GED Classes Riverside, California

This is a complete overview of GED® class locations and testing centers in the Riverside, California, region.

The new GED exam contains four separate subtests (modules) and allows you to take one of the four tests (literacy, social studies, science, and math) at a time if you want. You have two years to complete all four tests, so there is need to prepare for everything at the same time! To learn if you are eligible for the program, check out: GED in California.

The alternatives TASC and HiSET

On top of the new GED exam is California also offering two alternative high school equivalency testing programs to its residents, the HiSET and the TASC tests. These tests include five subtests (literacy has separate writing and reading tests) that are not modular and are available in both paper-based and computer-formatted versions. Testing sites decide which test(s) they use so get informed!

No online HSE testing

There is NO HSE (high school equivalency) testing offered via the internet, and websites saying something different are only after your money, don’t get fooled. You may also benefit from our free practice tests for your GED exam.

GED Requirements in California

Riverside GED prep sites (by ZIP)

Riverside Co. Off. of Education – Come Back Kids Charter (CBK)
3939 Thirteenth St, Riverside, CA 92501, Ph: 951.826.6530

The Community Foundation (Martha’s Village and Kitchen)
3700 Sixth St, Ste 200 Riverside, CA 92501, Ph: 951.241.7777

Alvord Community Ad. School
10368 Campbell Ave, Riverside, CA 92503, Ph: 951.509.5010

Arlington Regional Learning Center (CBK Program)
6511 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92504, Ph: 951.826.6530/877.726.3225

Grindstaff Come Back Kids Program
9825 County Farm Rd, Riverside, CA 92504, Ph: 877.726.3225

North-West College-Riverside Campus (Bridge Program)
4550 La Sierra Ave, Riverside, CA 92505, Ph: 951.324.4157

Alvord Community Ad. Education
10365 Keller Ave, Riverside, CA 92505, Ph: 951.509.5010

Riverside Adult School (Riverside USD)
6735 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92506, Ph: 951.788.7185

Education Options Center (EOC) (ComeBack Kids Program)
6401 Lincoln Ave, Riverside, CA 92506, Ph: 877.726.3225

Raincross High School Alternative Education
6401 Lincoln Ave, Riverside, CA 92506, Ph: 951.276.7670

American-English Institute
5225 Canyon Crest Dr, Bldg 400, Suite 450, Riverside, CA 92507, Ph: 951.824.6150

Youth Opportunity Ctr
2060 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92507, Ph: 951.826.2272

Riverside Career Center
1325 Spruce St, Suite 110, Riverside, CA  92507, Ph: 951.955.3100

Lincoln Continuation High School 
4341 Victoria Ave, Riverside, CA 92507, Ph: 951.788.7372

Jurupa Adult Education 
4041 Pacific Ave, Riverside, CA 92509, Ph: 951.222.7739

CFLC Rubidoux Youth Opportunity Center (Come Back Kids Program) 
5656 Mission Blvd, CBK Room, Riverside, CA 92509, Ph: 877.726.3225

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GED Requirements in California

Locations around Riverside (cities by alphabet)

Banning Adult School
541 N Alessandro Road, Banning, CA 92220, Ph: 951.922.2740

Dr. Johnson Learning Center (Come Back Kids Program)
671 North Florida Avenue, Rm C4, Banning, CA 92220, Ph: 877.726.3225

Beaumont Library Adult Literacy Program
125 E 8th Street, Beaumont, CA 92223, Ph: 951.845.1357

Beaumont Adult School
1575 Cherry Avenue, Beaumont, CA 92223, Ph: 951.845.6012 x 7

Read Now – Corona Publ. Library Ad. Literacy Program
650 S Main St, Corona, CA 92882, Ph: 951.279.3789

Corona – Norco Ad. School
300 Buena Vista Ave, Corona, CA 92882, Ph: 951.736.3325
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Riverside Comm. College – Young at Heart program
152 E. 6th St, Corona, CA 92879, Ph: 951.328.3811

Jurupa Adult Education
4041 Pacific Avenue, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509, Ph: 951.222.7739

Mead Valley Community Center
21091 Rider Street, Mead Valley, CA 92570, Ph: 951.210.1580
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Moreno Valley Adult Education
24551 Dracaea Avenue, Building D, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, Ph: 909.485.5650

Moreno Valley Community Adult School
13550 Indian Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, Ph: 951.571.4790

Moreno Valley Regional Learning Center (Come Back Kids Program)
13730 Perris Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, Ph: 877.726.3225

