GED Classes San Bernardino, California

Last Updated on April 28, 2024.

This post lists all GED prep sites and testing centers in the San Bernardino area. California offers two options for High School Equivalency testing, the HiSET and GED.

These exams can now be taken online or at one of California’s designated testing sites. You can learn more about online testing below.

The GED and HiSET exams give adults who never graduated high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

Both exams measure proficiency at a level comparable to that of graduating HS seniors.

The GED has four separate subtests that assess your knowledge of these subjects:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Studies
  • English Language

You may write these independent modules (sub-exams) separately and in any desired order.

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The HiSET has five subtests that can be taken separately as well. The section “Literacy” has individual reading and writing tests.

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If online learning suits you well, continue with Onsego GED Prep, an accredited, comprehensive course that will help you get your GED fast. If not, check out the facilities listed below.

The GED is completely computer-based, while the HiSET is available on paper and on a computer.

Visit our post “GED Testing In California” to learn more about fees associated with GED or HiSET testing and qualification requirements in California.

San Bernardino GED Prep Classes

Inland Career Education Center (San Bernardino Adult School)
1200 N E St – San Bernardino – CA 92405 – Phone: (909) 388.6000 ext. 266

COPE College & Career Readiness Program
600 N Arrowhead Ave – Ste 300 – San Bernardino – CA 92401 – Phone: (909) 888.7881 x 1252
COPE stands for Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement.

YouthBuild Inland Empire
555 N Arrowhead Ave – San Bernardino – CA 92401 – Phone: (909) 890.9106

First Institute Training and Management (Five Keys)
1535 E Highland Ave – Suite B – San Bernardino – CA 92404 – Phone: (323) 685.2782

Jack L. Hill Lifelong Learning Center (Norman F. Feldheym Library)
555 West 6th St – San Bernardino – CA 92410 – Phone: (909) 381.8201/8205

Inland Empire Job Corps Center
3173 Kerry St – San Bernardino – CA 92427 – Phone: (909) 887.6305

Locations around San Bernardino (Cities by Alphabet)

Dr. Milo P Johnson Ctr for Learning (Come Back Kids)
671 N Florida Ave (Room C-4) – Banning – CA 92220 – Phone: (1-877) 726.3225

Banning Alternative Ed. GED Instruction
1151 W Wilson St – Banning – CA 92220 – Phone: (951) 922.2740/0268

Beaumont Library GED Classes
125 East 8th St – Beaumont – CA 92223 – Phone: (951) 845.1357

Beaumont Adult School GED Program
1575 Cherry Ave – Beaumont – CA 92223 – Phone: (951) 845.6012
Southwest Riverside County Adult Education Regional Consortium

Colton Unified School District Adult Education (Inland Adult Education Consortium)
18829 Orange St – Bloomington – CA 92316 – Phone: (909) 580.5034

Colton Center for Employment Training
1099 N Pepper Ave – Colton – CA 92324 – Phone: (909) 478.3818
With CET’s Adult Ed. Career Pathways program, you can pursue a technical education certificate while studying for your GED.

Fontana Adult School
10755 Oleander Ave – Fontana – CA 92337 – Phone: (909) 357.5490

Sylvan Rancho Foothills
7273 Citrus Ave – Suite 300 – Fontana – CA 92336 – Phone: (909) 581.4229

Chaffey Adult School GED Classes
1802 East 7th St – Ontario – California 91764 – Ph: (909) 391.5365
For all Ontario-region GED programs, visit GED courses in and around Ontario

Redlands Adult School
1214 Indiana Court – Building B – Redlands – CA 92374 – Phone: (909) 748.6930

Sylvan Redlands
101 E Redlands Blvd – Suite 140 – Redlands – CA 92373 – Phone: (909) 435.0333

Rialto Adult School (Inland Adult Education Consortium)
324 N Palm Ave – Building G – Rialto – CA 92376 – Phone: (909) 879.6010

Riverside Ad. Education GED Classes
6735 Magnolia Ave – Riverside – CA 92506 – Phone: (951) 788.7185
Check out all Riverside area GED preparation courses here: GED programs in the Riverside area

Yucaipa Adult School GED Program
35948 Susan St – Yucaipa – CA 92399 – Phone: (909) 790.8580

Yucaipa Adult School (Inland Adult Education Consortium)
12358 6th St – Yucaipa – CA 9239 – Phone: (909) 790.6192

San Bernardino Area GED Test Centers

From San Bernardino, Cities in Alphabetical Order

San Bernardino Adult School (GED)
1200 North E Street, San Bernardino, CA 92405, Phone 909-388-6000

Inland Empire Job Corps (HiSET)
3173 Kerry Street, San Bernardino, CA 92407, Phone 909-793-3115

Colton Joint Unified Adult School (GED)
18829 Orange Street, Bloomington, CA 92316, Phone 909-793-3115

Fontana Adult Evening High School (GED)
10755 Oleander Avenue, Fontana, CA 92337, Phone 909-357-5490

Moreno Valley Adult Education (GED)
13350 Indian Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, Phone 951-571-4790

Chaffey Adult School (GED and HiSET)
1802 E 7th Street, Ontario, CA 91764, Phone 909-391-5365

Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occup Program (GED, HiSET)
1226 Indiana Court, Redlands, CA 92374, Phone 909-793-3115

Riverside Adult School (GED)
6735 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506, Phone 951-788-7185

Yucaipa CA Adult School (GED, HiSET)
12358 6th Street, Suite B, Yucaipa, CA 92399, Phone 909-790-6192

Online HiSET and GED Testing

There is now also a possibility to sit for the GED or HiSET exam over the Internet. You were required to come to one of California’s state-approved testing centers and sit for the exams in person, but those days are gone.

The GED and HiSET tests are now also offered in proctored, online versions. To learn more about these developments, check out these posts: ‘The online HiSET test’ and to learn more about the GED, go to ‘The online proctored GED exam.’

Four GED Tests

The GED exam more closely examines what educational organizations and enterprises expect GED graduates to know and understand. To complete the GED subtests, you are allowed these time frames:

  • Language: 155 minutes (including a small break)
  • Mathematics: 120 minutes
  • Science: 90 minutes
  • Social Studies: 70 minutes

The HiSET has two literacy tests (one on writing and one on reading), so five sub-tests in total.

Passing Scores

The GED passing score on each subtest is 145 on a 100-200 scale. There are three GED passing score ranges:

  • 145-164 = high school equivalency
  • 165-174 = college-ready
  • 175-200 = college-ready + credit

Scores on the HiSET exam are calibrated on a 0-20 scale, and the passing score on each of the five HiSET sub-exams is 8 points. Your overall score must be at least 45, while your essay score must be at least 2 out of 6.

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