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Posted in this article are all GED® class sites and testing sites in the Sacramento area.

California is using three options for high school equivalency testing, the GED, TASC, and HiSET.

The HSE exam offers high school dropouts another chance at securing an equivalent diploma.

All three tests assess knowledge at a level similar to what can be expected of high school seniors upon graduation.

The GED has four subtests in math, science, literacy, and social studies that must be passed within two years.

TASC and HiSET include five tests (separate writing and reading tests) that can be taken individually as well.

Online HiSET, GED, or TASC testing is no option. You need to show up in person at one of California’s official HSE testing centers.

Sacramento GED prep sites (by ZIP)

California GED Practice Tests

California State Library Literacy Services
900 N St, Sacramento, CA 95814, Ph: 916-651-0376

Sacramento Central Public Library
828 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814, Phone: 916-264-5032

CDE Adult Education Office
1430 N St, Ste 4503, Sacramento, CA 95814, Ph: 916-322-2175

CCAE (California Council For Adult Education)
1006 4th St (Ste 260), Sacramento, CA 95814, Ph: 916-444-3323

Grant Adult Education Center
577 Las Palmas Ave, Sacramento, CA 95815, Phone: 916-286-7577

Saca Community Learning Ctr
2469 Rio Linda Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815, Ph: 916-648-8736

Grant Joint Union High School District – Adult Education
577 Las Palmas Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95815, Ph: 916-286-7577

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (North Sacramento)
2469 Rio Linda Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815, Phone: 916-648-8729

Old Marshall Ad. Education Ctr
2718 G St, Sacramento, CA 95816, Ph: 916-264-4113

Sacramento Career Center
2411 Alhambra Blvd, Suite 110, Sacramento, CA 95817, Phone: 916-324-6202

Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services (Oak Park)
3333 Third Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817, Phone: 916-456-1980
Education & Technology Center
3308 Third Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817, Phone: 916-456-1980 ext. 7641

Sacramento Career Center
915 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818, Phone: 916-324-0304

Warren McClaskey Adult Center
5241 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819, Phone: 916-277-6625

Sacramento City Unified Adult Education Office
5735 47th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819, Ph: 916-277-6223

La Familia Counseling Center
5523 34th St, Sacramento, CA 95820, Phone: 916-452-3601

4625 44th St, Sacramento, CA 95820, Phone: 916-496-7764

Florin Technology Education Ctr
2401 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822, Ph: 916-433-2844

Lemon Hill Career Center 
5451 Lemon Hill Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824, Ph: 916-433-2600

P.O. Box 269003, Sacramento, CA 95826, Ph: 800-894-3113

Elk Grove Adult & Community Education (EGACE)
8401-B Gerber Rd, Sacramento, CA 95828, Phone: 916-686-7717

Center for Employment Training
8376 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA 95828, Phone: 916-393-7401

Sacramento Job Corps Center
3100 Meadowview Rd, Sacramento, CA 95832, Ph: 916-394-0770

Bannon Creek Elementary School (Natomas Adult Education)
2775 Millcreek Dr, Sacramento, CA 95833, 916-928-5220 x 2202

Natomas USD Adult Education
1901 Arena Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834, Phone: 916-567-5400

Greater Sacramento Urban League
3725 Marysville Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95838, Ph: 916-286-8600

Highland Community Charter School (HiSET)
1333 Grand Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838, Ph: 916-844-2283

Orange Grove Adult School
4640 Orange Grove Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841, Ph: 916-971-7399

Winterstein Ad. Education Ctr
900 Morse Ave, Sacramento, CA 95864, Ph: 916-971-7414

GED Requirements in California

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Locations around Sacramento (cities by alphabet)

Center Adult School
3401 Scotland Drive, Antelope, CA 95843, Phone: 916-338-6387

Sunrise Tech Center
7322 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, Ph: 916-971-7654
More Citrus Heights prep locations are listed here

Davis Adult & Community Education
315 W 14th St, Davis, CA 95616, Phone: 530-757-5380

Elk Grove Adult Education
9510 Elk Grove-Florin Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624, Phone: 916-686-7717
See all Elk Grove options right here

Twin Rivers Adult School
703 Skvarla Ave, McClellan, CA 95652, Ph: 916-0566-2785

Twin Rivers Ad. School Winona Ctr
3222 Winona Way, North Highlands, CA 95660, Ph: 916-286-3838

Folsom-Cordova Ad. School
10850 Gadsten Way, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Ph: 916-635-6810
See more Rancho Cordova area options here

Roseville Ad. School
200 Branstetter St, Roseville, CA 95678, Ph: 916-782-3952
See all Roseville area options here

Stockton Adult School HSE Program
1525 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204, Ph: 209-933-7455
To see all Stockton region HSE prep facilities visit Stockton GED Programs

Washington Adult School (Yolo Education Center)
919 Westacre Rd, West Sacramento, CA 95691, Ph: 916-375-7740

Woodland Ad. Education
575 Hays St, Woodland, CA 95695, Ph: 530-662-0798

Sutter Co. Adult Education HSE Program
256 Wilbur Ave – Yuba City – CA 95992 – Ph: 530.822.5120
Check out all Yuba City area HSE classes at  GED Programs in and around Yuba City

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Free California online prep classes

Sacramento area HSE testing centers

Fremont Adult Education Center
2420 N St, Sacramento, CA 95816, Ph: 916-277-6620

Charles A. Jones Skills Center
5451 Lemon Hill Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824, Ph: 916-433-2600

Winterstein Adult Education Center
900 Morse Ave, Sacramento, CA 95864, Ph: 916-971-7419

Elk Grove Adult and Community Education
8401-B Gerber Rd, Sacramento, CA 95828, Ph: 916-686-7717

Sunrise Tech Center
7322 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, Ph: 916-971-7654

Folsom-Cordova Adult School
10850 Gadsten Way, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Ph: 916-635-6810

Roseville Adult School
200 Branstetter St, Roseville, CA 95678, Ph: 916-782-3952

Woodland Adult Education
575 Hays St, Woodland, CA 95695, Ph: 530-662-0798

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Can I become a nurse with a GED?