Perris Adult Education
418 West Ellis Ave, Perris, CA 92570, Ph: 951.943.6194

The OASIS HSE Program
351 Wilkerson Ave (Ste F), Perris, CA 92570, Ph: 951.657.7105

Val Verde Regional Learning Center
3010 Webster Avenue, Perris, CA 92571, Ph: 951.826.4300

TAY Center Rancho Cucamonga HSE Classes
9047 Arrow Rte, Suite 170, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730, Ph: 877.760.0770
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TAY Center San Bernardino GED Classes
700 East Gilbert St, San Bernardino, California 92415, Ph: 909.387.7194
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San Jacinto Ad. & Community Education HSE Classes
1000 Ramona Blvd, San Jacinto, California 92582, Ph: 951.487.7710

Betty Gibbel Regional Ed. Center (Come Back Kids Program)
1251 Eagle Rd, San Jacinto, CA 92543, Ph: 877.7263.225

Yucaipa Adult School
35948 Susan Street, Yucaipa, CA 92399, Ph: 909-790-8580

Yucaipa Adult School
12787 3rd Street, Yucaipa, CA 92399, Ph: 909-797-0121

GED Requirements in California

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Riverside GED testing centers

Riverside Adult and Alternative Education
6735 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92506, Pho 951.788.7185

Beaumont Adult School
1575 Cherry Avenue, Beaumont, CA 92223, Ph: 951.845.6012

Desert Edge High School
1626 Hargrave Street, Banning, CA 92220, Ph: 909.922.7361

Moreno Valley Adult Education
24551 Dracaea Avenue, Building D, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, Ph: 909.485.5650

Yucaipa Adult School
35948 Susan Street, Yucaipa, CA 92399, Ph: 909.790.8580

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GED Requirements in California

An important step – GED

So you’re thinking about taking one of the best possible steps in your life…acquiring your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma! This will not only open doors to colleges and universities but give you the chance to change your career, find a good job or just do that what you’ve always dreamed of.

Most people take on the GED exactly for those reasons: they want to get their HSE credential to obtain more interesting job opportunities, to continue with their educational dreams or to pursue personal goals. Whatever your specific reason may be for earning the HSE certificate, the people at GED preparation classes are there to help you reach your goals.

GED passing score

The new GED exam required that you acquired at least a score of 150 points on each of the four tests, but because this was set too high, it was reduced to 145. So in total, you cannot score less than 580 points. The General Education Development (GED) credential is generally accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma, and though you did not finish high school, you will have gained a lot of knowledge and skills by experience, by reading, or by some sort of other training, and the four GED tests are developed to assess an applicant’s academic level compared to what students have learned in four years of high school.


Since the beginning of 2014, there are two other high school equivalency (HSE) assessment programs available in the U.S. (the TASC and the HiSET), and California has decided to offer these two possibilities to its residents as well, but individual test sites can decide which testing program they will use for HSE testing.

Please get in touch with a test site close to you to find out which system(s) that site uses. The TASC and the HiSET both have a paper and a computer format, and are not as expensive as the new ‘digitalized’ GED exam, and they include five tests (the literacy section has two tests, one on reading, and one on writing).

GED and the economy

These days, there over 4 million jobs in America that cannot be filled. For the larger part, this is for the reason that in the US there are not sufficient qualified men and women to fulfill this need. Most of these jobs require a high school diploma or similar and there simply not enough people who satisfy this elementary qualification.

The strange thing is that the same time, we can find over forty million people in America who never finished high school. The shortage of qualified workers affects the national economy enormously, the economy is not running at full capacity. When you will obtain your HSE certificate, you may very well get hold of one of these well-paying positions and get a better income. But on top of that, securing your HSE diploma will let work toward a better future life for your family as well, while you will be helping boost the entire economy all the same. Going for your HSE diploma will be the first and crucial move toward a greater life.

Test Takers Tips

Set targets and ambitions and write them down on a piece of paper. Ensure that you are always striving to get to those goals. Sometimes it could be hard to get the inspiration you require in order to be successful at your targets however you could use the targets themselves as the motivation you call for.

Keep your paper on you and if you are beginning to really feel downbeat or unconvinced about your goals then check out your notepad and remember why you are pressing on your own. Structuring your life this way could appear like it loses its spontaneity yet that does not have to hold true.

Locate a job you such as, set up a company, and have fun doing it but always keep that in mind if a great possibility surface you should take it with both hands. It is worse not to try something and not recognize whether it would certainly have been successful than it is to never ever try anything.

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