 83646 – Ph: (208) 297.2191

Nyssa High School HEP Program
824 Adrian Blvd – Nyssa – OR 97913 – Ph: (541) 881.5535 (TVCC)
Classes are provided by Treasure Valley Community College and are part of TVCC’s migrant education program.

Treasure Valley Comm. Coll. Adult Education (Oregon Trail Bldg)
650 College Blvd – Ontario – OR 97914 – Ph: (541) 881.5865

Treasure Valley Comm. Coll. HEP Program (@Oregon Trail Building)
650 College Blvd – Ontario – OR 97914 – Ph: (541) 881.5535
TVCC’s HEP (High School Equivalency Program is for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their dependents and helps them earn their GED diplomas.

Training & Education Consortium (@WorkSource Ontario)
375 SW 2nd Ave – Ontario – OR 97914 – Ph: (541) 889.7864

Snake River Prison GED Instruction
777 Stanton Blvd –  Ontario – OR 97914 – Ph: (541) 881.4739
Not available to the public

Payette Public Library (CWI)
24 S 10th St – Payette – ID 83647 – Ph: (208) 562.2040

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Idaho Free Online GED Classes

Nampa Area GED Testing Centers

College of Western Idaho GED-Nampa Campus
Micron Center for Professional Technical Education (Suite 2105)
5725 E Franklin Rd – Nampa – ID 83687 – Ph: (208) 562.2440

College of Western Idaho Ada County Campus (Lynx Bldg)
Black Eagle Business Park
9300 W Overland Rd – Boise – ID 83709 – Ph: (208) 562.2542

Boise State University
2055 West Cesar Chavez Ln – Boise – ID 83725 – Ph: (208) 426.2762
The Test Center has moved to Chrisway, right across the street from the BSU campus.

McCall Coll. GED Testing Center (Ste 127)
106 E Park St – McCall – ID 83638 – Ph: (208) 634.3456

Treasure Valley Community College
650 College Blvd – Ontario – OR 97914 – Ph: (541) 881.5595

Idaho GED Practice Test

Online GED Testing

Sitting for the GED test via the Internet was, until recently, not possible. There just was no online GED test. If you wished to earn an Idaho GED credential, your personal appearance at one of Idaho’s official GED test sites was required.

Well, now that has all changed with the arrival of an online proctored GED testing option. An online proctor guides you through the process and checks if you do it all according to the regulations. For more information, visit this page: ‘Online GED Testing Introduced.’

GED Passing Score

The GED passing score is 145 on each subtest, so you must score 580 points or more overall, and averaging is not possible. There is no need to take the battery of four tests in a row.

The GED exam includes four individual tests (modules) that you can take one by one at the time you are prepared enough for one of them. You may also register and pay for one test when you feel secure to do so.

The four tests are calibrated on a 100 to 200 scale. 100-144: below passing; 145-164: high school equivalency; 165-174: college-ready; 175-200: college-ready + college credits (up to 10, depending on the college or university).

The GED passing score is set at such a difficulty level that some 40 percent of all high school seniors could not attain passing scores on the first try.