How to do Ratios

This video covers ratios and percentages. We use ratios for the comparison of amounts or quantities.

A ratio also describes a relationship between \(2\) (two) amounts or quantities.

A ratio, for example, can be used for describing the cost of monthly rent when compared to one’s monthly income.

We can also use ratios to compare, for example, the number of elephants in a zoo with the total number of animals there, or for comparing the number of calories in different ice cream brands per serving.

A ratio is comparing quantities while using division. This meaning that we can set ratios between quantities as division expressions between those same quantities.

For example, if we a platter containing ten \((10)\) sugar cookies and twenty \((20)\) chocolate chip cookies, we can compare these cookies by using a ratio.

We may say: the ratio of our sugar cookies to our chocolate chip cookies is as follows:

\(\frac{sugar\,cookies}{chocolates\,chip \,cookies}=\frac{10}{20}\)


And the ratio of our chocolate chip cookies to our sugar cookies is as follows:

\(\frac{chocolates\,chip \,cookies}{sugar\,cookies}=\frac{20}{10}\)


We can be writing ratios using fractions, words, or also by using a colon which is shown here: The ratio of our sugar cookies to our chocolate chip cookies is: \(10\, to\, 20\), or we write: \(10:20\)

Video Summary and Quiz

1. A basketball player takes \(50\) jump shots during a practice. He makes \(28\) of them. What is the ratio of shots made to shots taken? Simplify the ratio.

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Anne invites a group of friends to a party. Including Anne, there are a total of \(22\) people, \(10\) of whom are women. What is the ratio of women to men at the party?


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