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This post includes a full listing of HiSET® (formerly GED®) prep locations and test centers in the West Plains area. Missouri is using the HiSET exam for the state’s high school equivalency (HSE) testing program.

HSE testing is for adults who could not finish high school and offers them the opportunity to acquire an equivalent degree.

The HiSET contains five subtests in the academic subject fields of English Writing, English Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

HiSET testing can be done computer-based or in a paper-and-pencil format. The subtests may be dealt with separately.

Now first-time HiSET testers can sit for the Missouri high school equivalency test at no charge. The state recently passed legislation that waives the regular HiSET fee (98,75) for first-time testers!

Taking the five HiSET modules in an online format was, until recently, no option. But now, we’ve witnessed the launch of a new online ‘HiSET-At-Home’ testing option. More information at the bottom of this post.

All over North America, schools, employers, and government organizations accept the diploma that’s awarded after successfully taking the HiSET exam just like a conventional HS degree.

West Plains GED prep classes (HiSET)

West Plains Adult Education-Missouri State
218 Garfield Ave | West Plains | Missouri 65775 | Ph: (417) 255.7744

West Plains Central Career
610 East Olden St | West Plains | Missouri 65775 | Ph: (417) 256.6152

GED Requirements in Missouri

Sites around West Plains (cities by alphabet)

Ozarka College Adult Education
64 College Dr | Ash Flat | AR 72513 | Ph: (870) 368.2051
GED classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Ava United Methodist Church
1029 NW 10th St | Ava | Missouri 65608 | Ph: (417) 683.2765

Drury University 
801 Walnut St | Cabool | Missouri 65689 | Ph: (417) 260.2796

Houston Adult Education
401 South 3rd St | Houston | Missouri 65483 | Ph: (417) 967.8520

Ozarka College – Mammoth Spring Adult Education 
520 Archer Ave | Mammoth Spring | Arkansas 72554 | Ph: (870) 368.2051

Melbourne Adult Education (Ozarka College)
218 College Dr | Melbourne | Arkansas 72556 | Ph: (870) 368.2051

Mountain Grove HiSET Classes
606 E State St | Ste A | Mountain Grove | Missouri 65711 | Ph: (417) 926.1025

Ozarka College HSE Classes
1800 College Dr | Mountain View | Arkansas 72560 | Ph: (870) 368.2051

Poplar Bluff Adult Education 
2620 North Westwood Blvd | Poplar Bluff | Missouri 63901 | Ph: (573) 686.2011
See all Poplar Bluff region option here

Free Missouri HiSET Practice Tests

Salem High School (Ozarka College Adult Education)
313 US-62 | Salem | AR 72576 | Ph: (870) 368.2051

Ozarks Community Tech
1001 East Chestnut Expwy | Springfield | Missouri 65802 | Ph: (417) 447.8861
Check out all Springfield area options here

Summersville High School
525 Rogers Ave | Summersville | Missouri 65571 | Ph: (417) 967.8520

Willow Springs Adult Education
201 West Main St | Willow Springs | Missouri 65793 | Ph: (417) 469.3211 (ext. 367)

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Visit GED in Missouri for eligibility criteria

Free Missouri Online HiSET Classes

GED testing centers in the West Plains area (HiSET)

Missouri State University-Garnet Library
304 West Trish Knight St | West Plains | Missouri 65775 | Phone 417.255.7943

Ozarka College 
218 College Dr | Melbourne | Arkansas 72556 | Phone 870.368.2052

Three Rivers Community College
2080 Three Rivers Blvd | Poplar Bluff | Missouri 63901 | Phone 573.840.9667

Missouri State
901 South National Ave | Springfield | Missouri 65897 | Phone 417.836.5116

Lakeland Behavioral Health
440 South Market Ave | Springfield | Missouri 65806 | Phone 417.221.4854

Ozarks Tech
1001 East Chestnut Expwy | Springfield | Missouri 65802 | Phone 417.447.8187

A brighter future

The HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) is an alternative to the GED and also geared towards adults without a high school diploma. The exam offers them another chance to get hold of a diploma that is equivalent to a regular high school diploma. People who hold a secondary education degree will on average make at least $9,000 more annually than people who don’t.

Missouri exchanged the GED for the HiSET because the GED was only offered on a computer and the price was getting too high. The HSE (high school equivalency) diploma will bring you improved employment choices and is also your ticket to further education at university or college. Whereas the GED exam must be done entirely on a computer is the HiSET offered in both a paper-based and a computer-formatted version.

Launching the online HiSET-At-Home testing option

You never had the chance to sit for the five HiSET modules via the internet. But now, we’ve witnessed some interesting developments with the launch of the ‘HiSET-Exam-At-Home’ test-taking opportunity. When you decide to take the HiSET exam online at home, a proctor will guide you through your online test-taking experience and will see if everything occurs correctly. To learn more about this new development, visit Launching an online HiSET test-taking option.

Last Updated on June 30, 2020.

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