GED Classes El Cajon, California

Posted here is a complete overview of GED® prep classes and testing locations in the El Cajon area.

California uses various possibilities for HSE (High School Equivalency) testing, the HiSET, GED, and TASC.

HSE testing provides persons who didn’t graduate high school another opportunity to secure an equivalent diploma.

Testing takes place at a level that compares to that of graduating HS students.

GED testing is exclusively done on a computer while the TASC and HiSET can be taken both on-computer and on-paper.

The GED has four individual subtests in literacy, math, science, and social studies that can be dealt with separately.

HiSET and TASC have individual writing and reading subtests (so five in total) that can be taken separately as well.

HSE testing over the internet is NOT possible and must be done face-to-face at certified testing centers.

El Cajon GED preparation classes

GED CA Requirements

Foothills Adult Education Ctr
1550 Melody Lane | El Cajon | CA 92019 | Ph: (619) 401.4122/588.3500

East County Career Center (Grossmont Adult Ed)
924 E Main Street | El Cajon | CA 92021 | Ph: (619) 590.3950

El Cajon Adult Education Ctr
1035 E Madison Avenue | El Cajon | CA 92021 | Ph: (619) 401.9750

East County Transitional Living Ctr-Men’s Discipleship Training Program
1527 E Main Street | El Cajon | CA 92021 | Ph: (619) 442.0457

Phoenix High School Independent Study Program
1600 Cuyamaca Street | El Cajon | CA 92020 | Ph: (619) 956.4625

Adult Literacy Program Center (LEARN) (S. Diego County Library El Cajon)
201 East Douglas Avenue | El Cajon | CA 92020 | Ph: (619) 588.3740

Career Training Native NetWorks (Southern CA American Indian Resource Center)
239 East Main Street | El Cajon | CA 92020 | Ph: (619) 328.0676

Family Self-Sufficiency Program-Home-Start East
131 Avocado Avenue | El Cajon | CA 92020 | Ph: (619) 229.3660
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Locations around El Cajon (cities by alphabet)

Camp Barrett
21077 Lyons Valley Road | Alpine | CA 91901 | Ph: (619) 401.4956

Descanso Detention Facility HSE Program
7878 Campbell Ranch Road | Alpine | CA 91901 | Ph: (619) 659.5530
Unavailable to the public

Manzanita SCTCA Tribal Training Program
39 A Crestwood Road | Boulevard | CA 91905 | Ph: (619) 766.3236

Rancho Del Campo High School
957 Forest Gate Road | Campo | CA 91906 | Ph: (619) 401.3560

Mountain Empire Adult Education
31360 Highway 94 | Campo | CA 91905 | Ph: (619) 478.2735

Phoenix House Academy (DISCONTINUED)
23981 Sherilton Valley Road | Descanso | CA 91916 | Ph: (619) 445.1062

El Centro Adult Education (Central Union Adult School)
1302 South Third Street | El Centro | CA 92243 | Ph: (760) 336.4555
For all El Centro options visit: GED Courses in and around El Centro CA

North County EOC (Educational Opportunity Center)
1951 East Valley Pkwy | Escondido | CA 92025 | Ph: (760) 744.1150 x 8110
For all options in the Escondido area visit Escondido GED Courses

Helix Adult Center HSE Program
7323 University Avenue | La Mesa | CA 91941 |  Ph: (619) 337.6190

Poway USD Adult Education HSE Classes
13626 Twin Peaks Road | Poway | CA 92064 | Ph: (858) 668.4024

Montecito High School HSE Classes
720 9th Street | Ramona | CA 92065 | Ph: (760) 787.4334

San Diego Community College HSE Classes
1400 Park Boulevard | San Diego | CA 92101 | Ph: (619) 388.4600
For a complete listing of San Diego area locations go to San Diego GED Courses

Grossmont Union HS District Adult Education Program
9368 Oakbourne Road | Santee | CA 92071 | Ph: (619) 590.3900

Santana Adult Center-HSE program
9915 N Magnolia Avenue | Santee | CA 92071 | Ph: (619) 956.0388

Mt. Miguel Adult Center School
1800 Sweetwater Road | Spring Valley | CA 91977 | Ph: (619) 644.8420

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El Cajon area GED-HiSET-TASC testing centers

Foothills Ad. Education Ctr HSE Testing
1550 Melody Lane | El Cajon | CA 92019 | Ph: (619) 401.4122/588-3500

Rancho Del Campo High School HSE Testing
957 Forest Gate Road | Campo | CA 91906 | Ph: (619) 401.3560

MiraCosta College (discontinued)
Barnard Drive | Rm 3102 | Oceanside | CA 92056 | Ph: (760) 795.6685

Poway Adult School GED
13626 Twin Peaks Road | Poway | CA 92064 | Ph: (858) 668.4024

San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road | San Diego | CA 92111 | Ph: (858) 571.7224

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Can you join the army with a GED?

The GED is modular

The GED passing standard was adjusted from 150 points down to 145 on each of the four GED tests just two years after its introduction. To learn more, visit our news posts. The GED is modular: you can take one subtest (module), or more, when you are all set to do so, and the HiSET and TASC subtests may also be taken individually if you wish.

GED alternatives – HiSET and TASC

In California, residents can now also choose to take the TASC or the HiSET exam to acquire their high school equivalency diploma. These two alternative examinations are still offered in both paper and computer formats and are cheaper than the now fully ‘digitalized’ GED exam. State GED test centers have the freedom to decide which of the now three HSE assessment programs they will utilize, so be wise and contact a testing center near you for possibilities.

The TASC requires you to attain at least 500 points on each sub-test (where 800 is the max score), and 2 points or higher (max is 8) for your essay. To be successful at the HiSET, your minimum score on each sub-test needs to be 8 (out of 20), the essay score between 2 and 6, and your overall score no less than 45 points.

Who is the HSE exam for?

The HSE (High School Equivalency) exam is for individuals who never finished their standard high school education and the document that you will receive after passing the California HSE exam is recognized as equivalent to a high school degree by employers and universities across the United States.

HSE preparation

If you want to prepare for the HSE diploma then you can do it in a number of ways. You can either join your local community college or high school, take online courses through the internet or attend special study classes to prepare for the HSE tests. Brief information about the preparatory courses for HSE diploma in your district is provided on this page to help you with getting prepared for the tests.

Community or Adult schools HSE classes

People who feel that rigid routine programs or classes can be beneficial for them can enroll in local preparatory classes. The standardized classes are offered by a number of community schools as well as other organizations that can be helpful for you in securing a secondary education credential.

GED self-study

Studying and learning by yourself is another option to prepare yourself for the HSE (high school equivalency) exam if you are willing to proceed on your own. You will need a few prep books to get ready to finish your high school level course before taking the GED test. You can also attempt the practice tests provided on this website to know your preparation needs for passing your targeted exam. Language arts, social studies, physical sciences, and math are the subject fields which you will have to prepare for.

Online HSE classes

Online courses can be the right choice for you if you are a full-time employee and want to keep on working while completing your diploma. Online GED courses are offered by some campus-based colleges as well as a number of online schools. But before joining any online school you should ensure that they teach courses at flexible schedules or fix time schedule.

Some of the online schools offer classes in the evening or any other set time whereas some are flexible in this regard. Seen the possibilities and opportunities available these days there is no good reason for not trying to earn your GED diploma.