GED Classes San Diego, California

This page contains a complete overview of GED® class locations and test centers in the San Diego region.

California is using the entirely computerized GED exam for its high school-equivalency testing program.

California also welcomed the HiSET and TASC alternatives for this purpose. These exams are offered both on-paper and on-computer.

HSE testing occurs on a level that compares to what HS seniors must master when they graduate.

The GED exam consists of four tests in Literacy, Math, Science and Social studies that may, if you wish, be completed separately.

The HiSET and TASC have individual writing and reading subtests so five in total that can also be taken separately.

San Diego GED prep classes (by ZIP)

GED Requirements in California

National University Academy (Turning the Hearts Program)
345 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-691-9643

San Diego Public Library (Adult Literacy Program)
330 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-238-6603

St. Vincent de Paul Village
1501 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-233-8500

San Diego Rescue Mission GED Classes
120 Elm St, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-687-3720

San Diego County Central Jail HSE Program
1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-610-1647
No availability to the public

Center for Employment Training
4153 Market St, Ste C, San Diego, CA 92102, 619-527-4895

Urban League of San Diego County
720 Gateway Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92102, 619-266-6247

Greater Works Empowerment Center
2754 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92102, 619-487-1257 ext. 23

Take Back The Streets (Alpha Project for the Homeless)
3737 Fifth Ave, Ste 203, San Diego, CA 92103, 619-542-1877

Hillcrest Youth Center
1807 Robinson Ave, Ste 106, San Diego, CA 92103, 619-497-2920

San Diego Continuing Education Mid-City Campus
3792 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105, 619-388-4500

Metro Career Center
3910 University Ave, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92105, 619-516-2200

Connect2Work Program (International Rescue Committee)
5348 University Ave, Ste 108, San Diego, CA 92105, 619-641-7510

San Diego Adult Education
2555 Camino Del Rio S, Suite 155, San Diego, CA 92108, 619-293-4430

California College San Diego (Good Neighbor Initiative)
2820 Camino del Rio S, Ste 300, San Diego, CA 92108, 619-680-4422

San Diego Continuing Education West City Campus
3249 Fordham St, San Diego, CA 92110, 619-388-1873

Career Bound/Career Horizons (Just In Time for Foster Youth)
3878 Old Town Ave, Ste 200, San Diego, CA 92110, 619-683-9340

California College San Diego (Good Neighbor Initiative) *)
6602 Convoy Court, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92111, 619-680-4422

San Diego Continuing Education at Mesa College
7350 Armstrong Pl, San Diego, CA 92111, 619-388-1950

San Diego Mesa College
7250 Mesa College Dr, San Diego, CA 92111, 619-388-2780

San Diego Continued Education School (Educational Cultural Complex)
4343 Ocean View Blvd, San Diego, CA 92113, 619-388-4956

San Diego Continuing Education César E. Chávez Campus
1901 Main St, San Diego, CA 92113, Phone: 619-388-1910

South Metro Career Center
4389 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113, 619-266-4200

Monarch School (San Diego Co. Office of Education)
1625 Newton Ave, San Diego, CA 92113, 619-652-4100

Read San Diego Adult Literacy
5148 Market St, San Diego, CA 92114, 619-527-5475

San Diego Center For Re-Entry Management
404 Euclid Ave, Ste 378, San Diego, CA 92114, 619-264-1213
(United African American Ministerial Action Council)
Provides services for adults on probation or who were released from San Diego or California correctional facilities.

National University Academy Pazazz
5280 Orange Ave, San Diego, CA 92115, 619-264-6870

Heartland Coalition YouthBuild
5280 Orange Ave, San Diego, CA 92115, 619-546-9259

Laubach Literacy Council of San Diego County
2929 Cowley Way, Ste F, San Diego, CA 92117, 619-574-6832

San Diego Continuing Education North City Campus
8401 Aero Dr, San Diego, CA, 92123, 619-388-1800

National University Academy (Kearny Mesa 1001)
3678 Aero Court, San Diego, CA 92123, 619-417-5393

National University Academy Spectrum Business Park 
9388 Lightwave Ave, San Diego, CA 92123, 760-630-4080

5151 Murphy Canyon Rd (Ste 220). San Diego, CA 92123, 858-292-2900

Miramar College Ad. Education
10440 Black Mountain Rd, D-401, San Diego, CA, 92126, 619-388-1800

Montgomery Adult School (Imperial Beach Adult Education)
3240 Palm Ave, San Diego, CA 92154, 619-600-3800

George Bailey Detention Facility HiSET Program
446 Alta Rd, Ste 5300, San Diego, CA 92158, 619-210-0385
Unavailable to the general public

Mount Miguel Adult Center
1800 Sweetwater Rd, Spring Valley, California 91977, 619-644-8420

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To check what you know take a free GED Practice Test.

