GED Classes San Bernardino, California

This post lists all GED® prep sites and testing centers in the San Bernardino area.

California offers three options for High School Equivalency (HSE) testing, the HiSET, TASC, and GED.

HSE testing gives adults who never graduated high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

All three HSE exams measure proficiency at a level comparable to that of graduating HS seniors.

The GED has four separate subtests in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy, that must be completed within two years.

The TASC and HiSET have five subtests that can be taken separately as well. The sections “Literacy” have individual reading and writing tests.

The GED is completely computer-based while the TASC and HiSET are available in both on-paper and on-computer.

GED prep locations in San Bernardino (by ZIP)

CA GED Practice Tests

San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency
600 N Arrowhead Ave – Ste 300 – San Bernardino – CA 92401 – Phone: (909) 888.7881

C.O.P.E. (Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement)
600 N Arrowhead Ave – Ste 300 – San Bernardino – CA 92401 – Phone: (909) 888.7881 x 1252

San Bernardino Adult School (Inland Career Education Center)
1200 N E St – San Bernardino – CA 92405 – Phone: (909) 384.4418

Provisional Accelerated Learning Academy (PAL Center)-HSE Program
2450 Blake St – San Bernardino – CA 92407 – Phone: (909) 887.7002

The Rock Church and World Outreach Center 
2345 S Waterman Ave – San Bernardino – CA 92408, Phone: (909) 825.8887

Center for Employment Training
1430 Cooley Court – San Bernardino – CA 92408 – Phone: (909) 478.3818
This center is closed

Operation Hand Up
2345 S Waterman Ave – San Bernardino – CA 92408 – Phone: (909) 835.1313

Jack L. Hill Lifelong Learning Center (Norman F. Feldheym Library)
555 West 6th St – San Bernardino – CA 92410 – Phone: (909) 381.8201

YouthBuild Inland Empire 
2750 West 2nd St – San Bernardino – CA 92410 – Phone: (909) 890.9106

San Bernardino TAY Center
700 E Gilbert St – San Bernardino – CA 92415 – Phone: (909) 387.7194

Inland Empire Job Corps Center
3173 Kerry St – San Bernardino – CA 92427 – Phone: (909) 887.6305

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GED Requirements in California

Locations around San Bernardino (cities by alphabet)

Dr. Milo P. Johnson Center for Learning (Come Back Kids Program)
671 N Florida Ave (Room C-4) – Banning – CA 92220 – Phone: (1-877) 726.3225

Banning Adult School
541 N Alessandro Rd – Banning – CA 92220 – Phone: (951) 922.2740

Beaumont Library HSE Classes
125 East 8th St – Beaumont – CA 92223 – Phone: (951) 845.1357

Beaumont Ad. School HSE Program 
1575 Cherry Ave – Beaumont – CA 92223 – Phone: (951) 845.6012

Read To Learn Adult Literacy Program
41930 Garstin Dr – Big Bear Lake – CA 92315 – Phone: (909) 866.4512

Colton Unified School District Adult Education (Inland Adult Education Consortium)
18829 Orange St – Bloomington – CA 92316 – Phone: (909) 384.4418

Lake Arrowhead Literacy
27235 Hwy 189 – Blue Jay – CA 92317 – Phone: (909) 337.5420

Washington Alt. High School
900 East C St – Colton – CA 92324 – Phone: (909) 589.5011

Colton Center for Employment Training
1099 N Pepper Ave – Colton – CA 92324 – Phone: (909) 478.3818

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center
18000 Institution Rd – Devore – CA 92407 – Phone: (909) 473.3689

Adult Evening HS Fontana
10755 Oleander Ave – Fontana – CA 92337 – Phone: (909) 357.5490

Fontana Adult School
9453 Citrus Ave – Fontana – CA 92335 – Phone: (909) 357.5555

El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center (Fountain of Truth Church)
5401 Citrus Ave – Fontana – CA 92336 – Phone: (909) 884.3735

CityLink Classes (Water of Life Community Church)
16779 Spring St – Fontana – CA 92335 – Phone: (909) 463.0103

Chaffey Adult School HSE Classes 
1802 East 7th St – Ontario – California 91764 – Ph: (909) 391.5365
For all Ontario-region HSE programs visit:  GED courses in and around Ontario CA

Redlands Adult School
10568 California St – Redlands – CA 92373 – Phone: (909) 748.6930

Redlands Adult School (Inland Adult Education Consortium)
820 W Stuart Ave – Redlands – CA 92374 – Phone: (909) 384.4418

The Blessing Center
760 E. Stuart Ave – Redlands – CA 92374 – Phone: (909) 793.5677

