GED Classes Springfield, Missouri

Listed here are GED® (in Missouri: HiSET) prep sites and testing centers in the Springfield region.

Missouri is using the HiSET for high school equivalency (HSE) testing purposes.

HSE testing gives adults who did not graduate high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The HiSET exam contains five testing sections, Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Testing can be done both on paper and on a computer.

For first-time HiSET test-takers, there is no charge whereas the usual cost of the HiSET test in Missouri is $98.75.

The state passed legislation that waives the testing fee for first-time applicants.

Missouri GED-HiSET Requirements

Online HiSET or GED testing is not possible. Testing must be done at a Missouri state-designated testing site.

Springfield GED (HiSET) prep classes (by ZIP)

Ozarks Community College Continuing Education Center
1001 E Chestnut Expressway – Springfield – MO 65802 – Phone: 417-447-8861

Springfield Youth Center
1033 W Nichols Street – Springfield – MO 65802 – Phone: 417-865-6400

Missouri Career Center
2626 W College Road – Springfield – MO 65802 – Phone: 417-869-8086

OTC Adult Education Learning Lab (Graff Hall, Room 221)
725 E Bob Barker Blvd – Springfield – MO 65802 – Phone: 417-447-8860

Greene County Center
560-A N Stewart Avenue – Springfield – MO 65802 – Phone: 417-447-0554

Ozarks Literacy Council
397 E Central St – Springfield – MO 65802 – Phone: 417-616-0505

Missouri Hotel (basement)  K.I.N.D. Place
1720 N Jefferson Avenue – Springfield – MO 65803 – Phone: 417-837-1522

Missouri Career Center
2900 E Sunshine Street – Springfield – MO 65804 – Phone: 417-887-4343
Goodwill Excel Center helps adults earn their high school diploma at no cost.

Goodwill Excel Center
319 N Main Avenue – Springfield – MO 65806 – Phone: 417-862-5005

Ozarks Literacy Council
430 South Avenue – Suite 200 – Springfield – MO 65806 – Phone: 417-895-5632

PenMac Workforce Development
431 S Patton Avenue – Springfield – MO 65806 – Phone: 417-831-9100

RARE Breed 
301 N Main Avenue – Springfield – MO 65806 – Phone: 417-865-6400

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Free Missouri GED-HiSET Practice Tests

Locations around Springfield (cities by alphabet)

Aurora Adult Education (Old Armory Building)
409 W Locust Street – Aurora – MO 56505 – Phone: 417-466-0072 / 455-5521

Lawrence County Neighborhood Center
101 East Olive Street – Aurora – MO 65605 – Phone: 417-678-5031

United Methodist Church (Office Lower Level)
1029 NW 10th Street – Ava – MO 65608 – Phone: 417-683-2765

First Christian Church (OTC)
407 W Broadway Street – Bolivar – MO 65613 – Phone: 417-447-8860

Polk County Community Center
2110 S Springfield Avenue (Bldg 2, Unit B) – Bolivar – MO 65613 – Phone: 417-326-6276

OTC Education Center Branson Meadows
4440 Gretna Road – Branson – MO 65616 – Phone: 417-447-8924

Jobs for Life
2005 W State Highway 76 – Branson – MO 65616 – Phone: 417-335-9915
Thanks to a donation by the Branson Cox Medical Center, GED (HiSET in Missouri) students now have twelve computers that allow them the resources they need.

Taney County Neighborhood Center
610 S 6th Street – Branson – MO 65616 – Phone: 417-239-1882

Stone County Neighborhood Center
15060 Highway 13 (Stoneridge Center, Ste 11) – Branson West – MO 65737 – Phone: 417-739-1130

OTC (Buffalo United Methodist Church)
205 S Pine Street – Buffalo – MO 65622 – Phone: 417-345-6358
Click here for all Buffalo area options

Crowder College-Cassville Learning Center
4020 N Main Street – Cassville – MO 65625 – Phone: 417-847-1706
More Cassville options are listed here

Taney County Adult Education-Industrial Arts Bldg
178 Panther Street – Forsyth – MO 65653 – Phone: 417-546-6383

Dade County Health Department HSE Classes
413 W Water Street – Greenfield, MO 65661 – Phone: 417-637-2345

Dade County Neighborhood Center
150 Main Street – Greenfield – MO 65661 – Phone: 417-637-2701

Ozarks Technical Community College-Table Rock Campus (Room 107)
10698 Historic Highway 165 – Hollister – MO 65672 – Phone: 417-447-8920

Joplin Ad. Education & Literacy
123 S Main Street – Joplin – MO 64801 – Phone: 417-625-5263
For a full listing of Joplin area locations go to Joplin HiSET Classes

