GED Math Lessons

These GED Math lessons provide the core knowledge required to pass the GED Math Test. Every lesson provides a video, text, and a short practice test.

You can repeat a lesson as many times as you want. You don’t need to register for these Math classes and you don’t need to provide your email address.

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Fractions and Decimals

Number Sense




Algebra Laws

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These Math lessons are part of our GED Math Study Guide.

Keep in mind, the GED Math Test measures not only your math knowledge but also to what extent you are able to use critical thinking skills to solve mathematical problems.

You will receive a reference sheet with math symbols and formulas so you won’t have to memorize all those math formulas but you must know how to use them properly.

Our lessons are free, you can access these lessons at any time and on every device, and you can go back to any lesson as many times as you wish. These 44 Math lessons allow you to get familiar with the content and the format of the GED® Math Test.

The provided short practice tests are a great help to check your understanding of each lesson and make you all set for completing the Math lessons fast and efficiently. You may also benefit from the practice tests offered for free on this website.

These lessons are based on the Onsego GED Prep courses. Onsego is created by experienced teachers and Ph.D. graduates from America’s leading universities.

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Last Updated on September 6, 2021.