California Free Practice Tests

Locations around San Diego (cities by alphabet)

Mountain Empire Adult Ed. Center
31360 Highway 94 – Campo – CA 91905, 619-478-2735

Sweetwater Union High School District HSE Classes
458 Moss St – Chula Vista – California 91911, 619-691-5680

Chula Vista Adult Education HSE Classes
1034 4th Ave, Chula Vista – California 91911, 619.796.7000
See all Chula Vista area HSE prep locations here: Chula Vista GED Programs

Coronado High School (South Bay Adult Ed. Consortium)
650 D Ave, Coronado, CA 92118, 619.934.6386 (M/T/W) or 619.482.6479(Th/F)

Grossmont Adult Learning Center HSE Classes
924 East Main St, El Cajon, California 92021, 619-590-3900
For all El Cajon area locations visit El Cajon GED Courses

Escondido Adult Education HSE Classes
2065 East Valley Pkwy, Escondido, California 92027, 760.739.7307
Check out all Escondido area locations here: Escondido GED Prep Classes 

San Diego Job Corps
1325 Iris Ave, Bldg 60, Imperial Beach, CA 91932, 619.429.8500

Helix Adult Learning Lab
7323 University Ave – La Mesa – California 91941, 619.337.6190

National City Adult School (Sweetwater Union High School District)
517 W 24th St, National City, CA 91950, 619-336-9400
Check out all National city locations here

Poway Unified School Distr Ad. Education
13626 Twin Peaks Rd, Poway, CA 92064, 858.668.4024

California Free GED Online Classes

San Diego area GED testing centers

San Diego Cont. Education West City Campus
3249 Fordham St – San Diego – California 92110, 619.221.6977

San Diego County Office of Ed
6401 Linda Vista Rd – San Diego – California 92111, 858.571.7224

Rancho Del Campo HS GED Testing
957 Forrest Gate Rd – Campo – California 91906, 619.401.3560

Chula Vista Adult School-Del Rey Center
1034 4th Ave – Chula Vista – California 91911, 619.691.5622

Foothills Adult Education
1550 Melody Lane – El Cajon – California 92019, 619.401.4122

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Can I join the army with a GED?

GED passing score

Each individual test center decides which of the method(s) it will use. A few years back, the GED passing score was adjusted from 150 to 145. The GED subtests can be taken independently within a 2-year time frame. People who pass the HSE exam hold a certificate that is regarded as equivalent to a high school diploma by virtually every college and university in the United States.

Who is the GED for?

The GED program was initially set up to help returning WWII veterans. This way, they could get hold of a high school equivalency diploma in order to get decently-paying employment or to continue their education in college. Over the last seventy years, it has evolved into a program that is used by adults without a high school diploma to earn a credential that is across America regarded as of the same value as a high school diploma and accepted as such as well.

Applicants must be at least 16 years old (restrictions apply for 16 and 17-year old’s), and not already have a secondary education degree. The GED diploma will certainly lead to better job options and allows for a college education as well.

Can I take the GED (or HiSET or TASC) exam online?

No, the new computer-based GED exam is not available online. You can only take the examination at official GED testing centers. Websites that offer the GED tests or diploma via the internet are false. This also applies to TASC and HiSET. Applicants who successfully accomplish the examination will receive the California High School Equivalency Certificate. Testing must be done at official testing sites, but getting ready for the GED tests can perfectly be done via online GED prep courses.

What is the new GED?

GED Testing Service, the developer of the new GED exam (a joint-venture of non-profit ACE – the American Council on Education and America’s largest for-profit assessment developing company Pearson) revamped the GED exam.

The new GED exam is more in line with expectations of higher education and industry and corresponds with the Common Core standards that 45 states have adopted. Applicants now must take and pass four instead of five separate tests, and they are required to have critical and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

They also must demonstrate more writing skills in the subject areas of math and science. Pencil and paper testing is out, the new GED exam must be taken on a computer. GED Testing Service raised the bar to make the GED again a credible alternative credential to a high school diploma.

GED cost

The GED costs $140 ($35 per test) in California. You can register and pay for just one test when you feel perfectly prepared for that section. You may also take the HiSET and TASC modules individually. TASC and HiSET are less expensive than the GED and have their own individual scoring methods.

GED information and registration

Check out the GED Testing Service website for relevant GED information and create your own account with MyGED. Here you will be guided through all aspects of the GED exam and get an insight on into schools, their academic programs, and job options as well as employment developments and trends.

GED passing score

To pass the new GED examination you needed to have a minimum score of 150 points in all subject areas but that number of points has been brought down to 145, so at least a total of 580 points. GED scores are qualified as: Below Passing: 100 – 144; Passing Score: 145 – 164; College Ready Score: 165-174; and College Ready Score + Credit: 175-200. TASC and HiSET have different passing scores.

*) California College San Diego

California College San Diego is a leading academic institution that provides higher education both in on-campus and online settings. A few years ago, the school launched the “Good Neighbor Initiative”, a program set up to build up communities by offering free education to assist Californians with the improvement of their lives. The Good Neighbor Initiative offers (among a variety of other courses) free GED preparation classes so test-takers can go to college, or find suitable and decently-paying employment.

The “Good Neighbor Initiative” operates in the fields of continued education and the American workforce. Most jobs nowadays require at least a high school comparable degree or some sort of post-secondary education, and the GED diploma allows for that. GED degree holders, just like high school graduates, earn nearly 30 percent more than those who don’t have a secondary degree.

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