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In this article, we have listed all GED® prep facilities and testing locations in the Fairfield area.

California welcomed the entirely computer-based GED test for its High School Equivalency (HSE) testing program.

Additionally, the state embraced two alternative tests for this purpose, the TASC and HiSET exams.

The HSE program is for adults learners without a high school diploma and provides another chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED is fully computerized whereas the HiSET and TASC are offered in both a paper-based and a computerized format.

All three HSE exams measure knowledge at a level that students must command after four years in high school.

The GED has four independent modules (subtests) in literacy, social studies, math, and science that must be completed in two years.

The HiSET and TASC exams have five subtests as the literacy section has separate reading and writing tests. These five subtests can also be taken individually.

Fairfield HSE prep classes

Free California GED Practice Tests

Fairfield-Suisun Adult School
900 Travis Boulevard, Fairfield, CA 94533, Phone: 707-421-4155

Armijo Adult School
824 Washington Street, Fairfield, CA 94533, Phone: 707-438-3378

Workforce Investment Board
320 Campus Lane, Fairfield, CA 94534, Phone: 707-864-3370

Adult School of Travis
2751 DeRonde Drive, Fairfield, CA 94533, Phone: 707-437-8265

Claybank Detention Facility (Five Keys Schools & Programs)
2500 Clay Bank Road, Fairfield, CA 94533, Phone: 707-784-7190
Not available to the general public

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CA GED Requirements

Locations around Fairfield (cities by alphabet)

Napa Library Literacy Ctr
580 Coombs Street, Napa, California 94559, Phone: 707.253.4283
All Napa options can be found on this page

Wind River Adult Education
445 Montezuma St, Rio Vista, California 94571, Phone: 707-374-1730

Sonoma County Ad. Literacy League
651 Yolanda Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, Ph: 707.539.3848
For all Santa Rosa area locations go to Santa Rosa GED Courses

Vacaville Adult School
100 West Monte Vista Avenue, Vacaville, California 95687, Phone: 707.453.6018
For all Vacaville area options click here

Vallejo Career Ctr
2833 Tennessee Street, Vallejo, California 94591, Phone: 707.556.5620
See all Vallejo area options here

Somos Napa (Napa Valley Ad. Education)
P.O. Box 2344, Yountville, California 94599, Ph: 707-480-7436

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California Free online GED course

Fairfield area HSE testing centers

Fairfield-Suisun Ad. School | HSE testing Center
900 Travis Blvd – Fairfield – California 94533 – Ph: 707.421.4155

Vacaville Adult School | HSE testing Center
100 West Monte Vista Ave – Vacaville – CA 95687 – Ph: 707.453.6018

Napa Valley Coll.
2277 Napa Vallejo Hwy – Napa – CA 94558 – Ph: 707.253.3270

GED Essay Topics and Sample

Adjusted GED passing score

Listed on this page is an overview of all California GED classes and testing sites in Fairfield and surroundings that offer proper preparation. If you wish to learn all about the adjustment of the GED pass scores (brought back from 150 to 145 points two years after the new GED introduction), check out this GED passing score news post. TASC and HiSET have their own scoring systems  Go to HSE Testing Requirements in California to see if you qualify.

What is the GED exam?

The GED (General Educational Development) exam is a series of four independent tests that measure the academic skills, knowledge, and development of adults who did not complete their high school training. The GED credential is accepted as the equivalency of a high school diploma that is necessary for most employment options.

The GED credential also satisfies entrance requirements for community colleges, vocational schools, and universities. TASC and HiSET come with separate reading and writing tests (so five in total) and serve the same purpose. You may very well benefit from the totally free practice tests for your GED, TASC, or HiSET exam that are offered on this website.

HSE testing eligibility criteria

To be eligible to take the HSE exam in California, an applicant needs to be California residents, but members of the armed forces stationed in California also qualify. Candidates must be at least 18 years old, and not be engaged in another school program. Those who are 17, must have been out of school for no less than 60 days, and provide a request letter indicating the need to sit for the exam from the military, from a college or university, or from an employer.

If you are 17 when you pass the HSE exam, you will not receive your equivalency diploma until your 18th birthday. For the remaining period, you will receive a letter of intent stating that your certificate is held until your 18th birthday.

GED diploma & the economy

These days, very unlike the 1960s, we see a lot of young people, especially in minority neighborhoods, quit their high school education prematurely, and sometimes at astronomical rates. Maybe more than ever before, secondary education is crucial, also if they want to find entry-level jobs. Obtaining a secondary credential (HS or GED diploma) is required if they want to be productive members of our societies.

HSE diploma vs high school diploma

The GED or HSE credential is usually needed for employment purposes and most employers are accepting either of the diplomas. Major exceptions are some branches of the military where a high school diploma is preferred over a California HSE certificate.

Another major concern is the time frame, how long will it take you to earn a GED certificate or to get a high school diploma. It is mostly assumed that the GED track is faster, but this is not always the case. It all depends on the number of high school credits you already have by the time you sign up for adult school. When you’ll start attending adult school while already having most of the credits for graduation, the high school completion track will practically always be faster.

If, however, you still must have a good deal of credits, going after the GED credential will generally be the fastest completion pathway. When in doubt, the best thing to do is contact a counselor to determine which will be your fastest and best option, but remember that you may have more (or fewer) high school credits in total than you think.

An Interesting Career – Cosmetologist

To become a Cosmetologist you must find a cosmetology or beauty school that fits your needs.

Most cosmetology programs require you to be at least 16 years of age and to possess a high school diploma or a GED to enter. They are also offered at vocational schools, community colleges, and for-profit beauty schools. The mean annual wage is $29,920.

Cosmetologist Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $29,920
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $1,428,100

Cosmetologist – Education

The starting point is attending a beauty or cosmetology school. Most schools require a high school or GED diploma. Many schools offer both full and part-time classes. Once you graduate from cosmetology school you will need to obtain a license in the state you wish to practice. Check with the state’s licensing department for requirements.

Cosmetology Careers

There is a wide variety of fields you could enter depending upon your preference. Hairstylist or being a barber are obvious choices. Depending on what you focused on in school you could be a manicurist/pedicurist. Some cosmetologists work for beauty magazines or are salesmen for the cosmetic industry.

Cosmetologist – The Job

Cosmetologists are licensed beauty professionals. They are individuals who do more than just styling and cutting hair. They are the trendsetters of beauty. They take average persons and turn them into showstoppers.

Cosmetologists belong to a creative group within the health and beauty sector that is working to make individuals look stunning and most appealing. These beauty experts possess the unique ability, among many other skills, to polish nails, style hair, and apply makeup. Cosmetologists are specialists in beauty that are aware of all modern trends. They are continually looking for professional improvement and to reach perfection, they go to conferences and attend other professional meetings to experience development opportunities and to learn new skills and everything related to this exciting industry.

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