Algebraic expressions

First, we’ll talk about some algebraic expressions before we will be going over a few examples and talk about a few of our algebraic terms here.

So first, what do we mean by an algebraic expression? Well, I guess you do remember what we mean by a numerical expression. We’ve been talking about that earlier.


Question 1 of 2

1. Simplify this algebraic expression:
5(a + 7) + 2(a + 4)


Question 1 of 2

Question 2 of 2

2. Simplify:  3(b + 4) + 5(b + 2)


Question 2 of 2


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The transcript of the video.

Numeric expressions include numbers & operations. Basically, that’s it. There are no equal signs.

Remember this: expressions don’t have equal signs. Those are equations.

Algebraic expressions are different than numerical expressions because they include variables

Algebraic expressions are expressions that contain numbers, operations, as well as one or more variables.

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So in this case, we have a variable. We have an operation, and we have numbers,
We can’t see our operation, however, if 3x or xy are placed next to each other that is meaning multiplication.

So we have an operation. So these are all examples of our algebraic expressions.

But when we have something like that it is not an algebraic expression as we have no variable. So that would be just one numerical expression.
The same thing when we have: 3 x + 4 = 10

This is also not an algebraic expression, though it has some variable operations. There is an equal sign and that means it is an equation and not an expression at all.

So make sure that you understand what algebraic expressions are and what they include.

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