GED Classes Vacaville, California

This article lets you discover all GED® preparatory options and testing facilities in the Vacaville region.

California offers multiple options to adults wishing to earn their high school equivalency (HSE) credential.

The HSE program is for people who left high school before graduating and offers them the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The fully computer-based GED exam includes four individual subtests (modules) in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy.

These GED modules need to be completed within two years. This only counts for the GED!

The state also welcomed the TASC and the HiSET exams that have five subtests as there are separate writing and reading tests.

All three HSE tests measure proficiency at a level that’s comparable to that of graduating high school seniors.

The GED is only offered in a fully computerized format, whereas HiSET and TASC are still offered on paper and computer-based.

Vacaville HSE prep sites

GED Requirements in California

Solano Community College-Vacaville (Project HYPE)
2001 N Village Pkwy | Vacaville | CA 95688 | Ph: (707) 863-7872

Vacaville Adult Education
100 W Monte Vista Ave | Vacaville | CA 95687 | Ph: (707) 453-6018
GED classes held at Muzetta Thrower Adult Education Ctr (Country High School)

Vacaville Adult Education
100 McClellan St | Suite A | Vacaville | CA 95688 | Ph: (707) 453-6959

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Prep sites around Vacaville (cities by alphabet)

California Free GED Practice Test

Davis Adult Education
315 West 14th St | Davis | CA 95616 | Ph: (530) 757.5380

Dixon Adult Education
180 South First St | Dixon | CA 95620 | Ph: (707) 693-6300

Travis Adult School 
2751 DeRonde Dr | Fairfield | CA 94533 | Ph: (707) 437-8265
For all options in Fairfield click here

Lemon Hill Education & Career Center 
5451 Lemon Hill Avenue | Sacramento | CA 95824 | Ph: (916) 433.2600
Check out all Sacramento options here

California Free GED Online Classes

Vacaville area HSE test centers

Vacaville Adult School
100 W Monte Vista Ave | Vacaville | CA 95687 | Ph: (707) 453.6018

State Prison Solano
2100 Peabody Rd | Vacaville| CA 95696 | Ph: (707) 451.0182
Not publicly available

Fairfield-Suisun Adult School
900 Travis Blvd | Fairfield | CA 94533 | Ph: (707) 421.4155

How to choose online classes

For who is the GED test?

The GED (General Education Development) exam, just like the HiSET and TASC, is specially developed for adults who never completed high school, and is meant to give them another chance to obtain a comparable diploma. Make sure you’ll be perfectly prepared if you want to acquire your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma in Fairfield. Online HSE testing is not available. You need to come to a state-certified testing center. Go to GED in California for eligibility requirements.

After passing the now computer-based California GED exam you will be awarded the HSE certificate. This diploma is all over the country recognized and accepted as a regular high school diploma by government agencies, recruiters, businesses, and colleges and universities. See also this website’s video program to get ready for the HSE test fast.


The HSE program is for persons who never finished high school and gives them one more chance to get hold of a diploma that is across North America seen as the equivalency of a regular high school degree. All three tests (GED, HiSET, and TASC) will result in, upon successful completion, the California High School Equivalency Diploma, a credential that is your ticket to higher education and better job options.

The TASC and HiSET are used in the same way as the GED but are a little bit more affordable than the GED test. These alternatives are also available both in a computer- and a paper-based format and contain five subtests (literacy is split up into separate writing and reading tests).

On each TASC subtest, you must attain at least 500 out of 800 points while your essay score must be no less than 2 (out of8). On the HiSET, you’ll have to reach a score of no less than 8 out of 20 points and also here, your essay score has to be at least a 2 and your total score must be in the 45-100 range.

Community College and Career Training

The HSE diploma allows for continued education in college. Let’s take a closer look. Depending on your career goals, educational level, college budget, and personal responsibilities, a community college or career school may be suiting your needs even better than any 4-year college would do.

If you’re not sure in what way these types of schools differ, read on, and you’ll understand. A community college (also referred to as junior college, city college, or technical college) is typically offering 2-year college degree courses and programs in some majors. On top of these 2-year degrees (called associate’s degrees), some community colleges are also offering vocational training and professional certificates.

Community Colleges are offering their students usually lots of flexibility, both when it comes to the choice of majors and whether you want to attend a part-time, full-time, evening, or weekend program.

Career Training Schools, on the other hand, generally only offer job training and certificate programs. These schools are also referred to as trade schools or vocational schools, as they provide specialized training courses for specific occupations or careers.

Students are choosing community colleges and career school for a number of reasons, both professional and personal and vocational. Community colleges or career training schools may be just what you want. For example, if you’re looking to learn specialized job skills or if you think about a transfer to 4-year colleges after you’ve earned your associate’s degree. Maybe you want to explore career options and majors while deciding on what you’d like to do.

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