Rialto Adult School
266 W Randall Ave – Rialto – CA 92376 – Phone: (909) 820.7785

Rialto Alternative Adult School (Inland Adult Education Consortium)
324 N. Palm Ave – Building G – Rialto – CA 92376 – Phone: (909) 384.4418

Riverside Ad. Education HSE Classes
6735 Magnolia Ave – Riverside – CA 92506 – Phone: (951) 788.7185
Check out all Riverside area HSE preparation courses here: GED programs in the Riverside area

Yucaipa Adult School GED Program
35948 Susan St – Yucaipa – CA 92399 – Phone: (909) 790.8580

Yucaipa Adult School (Inland Adult Education Consortium)
12358 6th St – Yucaipa – CA 9239 – Phone: (909) 384.4418

Yucaipa Adult School GED
12787 Third St – Yucaipa – CA 92399 – Phone: (909) 797.0121

GED vs. HiSET and TASC

San Bernardino area GED Test Centers

San Bernardino Adult School
1200 N E St – San Bernardino – CA 92405 – Phone: (909) 388.6000

Fontana Adult Evening High School
10755 Oleander Ave – Fontana – CA 92337 – Phone (909) 357.5490

Redlands Adult School
10568 California St – Redlands – CA 92373 – Phone: (909) 748.6930

Yucaipa CA Adult School GED
35948 Susan St – Yucaipa – CA 92399 – Phone: (909) 790.8580

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GED Requirements in California

GED-the beginning

The GED (General Education Development) program is a high school equivalency (HSE) exam for adults who don’t have a high school diploma. The program is administrated by GED TS ( GED Testing Service) and was originally established during the Second World War to offer returning veterans.

These mostly young adults who went to war before finishing high school were given the opportunity to finish their high school education so they could go to college or become active members of the American workforce. A few years later, civilians could take the GED exam as well, and in the years 1950 – 1980 they used the GED exam mostly to improve their results for professional goals.

The GED exam

Over the last decades, the General Education Development program was updated three times to get and stay in line with educational and professional changes and requirements but the most impressive and comprehensive changes came with the most recent revision that was implemented a few years way back. The GED exam is fully “digitalized” (offered only on a computer), it is brought in line with the Common Core Education Standards. and is again a trustworthy alternative to a high school diploma for educational institutions and employers.

TASC-HiSET alternatives

California additionally introduced two nationally available HSE (High School Equivalency) exams, the TASC and the HiSET. These exams are offered on paper and on a computer, whereas the new GED is only offered computer-based. They have five sub-tests and are cheaper than the GED exam. Testing centers are free to choose which of the three (or multiple) exams they use, so get properly informed to avoid disappointment.

Check out this page that links to all GED programs and testing locations in the USA.

GED and your future

Today there are more than 4 million American jobs that still are unfilled, and most of these positions require candidates to hold at least a high school or equivalent education. The shortfall of sufficiently trained individuals affects our economy in a very negative way, it could be running far better, especially when you know there are almost 39 million American adults who don’t hold a secondary education degree (high school or GED diploma).

When you earn your High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma through the GED, TASC, or HiSET exam, you will have a great chance to secure one of those better-paying positions. Getting your HSE credential will enable you to boost your personal income, to better take care of your family, while you will be supporting the American economy at the same time. Earning your GED diploma is a great step towards a better life for you and your loved ones.

Four tests (GED)

The TASC and HiSET still have five testing subject fields, but the GED exam has combined the writing and reading sections into one Literacy test. The GED exam more closely examines what educational organizations and enterprises expect GED graduates to know and understand. The four GED tests are in Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

To complete the GED subtests, you are allowed these time frames: Literacy: 155 minutes (including a small break), Mathematics: 120 minutes, Science: 90 minutes, and Social Studies: 70 minutes. For those studying online or at home we have reviewed GED prep books. TASC and HiSET have two literacy tests (one on writing and one on reading), so five sub-tests in total. HiSET passing score on each subtest: between 8 and 20 points, between 2 and 6 on the essay, and between 45 and 100 in total. TASC passing score for each one of the five subject tests: between 500 and 800 points (so overall at least 2250), and between 2 and 8 on the essay part.

Who qualifies?

Applicants can take the GED exam if they meet these requirements: they cannot already hold a secondary education degree (high school or GED diploma), they must not be signed up for any other school program, and they must be no younger than 17 and also residents of the state of California. Bear in mind that 17 and 18-year-old applicants must meet more and stricter regulations, so get in touch with a GED test center in your region.

GED passing score

On each of the four tests you needed to score at least 150 of 200 possible points, but that was adjusted to 145. So now your overall score must be 580 or higher. HiSET and TASC have different passing scores.

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