HSE passing scores

The GED exam comes with a passing scale that goes from 100 to 200. You need to get a score of at least 145 points for each of the four separate tests, so no less than 580 in total. Below passing: 100-144; high school equivalency passing score: 145-164; college-ready score: 165-174; college ready plus credit score: 175-200.

On the TASC, you must come to a 500-800 points score for each of the five sub-tests, and your essay cannot score under two points. You pass the HiSET exam if you score between 8 and 20 points on each of the five tests, if your essay result is in the 2-6 points range, and if your overall score is no below 45 points. To get optimally prepared fast, check out the page about GED-HiSET-TASC video lessons.

Adjusted GED scoring

Two years after the latest GED program was introduced, the passing standards for the four GED tests were adjusted. The required minimum score was brought back five points to 145. TASC and HiSET come with different scoring methods.

GED alternatives

The two alternative assessment methods (HiSET and TASC) include five testing subjects (literacy is divided into a writing and a reading section) and are available also in a paper-based version. Testing centers can decide which one (or more) of the systems they will use, so you need to contact your testing site to get advice.

The HSE diploma

For now, let’s look at the GED examination. Just like the other two assessment methods, the GED program is for adults who don’t have a high school diploma. The certificate that you receive upon completing the California GED (General Education Development), HiSET (High School Equivalency Test), or TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) successfully, is recognized and accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma by business employers, government institutions, and colleges all over the United States.

Online GED testing?

The GED the TASC and HiSET, allows you to prove that you have the knowledge at the level of a student who graduated from high school. The GED exam is not available on the internet, nor are TASC and HiSET. You will have to show up in person at an official testing center. If you come across a website that tells something else, that site must be fraudulent. Be aware! Online-acquired documents are worthless and are sure to be unacceptable for schools and employers. In the state of California, the GED test is administrated by the state’s Department of Education, and candidates who successfully carry out the test will receive the California High School Equivalency Certificate.

Job Perspective  – Want to be a Personal Trainer?

To become a Personal Trainer you need to be patience and the ability to motivate and inspire people. Many health clubs are requiring potential personal trainers to have certification credentials, but those who have advanced certifications may earn up to 15% more than their counterparts. The median salary for fitness trainers was $36,160 for all fitness trainers and aerobics instructors.

Personal Trainer Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $34,720
  • Projected Lifetime Earnings: $1,450,100

Personal Trainer – Education

For individuals who like the world of fitness, and who wish to inspire other persons, becoming a personal trainer often is a logical career choice. You should bear in mind, though, that exercising by yourself is very different from training other persons. Understanding how you should work with all the different types of bodies, and how to deal with different personality types, are essential elements if you want to become successful as a personal trainer. Additionally, well-developed overall knowledge about exercise and nutrition are key elements to be successful at the job. and exercise science, play a collective role in being a successful personal trainer.

Personal Trainer – The Job

Personal trainers are in the business of helping their clients in becoming healthier persons. This goal is usually achieved via fitness programs, nutrition advice, and motivation and coaching. Frequently, persons who don’t know what they should do in a gym, hire their personal trainer in order to guide them properly at workouts and to support them in their efforts to reach their fitness goals.

Personal Training School

A personal training school is just like any other trade school. It will prepare you for a successful career. Good schools will educate you perfectly well in all facets of personal training. Their programs will cover elements such as the best way to discuss fitness goals with specific clients and how to motivate them properly.

You will learn various nutrition options and how best to deal with special conditions, such as bringing patients back in shape after a stroke or heart attack. You will learn to make programs for individuals, for example, asthma, injuries, osteoporosis, eating disorders. or cancers. You will be taught names and locations of all bones and muscle groups in the human body, and you will gain knowledge of required insurance coverage and all sorts of legalities.

Part-time education

Personal training schools usually provide very flexible study schedules for the simple reason that a lot of their students are career shifters, and frequently have full-time jobs. The most usual options, besides full-time classes, are evening and weekend classes. Students will be able to complete their training within a period of three months to one year, and this depends, of course, also on how much time they are able to devote to their training.

Most schools have small class sizes (20 students or less) to make all students get the teacher’s best attention, and there usually is plenty of time and room for decent hands-on training. There are many professional personal trainers who earned multiple certifications and because they specialized and hold specific levels and titles, they may earn much more than trainers with just a general education or just one certification and limited experience

Job lookout and income potential

For the next decade, personal trainers will see an increase in their employment opportunities. The BLS (the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) expects the professional market to grow by some 24 percent, and salary averages for personal fitness trainers will grow at a similar rate. Average salaries for certified personal trainers have increased considerably during the past years, and earnings averages and employment opportunities are expected to grow further because the market for these professionals is expanding, and personal trainer services are in high demand.

Last year, the median income for personal trainers and fitness instructors was around $36,720 and those in part-time jobs made an hourly wage of some $18,80. Salaries may differ greatly due to a personal trainer’s education level, certifications, experience, specializations, and geographic location.

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