Lebanon Alternative Education Center
1015 N Jefferson Avenue – Lebanon – MO 65536 – Phone: 417-533-3824
You can see all Lebanon area HiSET prep sites here

Mansfield Adult Education (OTC)
410 W Ohio Street – Room 1 – Mansfield – MO 65704 – Phone: 417-447-8860

Marshfield Old Junior High Library (OTC)
114 E Commercial Street – Marshfield – MO 65706 – Phone: 417-859-4642

Webster County Neighborhood Center
211 North Clay Street (Suite D) – Marshfield – MO 65706 – Phone: 417-859-4589

MARC Center (Crowder College)
822 W Mt Vernon Boulevard – Mt Vernon – MO 65712 – Phone: 417-466-0072 / 455-5521

OTC Richwood Valley Campus (Room 126)
3369 W Jackson Street (Highway 14) – Nixa – MO 65714 – Phone: 417-447-8860

St. Clair County Library Osceola
115 Chestnut, Osceola, MO 64776, Phone: 417-646-2214

Christian County Neighborhood Center
204 East Elm Street – Ozark – MO 65721 – Phone: 417-581-7631

Reeds Spring High School (Room 115, OTC)
20277 State Highway 413 – Reeds Spring – MO 65737 – Phone: 417-739-1130

Geneva Sharp Public Library HiSET Class
717 East Street – Stockton – MO 65785 – Phone: 417-276-3792

Stockton High School Library HiSET Instruction
1 Tiger Drive – Stockton – MO 65785 – Phone: 417-276-3792

Missouri State University-West Plains Adult Education
218 Garfield Avenue – West Plains – MO  65775 – Phone: 417-255-7744
For more West Plains region prep sites go to West Plains HiSET-GED classes

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Free Missouri GED-HiSET Online Classes

Springfield area HiSET testing centers

Ozarks Technical Community College
1001 E Chestnut Expressway – Springfield – MO 65802 – Phone: 417-447-6982

Truman Education Center
268 Constitution Street – Fort Leonard Wood – MO 65473 – Phone: 573-596-0172 x 30

Missouri Southern State University
3950 E Newman Road – Joplin – MO 64801 – Phone: 417-625-9324

Crowder College
601 Laclede – Neosho – MO 64850 – Phone: 417-455-5521

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Missouri decided to stop using the GED exam and uses the HiSET for the state’s High School Equivalency (HSE) program. The GED is offered exclusively on a computer whereas the HiSET is offered both on a computer and on paper.

These days you absolutely need a high school diploma for pretty much every kind of employment. The state of Missouri will grant the Missouri Certificate of High School Equivalence to candidates who complete the HiSET exam. You must show up in person at an official test center, the test is not available online.

Holding the HiSET diploma will qualify you for a college education and lead to far better job options or a job promotion. For eligibility details visit Missouri GED (HiSET) testing and check out also this page that has links to all GED prep locations and all programs in America.

A brighter future

In the U.S. we can see millions of men and women who do not have a high school diploma and completing the HiSET (or in other states the GED or the TASC exam) will bring better job options and open up doors to colleges and universities. Get your HSE diploma and be sure to have a better future.

What’s new-GED

Now the exam will be officially labeled the Missouri High School Equivalency Test. Educators say that some changes took place, but that in the long run, these will appear to be positive changes. The new GED exam is a completely new series of tests that are brought in line with the Common Core standards, already being implemented by most states. One major change is the cost, as it has become more expensive to sit for the exam, the fee went from $40 to $120. Applicants taking the exam now are able to just take one of the four tests at a time whenever they are ready, instead of taking everything at once.

The GED exam has reduced the number of tests to four as the sections reading and writing were combined into one literacy test. Additionally, the exam is now entirely done on a computer, and applicants will learn right after the test whether they passed or failed, except for the essay part, which needs a few days to get assessed.

The content of the GED exam has changed too, there now is more focus on math, science, and social studies, and most of the multiple-choice questions have disappeared. Studies have shown that the average HSE (high school equivalency) applicant white male, 25 years old, with an 11th-grade education, and who takes the exam in order to obtain better employment.

GED alternatives HiSET and TASC

Pearson, the giant for-profit educational assessment company, bought the non-profit GED (developed by ACE – the American Council on Education) and raised the fee for the exam from $45 to $120, and the exam is only offered in a computer-based format. Consequently, two other test developers came up with alternative HSE (high school equivalency) assessment methods, the HiSET (developed by McGraw-Hill) and the TASC exam (created by ETS).

Ten states (including New York) adopted the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) examination, and Missouri, Tennessee, Iowa, and a few other states, selected the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test). There are now quite a few states, such as California and Nevada, that offer multiple testing alternative to their residents. The HiSET exam is available in paper-based and computerized formats and costs $95 for five tests on the subjects of writing, reading, social studies, math, and science.

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