Your Math Skills. Are you a Poet or a Quant?

GED Math is the most feared GED test, and for a reason.

Math is a complicated subject, and there are a lot of rules, theories, and laws.

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It helps if you can prepare properly and to do so, first answer yourself: what are your math skills? Do you find math problems confusing? Or maybe you can grasp math concepts pretty fast?

If you were at a business school, they would ask you: are a poet or a quant?

If you don’t know what that means, let me explain. Poets and Quants are terms commonly used by Business Schools to identify:

• Students who are strong problem solvers and grasp math problem easily. They are called Quants
• Students who can communicate easily but math is a challenge for them. They are called Poets.

Quants are students who, when exposed to systematic Math lessons, will soon feel comfortable with solving math problems.
Poets, on the other hand, will perceive the same math lessons as challenging and “too fast-moving”.
There are also people who combine both skills.

So when you are preparing for the GED Math Test, recognize what your math skills are. Knowing your predisposition, you will be able to optimize your learning strategy and avoid disappointments.

Both Poets and Quants can pass all GED subjects; only “Poets” might need more time to get ready for the Math GED Test.
Although you cannot become a math wizard in a week, passing the GED math test is not rocket science.
You just have to prepare for it. So how do I prepare?
[su_spoiler title=” (Lots of) Practice Makes Perfect

It’s easy to say "I don’t get it” and blame a book, program or a teacher.

This might make you feel better about yourself for a moment, but it will not get you closer to passing the GED Math test.

Make peace with yourself. Yes, learning math is challenging and instead of jumping directly to GED Math prep, start with Pre GED Math lessons. In your Covcell Dashboard, you will see them marked as Pre GED Math lessons. Take these lessons first and follow these suggestions:

GED Math Tips For Poets

1. Follow a sequence of lessons; they start with very simple, basic concepts
2. The concept from one lesson is repeated through 1-2 other lessons and then it will be included in a practice test.

This strategy is called "the rule of three.” You remember and comprehend issues better if the concept is repeated at least three times.What is GED Ready test

3. Get familiar with the language of math: what are the integers, quotient, coefficient, etc. How to do it:  After every Pre GED lessons, you will find links to printable resources that explain new terms related to the lessons.

4. Be patient; you cannot become a super bodybuilder after two workouts. Neither can you achieve the desired proficiency in math after watching just a few video lessons.

5. If you notice that the lessons become too easy, skip them and continue with regular GED prep.

Everyone can pass the GED Math test, and so can you. The only question is, are you committed to it and can you stick to practicing long enough to get ready for the GED Math test?

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