GED Classes Pierre, South Dakota

Posted here are all GED prep class locations and testing sites in the Pierre region. South Dakota uses the computerized GED exam for High School Equivalency testing.

GED testing is available in an online format and at certified South Dakota GED test facilities.

Online GED Classes – Fast and Easy

Prepare Quickly To Pass The GED Test.
Get Your Diploma in 2 Months.

The assessment gives individuals without a high school diploma the opportunity to earn an equivalent credential.

The GED® test measures proficiency at a level similar to that of graduating HS seniors.

GED testing takes place through four subtests that assess proficient in these academic subject areas:

  • Math (Mathematical Reasoning)
  • Science
  • Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts)
  • Social Studies

The four independent, modular GED sub-exams can be completed one test at a time.

In earlier days, online GED testing was never available. Test-takers were required to show up in person at a state-designated testing site.

Online GED classes- Simple, Fast & Easy.
Pass your GED quickly.

This has changed now, though, as we saw the introduction of an online proctored GED test-taking option. Learn more below.

Pierre GED Prep Classes

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
700 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501, Phone: 605-773-3101
Only for general GED information and referrals

The Right Turn
115 E Sioux Ave, Pierre, SD 57501, Phone: 605-773-4755
The Right Turn offers GED prep classes for eligible students at no charge, but the GED tests are NOT free ($200 for the entire battery, $50 for each individual test). Please call the school for a current class schedule. All applicants are required to first take a pre-test for proper placement. The results are evaluated to determine which and how much preparation a student needs before he/she is ready to take the actual GED exam.

South Dakota Women’s Prison-Pierre GED Program
3200 SD-34, Pierre, SD 57501, Phone: 605-773-6636
Not open to the public

GED Requirements in South Dakota

Locations Around Pierre (Cities By Alphabet)

Cornerstones Career Learning Center
420 South Roosevelt Aberdeen, SD 57402, Phone: 605.626.2298
Check all Aberdeen area locations here -> Aberdeen GED Classes

Bismarck Adult Education
1200 College Dr, Bismarck, ND 58501, Ph: 701.323.4530
Check all Bismarck programs here -> Bismarck GED Classes

Oglala Lakota College (Community/Continuing Education Department)
Cheyenne River College Center
100 Lincoln Street, Eagle Butte, SD 57625, Phone: 605-964-8011

Gregory Learning Center
621 Main St, Gregory, SD 57533, Phone: 605-835-8275
GED classes provided by Sinte Gleska University

Cornerstones Career Learning Center Huron
33 3rd Street SE, Suite 202, Huron, SD 57350, Phone: 605-353-7175

Lower Brule Community College
111 Little Partisan Lane, Lower Brule, SD 57548, Phone: 605-473-5510/9232

Sitting Bull College McLaughlin
504 S Main St, McLaughlin, SD 57642, Phone: 605-823-4318/845-3206

AmeriCorps – Sinte Gleska University
101 Antelope Cir, Mission, SD 57555, Phone: 605-856-8202
AmeriCorps members are helping Rosebud Sioux Reservation members get ready for the GED exam.

Cornerstones Career Learning Center
1315 North Main St, Mitchell, SD 57301, Phone: 605-995-8070

Sitting Bull College Mobridge
414 6th St W, Mobridge, SD 57601, Phone: 605-845-5762/3206

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Welcoming Online GED Testing

In the past, taking the GED exam over the Internet was not an option. If you were looking to secure your GED diploma, your personal appearance at an official, state-approved South Dakota GED testing center was required.

Well, the introduction of an online proctored option to sit for the GED test has changed all of that. For more information, check out this article: Welcoming online GED testing.

Free online South Dakota GED course

Pierre Area GED Testing Centers

The Right Turn GED Test Center
124 East Dakota Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota 57501, Phone 605.773.4755

Oglala Lakota College (Cheyenne River Coll Ctr)
113 Lincoln Street, Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625, Phone 605.964.8011

Gregory Learning Center (Sinte Gleska University)
798 Park Avenue, Gregory, South Dakota 57533, Phone 605.835.8275

Huron Cornerstones Career Center
33 3rd Street SE, Huron, SD 57350, Phone 605.353.7175

Sinte Gleska University
260 S Ruth Street, Mission, SD 57555, Phone 605.856.8229

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GED Essay Topics +Tips

Your Future

The certificate or diploma you are awarded upon completion of the GED exam is regarded nationwide as equivalent to a regular high school diploma by practically every employer and institution of higher education.

For all details about the GED program, go to, and when you create your account at the online portal MyGED, you can plan your tests (if you want one at a time) and receive all sorts of useful information on schools, their programs, and the job market.

The GED exam is totally computer-based and includes multiple-choice questions and essay-style questions. The exam comes with 4 testing modules: Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. Because of computer-formatted testing, applicants have all the information in one place, and the exam guarantees a highly flexible and reliable test experience.

The GED exam requires basic keyboarding and computer skills, and these competencies are expected nowadays in just about every career path. The GED exam gives you your test results and study advice almost right away, and you can forward your results to educational institutions. To determine whether you are ready or need extra lessons for the exam, you should take a practice test.